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MUFE HD Concealer - 15When I saw Wayne Goss’ review of the new Make Up For Ever HD Concealers ($27), I stopped by my local boutique to take a look at the new line (swatches of all shades are at The Beauty Look Book). I chose two–Y23 Ivory, which is a good match (leaning toward lighter) for my MAC NC15/ Chanel Ivoire skin tone. The other is the peachy R22, which can be used under as a corrector for blue-toned dark circles.

The consistency of these products is highly opaque with a very thin/small amount of product. You don’t need much at all. The squeeze tube is well-designed–it’s substantial but easy to work with. Unlike some, the MUFE HD Concealer comes with a secure screw top that doesn’t seem to work its way open for no reason whatsoever. The tip has a hard plastic white surround, which is a nice, controllable surface that can be easily cleaned to stay sanitary. The white color of this tip helps me see the amount of product coming out a bit better. I need (much) less than a drop to do both undereyes.

MUFE HD Concealer - 13

I tap a bit under each, and then pat it out with my ring finger. The tiniest bit gives me stable, all-day, opaque coverage.

MUFE HD Concealer - 7

There are a few outstanding features about the Make Up For Ever HD Concealer.  First, it does not look dry.  Some highly-pigmented concealers of yesteryear seems to turn under eyes into a desert. That’s because MUFE’s is infused with moisturizing skin care (the line calls them Hyaluronic Spheres and claims to stimulate collagen).  Despite the addition of skin care, the product doesn’t slide around or migrate into fine lines. I’ve tested this for four very long days, and was impressed with the longevity of the product for use undereyes. If you find the right color match and blend the edges, it does look like natural skin.

MUFE HD Concealer - 11

I’ve also tested the product on an area of my face to cover a small mole, just to see. I was happy with the performance–I did set it with a powder, which is important for liquid/creams I’ve found. For larger areas of the face, it’s a little hard to sheer out but it can be done. This is because the product is so pigmented.  The consistency is quite pleasant and blendable–it’s not as liquidy as Giorgio Armani’s Maestro Concealer, nor as thick as Keven Aucoin’s Sensual Skin Enhancer. It’s easy to work with.

If I were to buy again, I would have gotten either the corrector or the concealer, but not both.  The product is highly pigmented, and so using either one is fine for me. In other lines, I typically need both to get the job done. If I use the peachy R22 shade, I color-correct by bringing my foundation up to my undereye area. The Y23 shade can be used either alone or with foundation over it.  I do not typically powder over my concealer under my eyes, and I did not do so to test this product.

Overall, Make Up For Ever Concealer ($27) is a well-designed, high performing concealer. I’m surprised that the product’s longevity is so excellent given that it has moisturizer. The look is beautiful, and I can be more confident knowing that I my undereyes look well-rested and slightly lifted all day.

MUFE HD Concealer - 1

Make Up For Ever HD Concealer is available at Sephora.

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  8 Responses to “My Thoughts: Make Up For Ever HD Concealer and Corrector”

  1. I use the corrector shade then the yellow shade and am very impressed with them!

  2. Do you like this better than the Serge Lutens one? I am almost out of mine and am wondering if I should try something else. The Serge Lutens is the best I have tried and I have tried so many.

    • They are quite different, Sandy. The Serge on is very creamy–the MUFE one is a liquid. I love both, but for different reasons.

      It’s a hard question–sometimes, I go with “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.”

  3. How does the peachy shade compare with NARS Honey, or the porcelain shade with the lighter NARS concealers, such as Chantilly and Vanilla? I think it’s time to switch up a bit, but I’ve never been able to find a shade quite similar to NARS Honey for color correcting my circles (while being non-drying for my skin).

  4. Thank you for your review! I was planning on picking up the same colors you got.

  5. How would you say the wear and look compares to the UD Naked concealer? I just bought that….curious. I seem to be on the quest for help for the undereyes instead of ignoring them.

  6. I also bought both–in the same colors as you. And I totally agree that you only need one, not both. Normally the Y shade would be good as a concealer, great match for my actual skin. But for my shiners, the R shade works great. I have actually decided to take the Y back, and I am on the fence about the R because the 6 month shelf life is bothering me a great deal, as is the lack of real applicator. The coverage is about the same as Nars Radiant Creamy AND UD Naked for me (I often layer one coat of each for color and coverage) but both have the “delivery system” I prefer, which is doefoot, and both have a better shelflife than this.

    Where we differ though, is that I HAVE to powder the hell out of it, because it creases like hell on me if I don’t. It does not last more than 3-4 hours without powder. It’s literally gone from my face without powder from creasing and sliding. Doesn’t matter if I prime, or moisturize. So that’s kind of another strike.

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