About Cafe Makeup

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Cafe Makeup: Who We Are 

This blog is a mix of the work of Amy and Liz, a mother and daughter who live and work in Northern California. We both have busy lives, probably a lot like you do. We love beauty, fashion, and shopping to unwind, followed by long lunches and conversations. We have a passion for finding and testing the best products. of the modeling on the site is done by Liz, although sometimes other friends help us out so you can see the makeup applied. For more about us, see this interview at The Feather Factor run by the lovely Katherine. If you share our obsession, or you just want to stand back and look over our shoulders, please join us.

About the Site

We started Cafe Makeup in November 2009. A few million views later, we’re gratified to find that women share our passion for high quality makeup, gorgeous presentation, and highly effective products. We also indulge in the occasional fashion post, because we love fashion as well.

Makeup and blogging is our hobby, our together-time, and our love. We don’t do sponsored posts or guest blogging posts (thank you for your interest).

Our Skin

Amy and Liz have very similar skin tone. We are warm-toned. We are roughly MAC NC15/20, and Chanel Ivoire/Clair. Many times, Liz adds a self-bronzer (either a gradual self-tanner, or powder bronzer, or both). We have combination skin, which are prone to breakouts but not sensitive to any particular chemicals or scents.

Our Opinions

We’ve found that makeup is a “your mileage may vary” preference. All of the statements on Cafe Makeup are our personal opinions and preferences, not fact.  We know that different tastes, looks, and impressions vary widely from person to person. We strongly encourage you to try things out before you buy, or purchase at a store/site with a good return policy whenever possible.

Privacy Policy

We use cookies on the site. A cookie (aside from being a macaron), is also a small text file which the website may put on your computer or mobile device when you first visit a site or page. The cookie will help the website, or another website, to recognize your device the next time you visit. A cookie recognizes your internet service provider, your general geographic location and tracks how long you are on the site. We don’t have time to look at the data, plus it’s boring to sift through numbers. The cookie does not track your personal identity (such as your name or address), it isn’t that sophisticated.  Some browsers can be set to mask that information. We usually delete all our cookies every few months, but honestly then we have to re-input our info on the sites we visit so that isn’t very fun either.

Our Photographs

We want our pictures to be a pleasure to look at, but also useful and as color accurate as we can. If you have a beauty blog or Tumblr that shares our passion for beauty, please contact us so at “cafemakeup (at) gmail.com” to get permission first. We usually don’t mind if you love makeup and/or fashion and you link us back. Please don’t use our images for commercial purposes, such as selling your makeup on eBay or blog sales. Anyway, it’s better to take pictures of your own products, not ours, because that way your buyers will know what they are getting (and its true condition) before paying.

Products for Review

Occasionally, beauty and skin care companies contact us to send us products without charge to test. If we believe that this is something our readers might like, we accept.  We disclose this relationship on every post reviewing the product. We are objective about these products, remaining honest to our standards.

Affiliate Links

Cafe Makeup accepts some select affiliate links. An affiliate link is a hyperlink in a post that brings you to a website where the products are sold. If you buy the product within a certain time after you click (the time varies), then Cafe Makeup receives a percentage of your purchase. We mark all posts that include affiliate links so that you know that before you buy.  The payment does not add to your cost, instead it is paid by the retailer.

Sponsored Posts

Cafe Makeup does accept monetary compensation through  sponsored collaborations in partnership with various brand, retailers or PR firms.  These occur when an already-beloved brand approaches us and we agree to feature the product. As long time readers know, we are very particular about endorsing any product and only do so when we am truly fans of the quality and results.  Providing honest and candid reviews are the foundation of my relationship with my readers and the one of the main reasons readers turn to our blog.