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As I was wandering into a Sephora in a recently-installed mall in downtown Salt Lake City (which is lovely, by the way), I noticed a new display for the Dior Fix It 2-In-1 Prime & Conceal ($36). This stick concealer has a translucent core, which is a primer/corrector that keeps the product from migrating and smooths the skin beneath.

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The texture and coverage of any concealer are the most important attributes. Dior Fix It 2-In-1 Prime & Conceal has medium coverage, but it’s layerable. Because I’m quite tired these days, I combine with with my Giorgio Armani Orange Corrector to give me excellent coverage. To use this product, I placed the tube directly on my undereye area and swiped it across. The primer mixes pretty well with the pigmented cream product during the swiping, but I found that a few taps with my ring finger were needed to really smooth things out.

The texture of Dior’s Fix-it was neither dry nor moisturizing. It’s creamier (and not as dry) as Lancome Effacernes. It’s not as moisturizing as Clarins Instant Concealer. What Dior’s Fix-It does better than any other concealer that I’ve tried is to grip without the slightest migration throughout the day. If you find that your concealer seems to find its way into tiny lines, emphasizing their existence (no thank you!) then Dior Fix-it may be your new best friend.

Two words of caution–there are only three shades available:  Fair, Medium and Dark. I bought the Fair, which I thought was a little cool for me. It’s certainly fine, especially for this time of year when the sun is harder to find. Still, I’m probably spoiled by Nars’ huge range of Radiant Creamy Concealers. Second, I wish the coverage were a bit stronger. I found myself able to layer without cakey build up. I think the primer dilutes the pigmentation of the concealer slightly when applied, so I’ve settled for using two swipes to compensate. This last criticism is not a reason not to buy, but I thought I should note it. The product advertises that it erases fine lines–while it does soften them, and provides a nice texture to the area, I don’t believe I can say that my lines fully disappeared.

Dior Correct and Conceal 2

Overall, Dior’s added something new to the concealer game–the non-migrating, stays in place all day feature. The packaging notes that this product can be used under eyes, on the face, as well as on the lips as a way to blot out one’s natural lip color. This is a really lovely, useful concealer that does seem to ensure that my undereye area is nicely textured and covered.

Dior’s Fix-It 2-in-1 Prime and Conceal is available at Sephora, Nordstrom, Lord and Taylor, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue,

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  5 Responses to “Review: Dior Fix It 2-in1 Prime and Conceal”

  1. I also have this and love it for my *older* dry-ish under eye area. If the coverage isn’t quite enough then I use a brush to swipe the outside of the stick, just picking up pigment (not the translucent core) and pat on. I have gone through quite a few concealers (Cle de peau, Nars, GA, Shiseido, Sephora) looking for the perfect one and this fits the bill beautifully.

  2. Seems like it would be the perfect shade for me. I use NARS RCC in Vanilla under the eye and Chantilly for blemishes.

  3. Wow, it looks just like Chantecaille’s Bio Lift concealer.

    • The design is similar but I think the Chante has eye treatment /anti-aging properties? Dior’s seems to be more of a primer/concealer combo.

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