Jul 202011

Burberry Beauty has just released Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base ($48/ 1 oz.), a product that has a sheer pearl effect that adds luminosity, smoothes the skin’s surface and feels weightless.

Fresh Glow is packaged in the same heavy, luxurious container as Burberry’s Sheer Foundation (reviewed here). However, rather than opaque color, Fresh Glow has a slight pink tint that goes onto the skin almost clear, leaving a very subtle and natural glow.

Swatches, applied sheered out on the left, and heavier on the right:

You do not see many primer reviews on Cafe Makeup.  This is because I’m not a huge primer fan.  On a typical day, I wear a serum, a day moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation.  Enough.  When I went to Nordstrom for a makeover, I was determined not to buy it.

However, I found that, like many Burberry Beauty items, Fresh Glow is a “best in class” product.  It is remarkably light–I do not feel like I am wearing anything.  I’m told that is made with a rose derivative that infuses your skin with Vitamin C, which as you know is an antioxidant that helps repair damage caused by free radicals.  So not only does Fresh Glow make my skin look immediately fresher, it has the added benefit of Vitamin C to improve my skin throughout the day.

Once again, Burberry’s uncompromising standard proved me wrong.  This is the primer to end all primers–that is, the one for people who hate primers.  My skin looks much better with Fresh Glow.  I get compliments.  Liz got compliments.  Great looking skin makes an enormous difference.

Here are some application tips:

  • Fresh Glow can be applied lightly as a primer under foundation.  A single pump gives me enough for my entire face.  I let it settle for a minute before applying your foundation.  Because I did not want to destroy the glow that the product gave my skin, I used powder on my forehead only (which tends to get dewy mid-day).
  • Fresh Glow can be worn alone.  It gives a subtle sheen to the skin.  Keep in mind, this product is quite sheer, so you will not get any coverage if you wear it this way.
  • You can also wear Fresh Glow as a fluid highlighter over foundation.  During my makeover, we used Fresh Glow first under my foundation, then added a touch on the upper cheek, bridge of nose and chin.  It gave a subtle touch of light to these areas.  The effect is not as strong as many liquid highlighters (such as Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Sea of Tranquility (reviewed here).  In keeping with Burberry Beauty’s aesthetic, the effect is more natural, like skin– discernible, youthful, and glowing.
Here is the ingredient list.  I don’t see any products ending in the suffix “-cone,” but I’m not a chemist and so I cannot swear that this is silicon-free.  It certainly doesn’t feel silicon-ish (click to enlarge).
Bottom line:  Absolutely fabulous. (available at Nordstrom).
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May 202011

Although Burberry Beauty Brush No. 2 (price not yet determined) is not yet for sale, I was able to obtain one during the last Holiday season when Nordstrom had a gift with purchase that included this lovely, incredible brush.  This is an unbelievable powder brush.  It’s dense, it’s luxurious, and it works.   It’s absolutely perfect for either a light dusting of setting powder, or a very soft application of bronzer or blush on pale skin.

The handle is substantial without being too heavy.  It’s held up beautifully through weekly (or more) washings for the past five months.  I had no lost bristles, it dries perfectly overnight.

Is “brush-gasm” a word?  Like Chanel’s Euro face powder brush (reviewed here), Burberry Face Brush No. 2 has a wide, flat side that contours beautifully to the face.

Turn the brush sideways, and you will see that the top of the bristles narrow down to a chisel in a way that allows a very light application of powder.

I found a number of similarities between the Burberry Face Brush No. 2 and Chanel Flat Powder Brush #3 (Pinceau Poudre Flat). Here is a side-by-side:

Bottom line:  Highly recommended.

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May 192011

Over the past few months, Burberry Beauty began selling a few items from its brush line (previewed here).  In addition to a limited release of gift with purchase items that Nordstrom featured during the Holiday season, the store is now selling Eye Brushes Nos. 9, 10 and 11 (pictured here among the other eye brushes).

Last week, I picked up both Burberry Beauty Brushes No. 10 and 11 to expand my brush range.  The quality of these brushes is extremely high.  Even the softly-colored Burberry eyeshadows cling to them beautifully, laying down a serious layer of pigment.  The handles are sleek, classic and beautifully machined.  The “heft” factor is appropriate–these are light but solid.  Let’s take a closer look at these two…

Burberry Beauty Brush No. 10 ($32) is a variation on a pencil brush, intended for smudging and making softly defined lines.  It comes packed in a plastic sleeve inside a velveteen cover marked with the trademarked Burberry plaid with a black-on-black texture.

I found that the head of Burberry’s Eye Brush No. 10 was denser and larger than the MAC 219 pencil brush ($24.50).  Here’s a side-by-side of the new, unused Burberry next to my well-worn MAC 219:

I’ve played with Burberry’s Eye Brush No. 10 and find that it gives a beautifully pigmented, rich lay-down of color.  With a pigmented soft shadow (NARS Mekong, for example), I got a beautifully rich line of color where the soft gold sparkles showed up nicely.  I’m so pleased with this brush, I know that I’ll get constant use from it.  The handle of No. 10:

Burberry Beauty Eye Brush No. 11 ($38) has an uncommon, but extremely useful shape.  The top is a slanted, flat circle that lays down a rich sweep of color over the entire lid.  It can also be used for precise placement of powders under the eye over concealer.

