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Butter London Compact - 25

Butter London’s Shadow Clutch ($39), a configurable eyeshadow palette that allows you to switch out the shades to suit your needs. This pretty, pretty palette comes in two versions–here, I’m featuring the Natural Charms palette which comes with some beautiful neutrals. The mix of matte, shimmer, and satin shades is so pretty as it comes.

Butter London Compact - 6

Gorgeous, right? Well, the palette can be opened and the shades replaced with others from the Clutch Wardrobe Duos ($15 each).

Swatches of all:

Butter London Compact - 48a

Switching out the eyeshadows is super easy. You just lift a little bar built in to the compact, and the little pans slide in and out.

The quality of the eyeshadows was lovely. The mattes were a little tricky, but the other formulas were (pardon the pun) really buttery.  So, beyond the nice looking compact and convenience, these shadows were actually quite excellent. According to the line, they are primer-infused, oil absorbing, and skin-balancing solutions.  Some of these shades are just beautiful.


Easy to change up your look

Easy to change up your look

Butter London Compact - 22

As someone who travels frequently, it’s lovely to be able to switch out shades and keep some favorites. The lovely, slim, and high-quality eyeshadow palette is perfect for those who want some flexibility. This palette and the duos are available at Ulta.


Butter London Compact - 13

Butter London Compact - 51

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