Holiday Makeup for the Rest of Us, Part Two

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Dec 192009

This is the second post in a series about holiday looks for anyone who (like me) admires the glamorous looks of Lady Gaga and others, but wishes to modulate them for her own individual lifestyle.

A new decade is about to start.  I was so heartened to see this article describing H&M’s Paris fashion show at the Grand Palais.  It looks fun. The holidays are a great time to play.

What better way to play than to go out?  An easy way to add some shimmer and shine to your look is a wash of shimmer across the lid.   Using a liquid eyeliner adds more glamour.  Add two or three coats of a high-volume mascara.

My favorite eyeshadow of this entire year is Bobbi Brown’s Chrome Eyeshadow in Pewter ($22).  This is fool proof.  It’s neither a bright silver nor a harsh gold.  Rather, it’s a soft, warm glowy color that brightens the eye area without taking over your entire face.  In other words, you can still see the person, without being struck by the eyeshadow.  I am not alone in my love for this eyeshadow;  if you aren’t convinced read this review, or this one.  The texture wonderful.   Want to wear it to the office?  Pair it with a dark suit or dress–it really works, especially if you do a light sweep with your brush.  It’s limited edition, so if you want to try this one you should move fast.  Another nice choice for the holidays is Shu Uemura’s ME Silver 950, although I find this shade less daytime-friendly because it is both brighter and a little more difficult to apply sheerly.

Just for fun, I’m including some Becca Jewel Dusts ($24), which are subtle, grown-up shimmery pigments.  The colors are less vibrant, and so more wearable, than more striking color pigments on the market. Becca’s Jewel Dusts come in small, easily storable containers with square lids that don’t work themselves loose in your makeup drawer.  Also, Becca adds a sifter top to minimize spilling.  Because these are loose powders, try wetting your brush to intensify them.  In the swatch, they’re applied dry.  Applying them with a wet brush would give a perfectly even surface.  (If you’re still intimidated, here’s a quick primer from the Makeup and Beauty Blog that describes most of what you need to know about pigment eyeshadows).

I hope that you are enjoying this holiday season!  I have one more post on this topic before we move on.  Thanks for reading!

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Dec 062009

When Bobbi Brown released her Illuminating Bronzers last spring, she also released a nice large fluffy bronzer brush. Although I’ve been wishing to buy the brush for months, I recently caved to temptation and took the plunge.Bobbi-Bronzer-Brush-3

The term “bronzer brush” is a little bit difficult to pin down. I can mean anything from a dense, long-handled kabuki, like Sephora’s , which picks up and deposits a lot of pigment on the cheek. These brushes are typically used for heavy coverage, and Sephora’s bronzer brush delivers on that score. As you can see from the link, the brush hairs on the Sephora are densely packed together. In contrast, Clinique’s is very large and fluffy. It would be ideal for bronzing large portions of skin, including the shoulders and body.

Bobbi’s falls somewhere between the two, with a large, dense and yet still somehow fluffy brush head. It’s ideal to use with her large bronzer compacts (or, for that matter,bronzers from Guerlain, Chanel or Estee Lauder, but not a small bronzer like Benefit’s Hoola). Here are some quick pictures so that you can see the size. This brush allows much more precise bronzer placement than a very large brush, but is still sufficiently fluffy to give a natural sweep.

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