Dec 042010

I’m always on a quest for the latest and greatest, and have been noticing a recent surge in new foundations.  I’m hoping that this means that we are moving forward into a new era of product formulations.  At any rate, I thought it might be useful/fun to collect some of my research here.  Do you know of any new foundations about to be released?  Have you tried anything new that you’d recommend/or not?

I don’t own any of these yet (except for Le Metier de Beaute’s), so please consider this post is a scrapbook of new foundation ideas and not recommendations because I’ve never tried most of these or compared them (although several look intriguing).

All pictures are clickable:

1.  Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua ($45)


A “new generation” texture from Chanel.  I cannot wait to try this one, which is rumored to be a replacement for Chanel’s current Tient Innocence Fluide.  Vitalumiere Aqua is said to be water based, although based on my reading so far the texture is creamy but applies very lightly and sheerly.  There are three tones:

  • Beige which is normal to warm
  • Rose Beige which is rose-based
  • Beige Ochre which is natural (and not released in the U.S.)

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua comes in a very limited color range, has SFP 15 and a “crystalline fragrance.”

2.    Guerlain Lingerie de Peau ($56)


Liz and I had the chance to try this out during our Guerlain makeover in San Francisco, discussed here.  Lingerie de Peau is a light-to-medium coverage foundation that looks remarkably like natural skin.  The technology relies on a series of silk-like fibers to fuse to the skin while creating a re-texturized surface.  It looks very soft and pretty, the effect is very natural.  It was extremely pleasant to use, and if you have very pale complexion the range goes up to quite a pale shade (I’m very pale–Chanel Cameo / MAC NC15 and I was matched to Lingerie de Peau 30).  A definite contender.

Lingerie de Peau has an SPF 20 and a scent which fades on application.

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Nov 182010

Bobbi Brown’s Modern Classic Lip & Eye Palette ($75) is a comprehensive palette of ten eyeshadows, four lipglosses and two brushes.  It’s a compact size for all of this generosity of products–these are packed into a 3 1/2 by 4 1/2 inch container that about twice as thick as the slimmer Day to Night palettes released for Holiday 2010.  Bobbi Brown palettes do make impressive gifts–I have given some in the past and they have been both well received and well-loved.  They looks wonderful, you can be confident that they are excellent quality.  Women who do not have extensive makeup collections appreciate the well-chosen variety.

Some of the palette’s bulk is due to a large, fold out mirror, as well as the addition of the lip products which are intended to make this a grab-and-go option.  Although lip products in palettes are not my favorite thing, Bobbi Brown has protected the powder with the fold out mirror to keep the powder and emollient products from mixing.  The mirror flips down to cover the shadows, leaving the lip products exposed for quick touch-ups.

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Nourish Your Skin: Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Supplement

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Nov 172010

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Supplement ($65 for 1 oz.) is a very pleasant, nutrient rich way to revitalize skin.  According to the product insert, it improves skin after four weeks, including firming, smoothing, evening tone, and adding radiance.  In addition, it acts as a primer to prepare skin for makeup application.

The ingredients include Vitamin A & C, as well as White Birch Extract (to firm and reduce any wrinkles), Grape and Mulberry Extract (to brighten), Rice Bran (to even skin tone), and green tea extract to protect skin against pollution.  It is suggested that you use three drops or so, applied morning and night.

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Nov 172010

This time of year I’ve amped my water intake up to ensure that my skin is hydrated and clear.  I’ve gone through gallons of Brita-filtered water, a water bottle is never far from my side.  Moisture, moisture, moisture is a winter survival skill.

There are some products that I cannot wait to photograph for Café Makeup, so I can start using the item sooner.  Bobbi Brown Lip Balm SPF 15 ($17) is one of those products.

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Nov 162010

Bobbi Brown’s Holiday 2010 collection includes the Day to Night Cool Eye Palette ($45), which features a mix of six eyeshadows–3 matte and 3 shimmer shades especially tuned for cool skin tones.

This palette has a nice range of shades, from highlighter to liner, with plenty of drama potential with Rockstar and Gunmetal from the shimmery side of the palette.  There is unquestionably a cool cast to each of these shadows (except for Ivory, which is a neutral highlighter).

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Nov 152010

Bobbi Brown has an extraordinarily wide array of Holiday 2010 offerings–I can not think of anyone who would be unable to find something gift-able in this collection. I’ve been a long-time fan of many of Bobbi Brown’s palettes–although not all of them have caught my eye, several of them offer practical, well-thought-out and high-quality offerings.  Her Holiday 2010 collection is no exception.

Bobbi Brown’s Day to Night Warm Eye Palette ($45) is my favorite format for eyeshadow palettes–her familiar long rectangle, six-pan form, which gets right down to business to provide options, excellent quality and a usuable brush in a very compact space.  As usual, the palettes have sturdy construction, a handy mirror, and a size than easily be slipped into luggage.  (I could not resist having mine signed by her when I went to the Nordstorm San Francisco Centre event earlier this month).


Day to Night Warm is a mix of three practical matte shades on the left, with three beautiful shimmer shades on the right.

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Nov 072010

Happy 400th post to the lovely readers of Café Makeup!  What a lovely journey this has been!

To celebrate the occasion and thank you for your support during the first year of this blog, I’m giving away the Holiday 2010 Bobbi Brown Modern Classic Lip and Eye Palette ($75) that has been personally signed by Bobbi Brown!

How awesome is that?  How about–really really awesome!!!