The bristles are very dense, and works beautifully like a magnet, depositing color very evenly across with lid with a single sweep.

These are great quality brushes, and a pleasure to use.


Bottom line:  Highly recommended.

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Feb 232011

Chanel’s online site now has its new Vitalumiere Aqua online for sale, and I understand that it’s appearing at several Nordstrom locations.  Late last week, I got a few colors to try out the line.  Although I don’t have the range I would have preferred to select (I want them all!!), I’m doing my best to get you quick information as I receive it.

I got three colors:  B20 Beige, B30 Beige and BA30 Beige Rose.  I know, I was confused too (I was hoping for B10, BA10, and BA20 but here we are).  Swatches, compared to some of my current foundations for comparison:  Chanel Tient Innocence in 20 Clair Cameo, Chanel Lift Lumiere in 14 Ivoire and Burberry Sheer Foundation No. 4:


Generally, I enjoyed Vitalumiere Aqua. I have the following thoughts:

  • There is a scent–a very expensive sunscreen-type scent.  It fades after about 1/2 hour
  • Coverage is medium.  Vitalumiere Aqua seems to provide more coverage than Chanel Tient Innocence and Burberry Sheer.  It is about the same as Chanel Lift Lumiere.  It is not as heavy as Pro Lumiere.
  • Let the foundation dry before you judge it’s color.  Honestly, wait at least five minutes before you commit to a color.   There is a color shift that happens as the foundation settles into your skin.
  • Although B20 looks dark in the swatch, it actually looked pretty nice on my MAC NC15 skin tone (Liz confirmed it, and she can be quite honest! Trust me!)  Unfortunately, I did not have a B10 sample to compare it but I’m working on it.
  • Like several other Chanel foundations, the foundation tends to look better throughout the day.  It’s quite long-lasting (12 hours at least).
  • The texture is slightly toward matte on the B20 that I tried, but still luminous.
  • SPF 15 sunscreen included (octinoxate 6% and titanium dioxide 5.6%).

The numbering system still isn’t sorted out in my mind. First, BR 30 seems much darker than B30.  B30 is only slightly darker than B20.

I hope you find this useful.  If you have more information (I’m trying to get some more myself), please leave it in the comments.


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Dec 312010

This year, I discovered new beauty products as never before!  Here were my top ten favorite discoveries of 2010:

1.   Edward Bess:   Which products? Well, everything I’ve tried so far–bronzer, highlighter, blushes, eyeshadows…. I love new brands, and the quality of these products are superb.  These always make me look and feel my very best.

2. Burberry Beauty:   Introduced during 2010, this full line of luxury cosmetics has been a real pleasure to explore.  Coincidentally, I’ve been able to keep up with the line through the fabulous assistance of Kristy, the sales manager at Nordstrom at San Francisco Centre.  Yes, the packaging is gorgeous but the quality of the products is excellent.  My favorites so far:  Lipsticks, lipglosses, foundation and eyeshadows.  Next year I’ve heard rumors that we should see their beautiful brushes for sale, concealers, more lipstick shades, and eyeshadow palettes.

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Dec 172010

Burberry Lip Glow Gloss in Rosewood ($27 / Burberry ‘Lip Glow’ Natural Lip Gloss #01) is my first exposure to Burberry Beauty’s lipgloss range.  Although I’ve tried many other items in their line–the foundation, some blushes, eyeshadows and some of their lipsticks–I was intrigued to try their beautiful neutral toned glosses.

The container is modern, classic and gorgeous.  The clear rectangle is substantial without feeling too heavy, the closure is secure and the doe foot applicator is foolproof.  This is a gloss that you can put in your handbag and apply it anytime, usually without needing a mirror.  I have a deep love for easy to wear, gorgeous glosses that shine.  There are no apparent shimmery bits in this gloss, so as it wears down the look is quite natural.

I chose #01 Rosewood because it fits so beautifully with the rest of Burberry’s line-it’s a neutral, beautiful, high gloss neutral that compliments so many other items.  The staying power is quite excellent for a gloss, and it feels moisturizing and not sticky.  It has a luxurious feeling.  There is a slight scent in the tube that fades immediately when I put it on my lips (how do they do that?)

Here’s a comparison with some other easy to wear glosses, Chanel’s Extrait de Gloss in Insouciance ($30) and NARS Dolce Vita ($24):


Overall, I love Burberry Rosewood lipgloss-highly recommended.

As an aside, there’s a fun Holiday video posted on Burberry’s site–has a very London vibe.  Enjoy!

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Oct 272010

Burberry Beauty Light Glow Natural Blush in Russet ($42.00 ) is a warm nude bronze with a gentle red undertone. Despite the word ‘sheer’ in the name, Russet aaplies as a blush that has a medium level of pigmentation when applied with a standard blush brush. Because it is finely milled, more color can be layered on without concern that the blush will become chalky.

