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A few weeks ago, Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book and I shared a glorious day in New York City, makeup and perfume shopping, lunching, and generally having a wonderful time. In the many years that Sabrina and I have corresponded, this was the first (and hopefully not the last) time that we’d met in person. I can say that Sabrina is one of the smartest, kindest and most generous people that I’ve ever had the pleasure to know.

Consistent with her fabulous personality, Sabrina invited me along to her appointment at New York City’s Creed Boutique (794 Madison Avenue) on the Upper East Side. This little jewel-box contained an incredible range of hand-crafted fragrances, knowledgeable sales people, and a welcoming atmosphere in which to try some truly outstanding fragrances. Sabrina’s review of our visit is here. For those shopping online, Creed is sold at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Bergdorf Goodman.

I’d always had the impression that Creed had a long history as a fragrance maker, but I had no idea how interesting that history was. Starting as a glove maker in England, James Creed’s gloves garnered praise for their lovely scent. Eventually, Creed expanded his company into fragrances and moved his headquarters to France, where the company remains today. Since then, the company has sold its hand-mixed fragrances in handmade bottles. The techniques that are used are intended to take advantage of the very finest ingredients used.

Sabrina and I were treated to learning about the line’s mixing techniques, which sometimes results in the same fragrance evolving into two entirely different colors (see below for an example). Although the scent of both bottles are the same, the natural foundation of the ingredients used can result in little variations like this.

This boutique is lined with beautiful things, but you should ask the staff what is hidden in those cabinets. There are shampoos, shaving gear, candles and other treats hidden from view.

Of course, this particular boutique carries the entire line. 

Their products include spray decanters, so that their very large bottles (like the one on the far right, below) can be more easily used for travel.

Can we talk about these gold-embossed bottles of Les Royals Exclusives Collection for a moment?  Without exception, these fragrances were beyond amazing–rich, complex and absolutely gorgeous. Amazing. My favorite was Sublime Vanille (a mix of African vanilla, Tonka bean, white bergamot, lemon, and Tonkin musk), with Spice and Wood as a close second. Spice and Wood was an incredible mix of apple, bergamot, lemon, with notes of patchouli, cedar wood and oakmoss.

And like the other Creed scents, these bottles are made by hand.

Here are some of their designs for spray vials for travel sold in the boutique:

Creed was kind enough to gift a gold spray Pocket Atomizer to me filled with their gloriously summer-friendly, cooling Spring Mountain Water scent. The vial holds approximately .33 ounces of scent:

Silver Mountain Water ($290 and up) is so refreshing–it’s a pleasure to use right now as the heat is starting to kick in. It reminds me of that mix of winter and spring high in the mountains as the snow melts into the warmth of crisp spring air. The notes in Silver Mountain water include bergamot, mandarin, neroli, green tea, blackcurrant buds over basenotes of sandalwood and musk. Although it isn’t listed there is a bright, light peppery feel to this formulation. The boutique also sells other products, including Creed’s heavenly line of candles ($120):

If you find yourself near the Upper East Side, definitely stop in. It’s really a treat and an amazing experience.

For those of us shopping online, Creed is sold at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Bergdorf Goodman.

Affiliate links/ Vial and 1/3 oz. of Silver Mountain were provided to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration for review

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  1. If I go in there I will be in trouble, so many beautiful things and Sublime Vanille and Spice and Wood sound exactly like the scents I would enjoy.

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