Here’s the back story:  Last Friday, I went to Nordstrom in San Francisco Centre for an event featuring Bobbi Brown.  I blogged about it here.  It was a lot of fun–there were a lot of makeup artists to tailor-make a look just for you.  It was unbelievably busy!  It looked like over two dozen stations were staffed by trained and talented makeup artists.  Each had a mirror so that one could watch the application as the makeover went along.  Together with bottles of Evian, makeup lovers who made purchases were given a Bobbi Brown tote bag and water bottle.  Thanks to one of my favorite Nordstrom sales associates, Kristy who manages the Burberry Beauty counter, for telling me about the event.

Those who purchased Bobbi Brown’s new book, Beauty Rules, were given the chance to have the book autographed by Bobbi Brown:

She looked absolutely beautiful!  Gorgeous, fit and smart–the perfect combination!  She was extremely sweet and wonderful, sincerely greeting and interacting with the many women who wanted to meet her.

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Jun 242010

Guerlain’s Terracotta Light Summer Bronzing Powder in Blondes Hâlées ($50) is a reformulation of its formerly-released Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder.  Although the products look similar at first glance, the formula, color and tone of the products are quite different.

As both versions are still being sold, and it is worth a pause so that we can tell the difference.

The packaging of both is nearly identical.  There are two differences to look for:  First, the older versions are called “Blondes” and “Brunettes.”  The new versions are called “Blondes Hâlées” and “Brunettes Hâlées.”   Second, the limited edition version for Summer 201 uses the phrase “Summer Bronzing Powder” on the packaging and compact.  The older version does not.  Also, the new Hâlées have a slight pebbled look to the ornate embedded logo on the compact.  The older version is simpler, without the dotted texture that surrounds the swirling, embedded “G’s.”

This review focuses on Blondes Hâlées, which I recently purchased and compared to my former Blondes.

The primary differences are:

  • The texture of Blondes Hâlées is much softer and easier to pick up on the brush.  The older Blondes seems quite hard by comparison.
  • Blondes Hâlées is a deeper, darker color.
  • Blondes Hâlées is a more intense, more dramatic bronzer.
  • Blondes Hâlées has redder undertones, which is more akin to a tiny pink-red that looks more like sun-exposed “tan with a touch of red”.
  • The older Blondes has a sheerer golden tone.

Hare side-by-side swatches:

I prefer the new formulation.  Blondes Hâlées has a beautiful natural tone with a pretty golden shimmer.  I had to beat the pigment out of the former Blondes to get sheer coverage. Blondes Hâlées gives a more natural look and is much easier to work with.

Here is a comparison — on the left, no bronzer.  On the right, Blondes Hâlées:

Although Guerlain Blondes Hâlées is a deeper color tone, I find the effect quite natural.  Her skin takes on a pink tone, without any trace of orange.

Below, Liz added a pop of pink blush (Bobbi Brown French Pink) on top of Blondes Hâlées:

So, between the Edward Bess Daydream that I reviewed last and the Guerlain, which do you prefer?



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May 212010

When is a bronzer, not a bronzer?  Answer–> When it is a Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder!  Both Maui and Antigua ($33 each) are two “bronzers” in Bobbi Brown’s bronzer line that are indisputably more like a highlighter/blush than anything that will give a tan effect.  Nonetheless, I find that I’ve fallen hard for one of them, and can’t wait to dig into the other.

The typical bronzer comes in shades from beige, gold, dusty browns and pink-tans that usually darken the skin.  Both Maui and Antigua are lighter colors that add a pop of natural blush that can be worn over a bronzer to keep you looking alive and pretty.  Sometimes wearing a bronzer can deaden the skin, adding a veil of tan-brown.  You can add a touch of blush for a pop of color, then a highlighter for added illumination.  Bobbi Brown’s Maui and Antigua combine the last two steps–pop of color and highlighter–into one.  And both colors are beautiful choices that seem to work well with bronzers.  Also, you get a good size pan of color for $33–this is about the diameter of a Cargo blush, which is certainly very reasonable for the quality and look.

As you can see, my Antigua pan has that “well-loved” look. If you looked very close you’d see the concentric circles that signify that I’m getting close to hitting the pan on this one.  I absolutely love this pink on my MAC NC15 skintone.  I’ll be replacing that soon.  The coral-pink Maui is new and unused in this picture:

Comparison swatches:

If you are considering Antigua keep in mind that Bobbi Brown is releasing an Antigua palette this summer at Bloomingdale’s.  You can see reviews and swatches of the palette at The Beauty Look Book at this link.

I’m going to pass on getting the Antigua palette, although it’s probably time for me to think about replacing my Antigua.  First, I do not enjoy palettes with lip products exposed to powder products.  Second, I’m not sure Antigua is pigmented enough to wear as a stand-alone blush unless heavily applied.  So I’m not sure that the Antigua palette will work as a go-to travel palette for me.

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May 122010

I noticed that I’ve acquired a few pink blushes in either a liquid, cream or stain, so I thought that I’d post some comparisons of the following:

  • Nars Cadaques Multiple Tint
  • Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pale Pink
  • Benefit’s Posie Tint (this was a small version that was included in a recent Sephora value set)
  • Make Up For Ever’s HD Blush in Walk of Shame #4

It was surprised how differently all of these swatch.  NAR’s Cadaques is translucent with a sheen, it gives a beautiful lit-from-within glow that looks “natural but nicer.”

Posie Tint is the most sheer, and has stain-like liquidity compared to the others.  You need quite a bit more product with the Posie Tint to build up a real pink on my NC15 skin.

Make Up For Ever’s Walk of Shame is the lightest, is highly pigmented and applies matte.  Walk of Shame has a very cool blue-undertone compared to the others.  You need barely any product to get the right look with this.

Bobbi Brown’s Pale Pink is very easy to wear– a few dabs and it looks very natural.  Pale Pink is the deepest pink of all of them, and looks almost like a medium-pink compared to the others.

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