Sep 272011

This recent story about Chanel’s Peter Philips’ work backstage at Jil Sander emphasizes that a modern look incorporates nudes. Above, Philips used foundation on the lips to simulate a nude lip. Unlike Fall seasons past, I’m definitely feeling nudes during 2011. This includes nails, including Rococo Nail Apparel’s Nude Wardrobe over at The Beauty Look Book and RGB’s nail collection seen here at Planete Beaute.

Some Fall lipsticks also have a nude vibe.  Like many women, I cannot wear a completely nude lip without looking a bit lifeless. Instead, this Fall I’ve been rotating some nude roses that give some color to lips (but not much). One was previously reviewed here, Burberry Lip Mist in Nude Rose.

This is in Burberry’s Lip Mist formula, which is both sheer and moisturizing. On Liz:

Another one that I’m enjoying is Dior Rouge Dior in Pisanelle Pink ($32/#428), released with this Fall’s Blue Tie Collection:

When this was released, I went back to look at it several times trying to decide whether I needed this one.  I decided that I did, and I’v been wearing it very frequently.  It’s one of those lipsticks that you can keep in your purse constantly to refresh during the day.  It looks good with a wide range of other looks, and adds a glowing look that is very polished.  On Liz:

Dior’s formula is very moisturizing–this feels like a balm to me. Keep in mind, the formula is a bit soft. Several of the testers that I saw were broken. I’ve carried mine around in my purse, and been careful during application, which seems to have worked to preserve the bullet of this very soft formula.

Bobbi Brown’s Rich Lip Color in Soft Nude ($22/ #18) is a rosy brown nude:

On Liz:

Bobbi Brown’s Soft Nude is the deepest and most opaque of this group, easily covering my pigmented lips.  Bobbi Brown’s tended to look creamier than the others, which have a more luminous finish.  I’m having trouble locating this color for sale online–this may have been limited edition or is simply sold out.

Here is a comparison of the three:

I have to admit, it is nice to have a Fall season where deep reds are not required. I’m enjoying the ease and wearability of these colors. You can always smoke out the eyes, if you’d like emphasis. I’m declaring Fall 2011 the season of nude makeup.

Bobbi Brown Rich Color Lipstick in Soft Nude was sent to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration and review.

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Sep 082011

Burberry Beauty’s Natural Sheer Lip Mist in Blueberry ($30 / #6) is a lightly textured deep blue-red.  I happen to love lipsticks in this color family.  They can look so pretty and dramatic on pale skin.  Some, like Chanel Rouge Coco in Rouge Noir, are highly dramatic, requiring a bit of care and precision in application (and re-application).

Burberry’s Lip Mist in Blueberry is a softer, moisturizing version of this trend.  It’s a color that one can dash on in the morning.  The cool, slightly mauvey-blue tones is part of this gorgeously-engraved bullet. The formula is light, moisturizing and has a slightly gel-like feel.  The color gives excellent coverage–it’s not as opaque as Chanel Rouge Noir, of course, but still covers my naturally pigmented lips very well.  On Liz:

Here’s Burberry Lip Mist in Blueberry in close-up on Liz:

Here are some quick swatches next to Chanel Rouge Coco in Rivoli (reviewed here), Chanel Rouge Coco in Rouge Noir (reviewed here), and Nars Velvet Lip Gloss in Baroque (reviewed here) and Club Mix (reviewed here).

Burberry Blueberry fits well with clothes in the Fall and Winter months.  It’s deep enough to be within most makeup-wearer’s comfort zone, but has enough color and pigmentation to make a subtle statement.  Many women are afraid of reds, but are comfortable with off-reds, or sheerer reds.  If so, Burberry Blueberry might be a good transition color for you to increase your comfort level withe more vibrant colors.  I love the formula and, of course, the iconic packaging.  Highly recommended.

