May 122010

I noticed that I’ve acquired a few pink blushes in either a liquid, cream or stain, so I thought that I’d post some comparisons of the following:

  • Nars Cadaques Multiple Tint
  • Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pale Pink
  • Benefit’s Posie Tint (this was a small version that was included in a recent Sephora value set)
  • Make Up For Ever’s HD Blush in Walk of Shame #4

It was surprised how differently all of these swatch.  NAR’s Cadaques is translucent with a sheen, it gives a beautiful lit-from-within glow that looks “natural but nicer.”

Posie Tint is the most sheer, and has stain-like liquidity compared to the others.  You need quite a bit more product with the Posie Tint to build up a real pink on my NC15 skin.

Make Up For Ever’s Walk of Shame is the lightest, is highly pigmented and applies matte.  Walk of Shame has a very cool blue-undertone compared to the others.  You need barely any product to get the right look with this.

Bobbi Brown’s Pale Pink is very easy to wear– a few dabs and it looks very natural.  Pale Pink is the deepest pink of all of them, and looks almost like a medium-pink compared to the others.

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May 112010

Sometimes I wish I had more time than I do.  Here is something that I threw together the other day, which seemed fairly foolproof for a fast five minute face.  In addition to foundation, I used:

  • Yves Saint Laurent Faux Cils mascara
  • La Ligne de Chanel eyeliner duo in Brun-Lame (directions for application are here)
  • MAC Painterly Paint Pot as an eyeshadow base
  • Bobbi Brown Chrome Eyeshadow in Pewter as a simple lid wash
  • Bobbi Brown Shimmer Blush in Bahama Brown
  • Gloss Fluo de Chanel in Laser, reviewed here

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May 082010

NARS Summer 2010 includes a very small release of three Multiple Tints ($38), which are exclusively available online at NARS website.  These are sheer, almost gel-like tubes of color in a twist-up tube that can be used for a blush or lip color.  Unlike the Multiples, they have no bronzer effect and their highlighting effect is minimal.  They are meant to add a sheer wash of color.

This limited release has three choices– Beverly Hills is red-based, Turks & Caicos is orange-peach based.  I purchased Cadaqués, which is pink based, but looks fuchsia in the tube.

The traditional “NARS” lettering on the packaging had a cute–and very practical– touch with Cadaqués because it is printed with pink letters.  If you have other Multiples in your makeup collection, this helps distinguish this one from the others.

The color in the tube is very vibrant:

Once applied, this applies as a sheer wash of pink with a touch of shimmer.  This is several (10) swipes, and you can see that the color builds nicely on my arm.  However, applied to the cheeks, it only took 1-2 swipes to give me a healthy pink glow.  The product has a slight sheen when the light hits it.  The texture has a gel feel, not the opaque cream of the other Multiples. Click to enlarge:

This last one shows that these apply as a sheer wash of color–there are no shimmer or glitter bits in this product.  The sheen you see (especially the picture, above) is from the gel-texture in sunlight.  Again, click to enlarge:

These were taken with a combination of warm sunlight and flash.

I’m going to have check in later on the lasting power…

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May 052010

Shu Uemura is running a promotion that provides three large samples with the code GOLD to celebrate Gold Week in Japan.  This offer of free samples is valid through 11:59PM PST on May 6th, 2010 on any order of $50 or more.

One of my favorite products from Shu Uemura are their Glow On Blushes ($23). Their design is ingenious–you use one brushstroke for light coverage, add another brushstroke for more coverage.  Although the blushes tend to be less complex than NARS, you can layer two or even three blushes for a different effect.  The price is quite low for the excellent quality–these are really finely milled and last all day.  However, the packaging is very minimal–no mirror, a light acrylic box and no brush.  Keep in mind that Shu Uemura frequently sells palettes for them.  They are quite easy to de-pot–simply take a pin and insert into the circle imprinted on the label.  They pop right out.
The designation “P” means “pearl” and, in some blushes, more of a shimmer.  Look for “M” for a matte blush.
Here are some of my favorites.  My apologies if some of these might become hard to find, a few may be limited edition and sometimes the online store does not carry the full numbered collection in any event.
And some more, including the classic P Pink 30 (an excellent pink), and P Orange 53 (a nuclear orange that, if handled with care, is spectacular):
Swatches.  Note that M Amber 85 is a beautiful “nude” blush or contour for some skin tones:

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Apr 072010

Recently, I received three more Makeup For Ever HD Blushes ($25 each) to add to my growing collection.  I have been enjoying these colors so much and they are relatively inexpensive for the amount and quality of the product.  I love the fact that Make Up For Ever included a well-thought out range for an entire makeup wardrobe.

The most recent additions are Walk of Shame (#4), Mistaken Identity (#11) and Star Stuck (#14).  I’m completely in love with these blushes, I love their wear and flexibility.  My previous reviews, for Innuendo (#1) and Caught in the Act (#2), are here.  They last all day, are easy to wear and the colors are gorgeous.  If you work quickly enough, they’re very easy to sheer out (but watch that pump–it’ll spurt out way too much if you’re not careful).  They are highly pigmented–you will not need much!  They apply matte, but of course you can add whichever highlighter you wish.

Here are the swatches of the latest colors that I added:

Star Struck #14 is a beautiful neutral peach:

Walk of Shame #4 is a cool, bubblegum pink:

Mistaken Identity #11 is a lovely rose-brown:

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