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Oct 062010

Burberry Beauty Soft Satin Lipstick in Cameo Pink ($30) is a soft shade that has the same beautiful packaging and moisturizing formula as the other lipstick’s I’ve tried from the line.  The bullet and arm-swatch reveals a peach undertone, although the peach effect is rather subtle when applied to lips that have pink pigment:

Cameo Pink is a beautifully-textured lipstick that gives a very polished, feminine look.  I think of these colors as appropriate for Tea-with-the-Queen.  Going out for brunch with relatives?  A wedding?  Work or school?  Cameo Pink is an easy to wear warm toned pink that always looks right.

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Sep 142010

Last week, I stopped by the San Francisco Center Nordstrom, which has a beautiful Burberry Beauty counter, to see what the department manager Kristy knew about upcoming products.

First, Burberry is set to release a line of brushes. If you’ve had a makeover at a Burberry counter, you’ve undoubtedly noticed their high quality.  The prices for these is not yet set, and there is no formal projected release date.  In addition, Burberry makes a brush roll/belt, however it has not yet been decided whether or not this will be sold to the public, or simply reserved for those who work at counters.

I was able to get a closer look at the brush line, and share some quick pictures for your review.  The numbers correspond to Burberry’s number designation for them:

  1. Blush/contour brush with an angled top;
  2. A very large, flat powder brush that is a very similar size and shape compared to Chanel’s European large powder brush (reviewed here).  The ferrule looks a little longer on the Burberry, otherwise the brushes seem quite similar;
  3. A round-top powder brush;
  4. An brush with synthetic bristles for cremes and foundation;
  5. A small brush with synthetic bristles that can be used as a lip brush or a creamy concealer (according to Kristy, Burberry does have a concealer in the works);
  6. A large powder brush, that may be used for an eyeshadow wash and blending;
  7. A large flat powder eye brush.

More (note that these are placed slightly out of numerical order):

8.  Standard flat eyeshadow brush;
9.  (on the far right) Large blender brush (eye);
10. Pencil brush (eye);
11.  Large angled brush (eye and precise powder placement on face).  This is going to be the very first Burberry brush that I will buy when they are released.  I had a MAC brush of this same size and shape, and it was extremely useful.  You can use it to completely cover a lid in powder, or the undereye area in powder.  It has a dense, angled head with soft bristles.  Love.
12.  Stiff angled brush, for liner or brows
13.  Mascara or brow brush.

These brushes are in addition to the Burberry Beauty Brush, which was reviewed here.

Here are the same brushes all snug and organized in the brush roll:

In addition, Kristy showed me a picture of the Burberry Star Product Holiday Charm.  The largest of these cubes will hold a Burberry gloss in No. 9 Nude Beige.  I will do a review of Nude Beige, which I purchased in the full size, in a few days so that you can see the color.  These will be priced at $85 each:

I view this charm as an ideal gift for a Burberry fashion fan.  A full sized lipgloss is $27, so it is evident that much of the price of the charm is the design and metalwork.  I think we are all familiar with the Dior makeup charms that have been released in prior years, and how quickly they sell out.

Although the brushes are not yet for sale, if you are interested in a pre-order for the charm, I would not hesitate to call your local Nordstrom Burberry counter to pre-order the item.  If you don’t yet have a counter, you might call Kristy at 415 243-855 x 1491.  By the way, Kristy is also happy to work with you to provide samples and information about the line.  She also mentioned that she might be willing to waive shipping for some orders, so I would encourage you to explore that with her directly.

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Aug 312010

I’ve noticed a tradition of some beauty bloggers, who do a month-end wrap of “10 Things I’m Loving Right Now,” to let readers know which products are getting the most use.  In some ways, I find those posts the most valuable because it helps me understand which products have taken center stage, and so worth checking out for myself.  As August nears its close, I thought that I’d give this format a try:

1.   Chanel Flat Powder Brush (European)— Reviewed here. Used with Caron powder, this brush gives me a perfect airbrush finish.  Amazing, soft feel and very natural application.  A great investment.  If you can’t get this one soon, perhaps look at the MAC equivalent–which I haven’t tried but which seems to be a similar shape.

2.  Edward Bess Daydream Bronzer— Reviewed here.  I love this on a train, I love this in the rain, I love this in a boat or when wearing a coat…you get the picture.  Always looks amazingly natural and beautiful.  The Perfect Bronzer.  Times ten.

3.  Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Confidence—  Reviewed here.  Can you bottle confidence?  No, but you can put it in a heavy glass tube with a doe-foot applicator.  Always looks wonderful.  Here it is worn by January Jones at the 2010 Emmys:

4.  Burberry Foundation—  Love the finish and ease of using this foundation.  It lasts all day, although it is a very lightweight foundation.  This can be layered for extra coverage where needed.  Well worth investigating.  Swatches are here.

5. Butter London All Hail McQueen— reviewed here.  I’m the last person to ever expect to enjoy wearing a holographic polish.  But I’m going to have to buy a second one of these soon.  The color is so on-trend, it’s a very light taupe/griege.  Indoors, the holographic quality doesn’t show, it’s only when the nail is hit by light that it turns magical.  Easy, perfect application.

So tell us what you are loving right now?

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