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Aug 312011

1.  L’Occitane Verbena Body Salt Scrub ($36) This is the best body scrub I’ve used in a while. It has a very intense, natural lemon scent. It smells soooo good—- honestly, it changes my entire day when I use this.

2.  NARS Multiple in Malibu came in this Sweet Disposition set.  This is a deep burgundy with a bronzy blue tint.  These deep tones look so good in late summer.  Because this has an overall cool tone, it looks good with soft silver and cool taupe eyeshadows.

3. I pulled this Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Palette in Steel Black (reviewed here) from my stash and found it makes a great, soft and flattering look.  Using the outside ring of soft cool taupe, and a touch of the lightest shade as a highlight, it looks like I tried much harder than I actually did.

 4.  Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse (reviewed here) makes a great dry oil for fast skin and hair conditioning.  Sometimes I put it into my hair for an hour in the morning while I’m reading or doing other things.  By shower time, it rinses out very cleanly and leaves my hair very soft.

5. Burberry Nude Rose lipstick (reviewed here) is an effortless way for a smooth, polished look.

So, what are you loving right now? I’d love to learn…

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Aug 082011

Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush in Tangerine ($42/ No. 6) is a soft peach with a touch of brown.  As with Burberry’s other blushes, it’s packed in a gorgeous, heavy metal compact with the luxury brand’s iconic plaid etching.


Despite the name “tangerine” which suggests a bright orange, Burberry Tangerine gives a soft peach-nude glow.  Like many Burberry items, it plays well as a sophisticated color.  Here it is on Liz:

 You can see how soft it is compared to Shu Uemura Peach 47, a color that I’ve long considered to be a classic peach tone.

Burberry Tangerine is much softer and more brown than the comparatively orange Shu Uemura Apricot, and far less pink and bright that Chanel Tweed Corail (reviewed here).  As with many Burberry Light Glow blushes, Tangerine gives a beautiful, soft wash of color.  You can see how it was incorporated in a Burberry makeover at this post.

Above, Liz is wearing:

  • Chanel Vitalumiere liquid foundation in 20 Claire/Cameo
  • Caron powder in Translucent
  • Burberry Beauty Tangerine blush
  • Chanel Rouge Extrait de Gloss in Exces
  • Hourglass Film Noir Mascara
  • Prestige Total Intensity liner in black (lower lash line)
Hourglass Film Noir was provided for review and consideration to Cafe Makeup without charge.

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Aug 052011

Burberry Lip Mist in Copper ($30 #202) is a sheer, warm nude that adds just a touch of color and a serious amount of creamy moisture.  This color was released earlier this year, but it happens to coordinate nicely with the upcoming Fall collections.  It was featured in the “Runway Look” demonstration on

On Liz, Burberry Copper Lip Mist gives a very subtle gold-nude wash with plenty of shine.

Here is a quick comparison with Burberry Nude Rose lipstick (reviewed here), Chanel Rouge Coco in Plumetis and Chanel Rouge Coco in Patchouli.

I love Burberry’s Lip Mists–the formula is light, sheer and very pleasant.  There is a shine and glow without shimmer or glitter.  Copper gives a warm, natural glow that looks good with grays, bronzes, browns and other warm toned colors (that include taupes, khaki’s and any golden-infused colors).  It’s a lovely light color that makes the lips look moisturized, not the heavy creme impression from lipsticks of years past.  Highly recommended.

You can see Sabrina’s comparisons of Copper Lip Mist at The Beauty Look Book.

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Aug 042011

Burberry Fall 2011 includes Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipstick in Nude Rose ($30 #25), a highly wearable deep nude with a strong rose undertone.  There are various colors that are so easy to wear that you barely notice that you have them on–several easy pinks fall into this category.  A nude rose can fall into this category, as long as it’s not too nude (which can make one look lifeless) or too brown (which can make one look stuck in the 1990’s).  Nude Rose is an elegant solution.  The final effect gives a beautiful polish and finish to the overall look, providing a flattering soft color that works on almost any age.  It’s a nude that makes one looks polished and alive.  On Liz:

Here are some swatch comparisons of Burberry Nude Rose with Burberry Lip Mist in Copper Mist (review forthcoming), which is sheerer and more gold, Chanel Rouge Coco in Plumetis (review here) which is more pink) and Chanel Patchouli (review here) which is in the same family but is less creamy and more shimmery.


