Jan 272017

Last year, NARS introduced their Pro Palette line of products and palettes , a way to pack an incredible way to re-experience the brand. Although I’ve always loved the brand, having the option to fill these slim, travel-ready palettes opens up the usability of their line exponentially.

The palettes themselves are very slim. They come in two sizes, small and large, and together you can take enough options to last you for months and months. Their magnetized backing allows you to re-arrange the items, so that you can select your favorites and take only one if you choose. I typically slip two of them into the same padded slot in bag as my Apple MacBook Pro, side by side. Easy, easy, easy.

Once opened, you can find any and everything that you’ve packed for life on the road. I chose face powders, bronzes, contour and eyeshadows in the large (on the left) and blushes/highlighter on the right.

The products come without their familiar rubber-coated cases. The price point is lower for each–for example, the duo eyeshadows are $25, but the compact versions run around $35. As some NARS fans don’t love the typical packaging, this opens up options that you didn’t think possible. The convenience factor of having an entire collection in two palettes is unbelievable. Without having to search and open different compacts, everything is right there ready for your brush.

The products come sleeved in plastic with magnetized backing. It’s extremely easy to remove them from this protection and place them into  the palettes as you like.

The backs of all products are marked, so that they can be easily tracked and replaced when necessary.

No matter what the rigors of travel, it’s wonderful to know that there are dependable, excellent choices available for makeup upon arrival.

Below, a picture of the magnetized surface of one of the palettes:

It’s so easy to try new combinations that I might not otherwise try, simply because the options are all open and in one easy-to-reach location. I love this set-up beyond reason.

In other words, there’s plenty of room to play in these travel-ready palettes that fit so easily into my carry on. These are life-changing if you live on the road. Available on NARS website.

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  3 Responses to “Simplifying Travel Option: NARS Pro Palettes”

  1. Oh my goodness! I didn’t even know NARS did such a thing! Just like MAC, they have their own personalised compacts? It’s brilliant! Thanks for sharing. Im going to be hopping on their webpage now to check it out.

    Alexis xoxo | http://www.alexisanneofficial.com

    Instagram: @lexxianne

    Twitter: @AlexisAnneBlog

  2. Thanks for the review. Can you please tell us what material the palettes are made of? Plastic? Thanks!

    • It’s a mix of materials–the cover feels like cloth over some rigid surface. I definitely pack it against something hard (in my case, my Apple Macbook inside a padded sleeve in my carryon). I wouldn’t let it float around because powders aren’t indestructible.

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