Feb 012010

I recently purchased a new Dior eyeshadow palette from Sephora, the Dior Couture Color Eyeshadow Palette in Mystic Smokys 004 (5 Couleurs Palette Fards a Paupieres Haute Couleur)($58).  True to its name, the palette has a very dark and smoky feel.

The palette includes the following colors:

  • A nearly-white shimmery highlighter (lower left).  This highlighter throws off some fallout.  It’s a pleasant enough ivory/eggshell white, but be prepared to work a bit to use it.
  • A soft very light shimmery pink (center color).  When applied, the center color is almost white.  It’s a cooler version of the highlighter, but with a better texture.
  • A nearly-matte cool brown (bottom right).  It’s a good basic neutral.  It reminds me of Dior’s Trendy Taupe.
  • A shimmery gunmetal grey (top right).  This color is evocative of Dior’s Argentic single.  If you have Mystic Smokys, you can cross Argentic off your wish list.
  • A deep, multidimensional nearly-black violet (top left).  This seems similar to Dior’s Ultra Violet single, and is the star of the palette.  It’s an incredibly rich tone.

Swatches, below.  You can see that I had trouble getting a clean swatch of the highlighter (this was my third try).    The darker shades apply consistently and beautifully.  Click to enlarge:

I have only seen this palette at Sephora so far, so I am uncertain whether/when other stores will be getting this.

Although the price is high, if you are considering two or three of the Dior singles then this represents a better option based on price.  This is a dramatic palette–the darker shades here are the winners.  As an aside, I would have liked to see a mid-tone shade in the palette in the center (a soft grey?).  Nonetheless, I’ll be using these deeper shades and loving them.

I never feel compelled to use all five colors in a Dior quint at the same time.  In fact, I don’t think that I’ve ever done that.  Rather, I tend to use two, or maybe three, colors at most in any one look.

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Dior Spring 2010: Coquette Eyeshadow Palette

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Jan 192010

Dior’s Spring 2010 collection includes Dior’s 743 Coquette Eyeshadow Palette (Coquette Palettes Fards a Paupieres 5 Color Eyeshadow) ($57). Coquette is the quieter cousin with Dior’s Spring line, when compared to the more shimmery Pearl Glow.  Between the two, I’m confident I will use Coquette far more.

Well, four of the five colors will be heavily used.  Generally, the palette is a beautiful blend of neutral pinks, a quiet taupe, a medium-to-deep grey and a soft deep shimmery purple.

However, I found the center pink shade absolutely un-usable.  Swatched at the far left, below, the center pan seemed to get more glittery and less pigmented the deeper down the pan I got.  Maybe I was tired.  But a near-invisible pigment combined with glitter is a waste that center pan space in an otherwise extraordinary palette.  A nice ivory–like Dior’s Nude Luminescence from their standard line– would have been a nice touch instead.

Other than that, this is a gorgeous palette that can be used to create several everyday looks.   Those deeper tones whisper “take me out for evening too.”  The palette is the typical bulky Dior with mirror in the lid which is a bit awkward for travel, but certainly versatile enough if you choose to do so.

I’m not waiting for Spring to dig into this one.  This palette is absolutely neutral enough to wear year-round.

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Jan 182010

Dior’s Spring 2010 release brings us a host of lace embossed palettes, including 059 Pearl Glow 5-Color Eyeshadow (Pearl Glow 5 Couleurs Edition Dentelle Palette Fards a Paupieres) ($57).

The combination of colors is quite useful, although I doubt that I will use more than two of the colors at any one time. My favorite is the light taupe in the lower right, which would go nicely with almost any of the others.

I suspect that I will “dab” my brush into the bright silver then use it to highlight an area of the lid (inner corner or lid center).

At first glance, this palette may seem to fall in step with Dior’s Iridescent eyeshadow palettes.  However, the texture of these eyeshadows is quite different than their iridescent line, rather this packs on an almost metallic pigment with small micro-glitters.  As you can see on the swatches, some of this micro-glitter might create some fall-out during application.  The words “pearl glow” nicely capture their highly reflective feel.  Unless you are going for a sheer wash, I’d advise that you dig in to the pigment with a medium-stiff brush.  Otherwise, you may be left with a very pastel shimmer that leaves very little color impact.  Click the picture to enlarge:

If you are wary of wearing too much shimmer on your lid, mix this palette up with some mattes in your collection.  Consider an ivory, soft matte black or taupe (such as Dior’s Trendy Taupe single).

Is this a “must have”?  I would say “probably not.”  There are a lot of soft shimmery eyeshadows on the market at a lower price point.  However, if you prefer lighter, eye-brightening shadows, this one is quite beautiful for the upcoming Spring.  The reason that I like this is because:

  1. My coloring and eye shape require me to wear primarily softer or brighter tones- this one delivers;
  2. The metallic texture is something my collection is lacking;
  3. Sometimes less expensive versions look too brassy or over-the-top on me, the Dior was something that I knew would look appropriate; and
  4. Let’s face it, I love beautiful eyeshadow palettes.  This one’s lovely.

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