I can recommend Burberry Nude Rose–it has a creamy, pleasant formula that looks very polished and luxurious.  My husband swears that  Burberry’s formula are the ‘most kissable’ of all of the high end lipsticks that I own.

Just a word on Burberry in Nude Cashmere ($30 / #26), also released in this collection–no.  To elaborate, for some reason this color just turned gray on me. I’ll just say it.  Although I’m an avid fan of the universality of Burberry’s color palette, I’m not sure what they were thinking on this one.  To see the shade, Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book has swatches here (although she notes that this isn’t a color that she prefers either).

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Aug 032011

I rarely photograph used items for review on Cafe Makeup, but I was unable to resist using Burberry Beauty Light Glow Natural Blush in Earthy ($42) long enough to put it in front of my camera.  To be more precise, I couldn’t stop using Burberry Earthy after I learned to use it at a recent makeover.

When I first received Burberry Earthy, I tried using it as a traditional blush.  When I did that, I was very confused.  The color didn’t apply as a blush on my warm NC15/20 (Chanel Cameo/Ivoire) skin tone at all.  Although I’m a fan of nude blushes, Earthy left me a little cold at first.  However, an excellent Burberry makeover artist explained that Earthy is a perfect contour color of pale skin tone girls.

Of course, it is possible for one to use a bronzer to contour and I frequently do.  This tends to look best with warm toned makeup looks, or for those with a brighter or beachy style. Here’s a picture of Paris Hilton, looking gorgeous as always (love her!)   This is a classic bronzer contour look:

The bronzer (topped with a touch of highlighter and soft pink blush) has a warmth that echoes her bronzy arms. In contrast, look at the contouring on Burberry runway:

This has a completely different contour look compared to the lovely Paris’s beachy look.  Another, also from Burberry runway:

As you can see, the Burberry runway pictures have a contouring that is more subtle, less warm, and coordinates nicely with the rest of the look. Although slightly warm, Earthy gives the impression much more like the pictures on Burberry runway, not Paris Hilton. It’s a softer, less golden and looks more natural. I do not (and cannot) use Earthy as a traditional blush.  Rather, I place it at follows:

  • On top of forehead around the hairline
  • On the side, stay near the hairline
  • Bring the color in slightly over the brows and cheek hollow
  • Add a touch under the chin to define
You can add a touch of blush (Burberry Tangerine was used at my makeover), plus a touch of highlighter (Burberry Fresh Glow) on the upper cheek and around the eye area.  Here are some comparison swatches with Burberry Earthy and other nudes and bronzes in my collection:  Nars Laguna Bronzer, Mac Taupe blush, Shu Uemura M Amber 83, Bobbi Brown Sandstone, and Chanel Joues Contraste Tempting Beige blush.

 Another, indoor light:

Some thoughts:

  • Nars Laguna is a traditional bronzer (see, Paris Hilton)
  • MAC Taupe is quite dark for pale skin tones, and can look muddy
  • Shu Uemura M Amber 83 can be used as a blush (it has a peachy pink undertone) or a contour
  • Bobbi Brown Sandstone applies on cheeks with a definite pink glow and is more of a traditional nude blush
  • Chanel Joues Contraste Tempting Beige is slightly warm and pink-peach, and can be used as a traditional blush
  • Burberry Earthy is far more subtle than the others and works best on my pale skin as a contour
If you’ve purchased Burberry Earthy, how are you using it?  How do you like to contour?

