Sep 012015

mac studio waterweight

If you’ve been following MAC artists during this year’s fashion weeks, you’ve noticed a new foundation on the runway: MAC Studio Waterweight SPF 30 ($33).  This is due to hit online September 3rd on Mac Comsetic’s online site, and is due everywhere else September 10th. Here are a few images using this in the tester phase:



Although “water weight” isn’t typically a big selling point, this time MAC is trying to flip the script. According to the line, “M∙A∙C Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation – an innovative foundation that delivers colour in an ultra-fluid, elegantly thin, elastic gel serum formula. With stay-true colour and sheer medium buildable coverage, it softly blurs imperfections such as pores and fine lines. The addition of Moisture-Fusion Complex provides immediate and all-day hydration, leaving skin feeling quenched and soft, supple, silky to the touch.” The MAC artists that I’ve been following insist this is a “game changer” and have nothing but raves.

The shade range for NC’s: NC 15 NC 20 NC 25 NC 30 NC 35 NC 37 NC 40 NC 42 NC 44 NC 45 NC 50

For NW’s:  NW 13 NW 15 NW 18 NW 20 NW 22 NW 25 NW 30 NW 35 NW 43 NW 45 NW 47 NW 50

…and for “N”:  N 12 N 18

There is a new MAC 196 brush that’s going to be introduced at the same time ($35). Here’s an image from the MAC UK site, and a review at MacKarrie’s blog.

196 brush

Having heard so many positive reviews, I’m definitely curious. Have you tried it yet?

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  5 Responses to “Preview: MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation SPF30”

  1. I love the promotional picture for this release, if only my skin could look like that. 🙂 Really curious about this one!

  2. Ooh, that N12 looks niiiice…..

  3. Wow!!! This is something worth checking out.

  4. N12 and NW 13 look promising!

  5. i just purchased this after the MAC assistant said “I have something you’ll love” well, I love it. I’m 57, light to medium coloured dry skin and have pigmentation everywhere. It goes in easily. Covers the spots. Feels hydrating. I’m in love with it!

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