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This past Fall, Louis Vuitton expanded its luxury range to include Les Perfums, a series of fragrances. I was fortunate enough that a loved one gave me the Miniature Set ($290) for the holidays. As I’m living a bi-coastal life at present, this was particularly thoughtful because it gives me a variety of fragrances that I can keep in one home, while I have my larger perfume collection in another. The presentation box is quite understated.

Each of the fragrances sold in the Miniature set is also sold as a full size bottle ($240 each). The local Louis Vuitton boutique also sells travel ready refillable spray versions, but these do not appear to be available online. As you can see from the photo above, the Miniature Set comes in a thin elegant presentation box, which includes a round container that houses the fragrance flasks.

Each miniature comes in a stopper bottle (no spray).  The stoppers are well-designed–the shape is easy to grasp and the pressure is appropriate to stop any possibility of spilling any drops of these precious liquids.

I had the opportunity to try four of these for a full day before I had to leave for another coast.  All were incredibly well-balanced and sophisticated. However, you should note that the sillage is very subtle. You could apply a typical amount and get into a closed car (or coach airline seat, in my case) without overpowering the other occupants. If you wish to make a stronger statement, you do have to add more than one typically would (with, for example, a Chanel scent).

Contre Moi was one that I had tried in-store, and one of the reasons that I became curious about the line.  Contre Moi is a bit softly sweet, but is a polished, sophisticated way with the following notes:

– Infusion of vanilla from Madagascar
– Essence of vanilla from Madagascar
– Tahitensis vanilla
– Orange blossom
– Rose centifolia from Grasse
– Essence of magnolia
– Ambrette seeds

It smells pretty spectacular. The Rose de Vents is divine, with the following notes:

– Centifolia rose absolute
– Turkish rose essence
– Bulgarian rose essence
– Florentine iris
– Virginia cedar

If you are curious, the Louis Vuitton website lists the notes on all of the other fragrances. Bottom line–elegant, sophisticated, and understated.  These have a very soft reach, and so please add more if you want a stronger sillage. The ones that I tried had good–but not excellent–longevity on me.

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  1. They sound really lovely! A friend of mine tried Rose de Vents and adores it…she is arguing with herself about paying for a full bottle. lol If it’s a great perfume though and you enjoy it, why not?

  2. Love Louis Vuitton Perfumes, thanks for your insight on it.

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