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Jul 302011

About a week ago, I went to the Burberry Beauty counter at Nordstrom San Francisco Centre for an event, and had one of the best makeovers of my life.  I wanted to record the products used and update you on my experiences with the Burberry Sheer Luminous Foundation (swatches of all shades here).

For the makeover (products used)


  • Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base as a primer (reviewed here)
  • Burberry Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation No. 6
  • Burberry Light Glow Blush in Earthy (review forthcoming) as a contour
  • Burberry Light Glow in Tangerine (review forthcoming) on upper cheekbones as a blush
  • Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base around eyes, nose bridge and chin as a highlighter
  • Burberry Fresh Luminous Powder (forehead only)
  • Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow in Rosewood (reviewed here) as an lid wash and lightly under the lower lashline
  • Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow in Midnight Black (not pictured) as a liner
  • Burberry Sheer Midnight Brown (reviewed here) in the crease and outer corner
  • Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow in Pearl White (review forthcoming) heavily in the inner corner and lightly on the browbone
  • Burberry Lip Cover in Nude Rose (review forthcoming)(reviewed here at The Beauty Look Book)

For the foundation update, I’ve been using Burberry’s Sheer Luminous Foundation for about a year.  I’ve finished one entirely (No. 5, my original color), and just repurchased a bottle in No. 6.

Burberry foundation is my go-to whenever I want a typical foundation that doesn’t affect my skin, looks polished and can be applied very quickly.  The U.S. labeling does not reflect this (the U.S. FDA is slow to recognize certain ingredients as sunscreens), but there are some physical sunscreen ingredients in it (I supplement with a sunscreen) (ingredient list is here).  It never clogs, it never irritates, and in many ways I prefer it to the former Chanel Tient Innocence.

When I was getting my makeover, the artist told me something that almost made me drop my nonfat decaf latte.  He said that it could be used as a heavy cover foundation.  Given that the name of the foundation includes the word “Sheer,” I had to know more.

As a former Armani specialist, he explained the Armani technique for applying foundation.  Having had an excellent foundation makeover at an Armani counter in Harvey Nichols/London years before, we were already speaking the same language.  Essentially, to start one brushes the foundation on very sheerly.  Second, one takes the brush and builds coverage only where needed.  Third, you do a quick finger-swipe to remove brush marks. He was right, of course.  This is a highly buildable foundation.  It didn’t look cakey at all–it looked just like…skin. He explained that he had been persuaded to work for Burberry Beauty based solely on his experience with their foundation.  It’s that good.

I hope that you find this little sketchbook helpful.  I’ll post reviews of the products that I haven’t reviewed yet as soon as I can.

This post contains affiliate links (for more information, see About Cafe Makeup)

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Jul 292011

Burberry Lip Mist in Feather Pink ($30 #209) is part of  release of a new lipstick formula for the line.  This texture is a creamy gel.

We’ve seen a few gel lipsticks over the past few months, with Chanel Rouge Coco Shines, Dior’s reformulated Addict and a variety of others.  The formula of Burberry’s Feather Pink are the creamiest of the ones that I’ve tried.  They are sheerer than Burberry’s standard lipsticks, but the difference is not as dramatic as in the other lines.  I can get a semi-opaque wash of color with a single application layer with Burberry’s Feather Pink, and the wear time is far longer than Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine.  Like the others, Burberry’s Feather Pink feels very moisturizing.  It leaves my lips looking fresh and moisturizing.

I’ve seen several reviews of Feather Pink on the internet, and it has been alternatively described as ‘warm,’ ‘neutral’ and ‘cool’ by various bloggers, including every variation in between (“neutral with a touch of warm,” etc). And it does look sort of neutral in the tube.  Having said that, I’m going to side with Team Neutral-to-Warm, although I must admit that this color is a bit of a chameleon.  It absolutely applies that way on my warm toned skin (my lips have a mauve tinge).

Also, I compared Burberry Feather Pink with what I consider to be a true cool pink, which is Chanel Rouge Allure in Pink Saphir (this was limited edition and I do not believe it is still available).  Here, you can see Feather Pink next to Chanel Rouge Allure in Confidentielle, Chanel Rouge Coco in Magnolia and Chanel Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle.

You can see how the sheer Feather Pink pulls warm on my warm skin tone, especially when it is placed next to the very cool Chanel Pink Saphir.

But on Liz, Burberry Feather Pink allows a lot of Liz’s natural pink-tone lip color to show through:

The lip picture (above) is a much more accurate interpretation of how Feather Pink looks on me.

I’m beginning to love this gel lipstick trend. I find them highly wearable and moisturizing.  As always, Burberry delivers an excellent interpretation of the trend.  I find that they wear time is on the higher end for a gel formula.  Burberry Feather Pink is an ideal choice for those who dislike the shorter wear time for the lighter shades of the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine.  Yet Burberry manages to deliver this wear time without adding any sticky or tacky feeling.  An ideal “date” lipstick, Burberry Feather Pink is also a beautiful, office-appropriate color that can be dashed on without a mirror.

Highly recommended.

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Jul 262011

In my childhood home, there was a beautiful cherry tree in the backyard.  The trunk had a deep brown color with a hint of red.  The outer bark seemed to be tinged with silvery sheen.  This is the same way that I describe Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in Midnight Brown ($29 #21)(available at select Nordstrom and  Midnight Brown is part of Burberry Beauty’s Fall collection and it is a stunner.

The shadow comes packed in a heavy luxury case with a super sharp, slightly smoked mirror, and generous 2.5 g/ 0.88 oz. amount. Its texture is buttery soft.  The texture has a multidimensionality that does wonderful things with light.  If you compare the texture of the top of the shadow in the pan, compared to how it looks in the mirror, you can see the different tonalities.


Because of the tinge of red, Burberry Beauty Mightnight Brown doesn’t read “taupe” to me.  It reads “taupe’s best friend.”  This is a beautiful brown mixed with a slight hint of red.  Usually, taupes have a hint of mauve or mostly grey (not red).  But because of the tinge of grey, is the perfect brown to wear in the crease/socket and/or along the lashline to add dimension to a taupe wash.  I tried this during a makeover with Burberry Rosewood (a taupe, swatched below) and they worked beautifully together.

On the far left are comparisons between Burberry Midnight Brown and Burberry Rosewood.  You can see that Midnight Brown is a deep brown, but not as deep as the highly pigmented, deep brown NARS Mekong.  Burberry Midnight Brown is not as red as Chanel Cinnamon, and not as taupe as Chanel Safari.  On the far right, you can see the red-brown metallic Shu Uemura ME Brown 850.  These swatches are in sun with flash.

Another set of swatches–same shadows, same order:

One final (this one in shade with flash):

 Burberry Beauty’s Fall 2011 Collection includes this Midnight Brown Eyeshadow, a matching eyeliner, two colored mascaras (an olive army green and a brown).  There is a lip pencil and two new lipsticks in the standard formula (#25 Nude Rose lipstick, #26 Nude Cashmere).  There is also the glorious Fresh Glow illuminating primer, which I’ve reviewed here.  From these choices, and after one of the best makeovers of my life (more on this later), I walked away with Burberry Midnight Brown, Nude Rose lipstick and the Fresh Glow.

Obviously, nearly everyone needs a few great browns in their collection.  In my personal opinion, Burberry Midnight Brown is in the same color family as MAC Mulch.  But really, I far prefer Midnight Brown.  The Burberry texture is better, the pigmentation is smooth and soft, the application is quite easy, and the tonality is absolutely beautiful.  For me, Burberry Midnight Brown is a must.

For Sabrina’s review of the Burberry Beauty Fall 2011 collection, including her views of Midnight Brown, see here.

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