Jul 082010

Chanel’s Fall 2010 collection includes several clear pink and peach-toned colors to compliment the smoky eyeshadows and deeply colored blushes that are in this same release.  One of the ones that caught my eye is Pink Teaser Glossimer #142 ($27)(limited edition).  Pink Explosion is the most opaque gloss from this collection and has a similar medium pink feel as Pink Explosion blush.

Chanel Glossimers have a gel-like texture that has dimension and staying power without a sticky feel.  When someone asks me for a duplicate for a Chanel Glossimer, I cannot answer them.  If you own any, you already know that they have a depth and dimension that I have not found in less expensive glosses. Glossimers have no scent or smell.

Here, Liz is wearing Chanel Lift Lumiere foundation in Ivoire (Intensity 1.0) topped with Caron translucent powder, Maybelline Colossal mascara, Prestige Total Intensity liner in Deepest Black, along with Chanel Pink Explosion blush and Pink Teaser Glossimer.

This shows Pink Explosion blush, where Liz applied this lightly to the apples of the cheek to give a glow:

Both Pink Teaser and Pink Explosion are universal colors that can be worn year-round.  Both seemed fine to wear yesterday, even in July.  Of course, these colors will look beautiful in the Fall and Winter, when paired with the deeper smoky colors of those seasons.

Karlasugar has swatched the rest of Chanel’s Fall 2010 lip collection here.

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Make Up For Ever Concealer Pencil

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May 202010

Make Up For Ever sells a double-ended lip and eye pencil that includes two light-toned beiges, called the Make Up For Ever Concealer Pencil (Crayon Anti-Cernes/ Eye and Lip Liner Concealer)($18).  I was delighted to find this–my old Benefit had been discontinued and although MAC’s Chromographic pencils seemed promising, I wanted to get something that was easily available to me.  I picked up Make Up For Ever’s at my local Sephora, and I see that it is carried online.

This pencil can be used to blank out pigmentation in lips or in the inner rim of the eye, making this dual-ended pencil appropriate for doing double-duty.  This is especially useful during allergy season or whenever my eyes are irritated, because it gives an eye-brightening effect to the inner rim.  Although sometimes white pencils can be use for the same purpose, I find beige ones much more natural-looking.

Here is quick look at each end of the Make Up For Ever offering:

Light end:

Deeper color end:

Sephora only sells this pencil in a shade marked “Light” and I am not sure whether Make Up For Ever makes this pencil in deeper colors.  What I did find was that the two colors can be mixed in case you need a shade inbetween the two.

The lasting power of this is excellent–my skin is normal to dry and the color lasts well on the waterline. They do not irritate my contact lenses either.  I’m happy to have found a product that seems quite versatile.

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May 112010

Sometimes I wish I had more time than I do.  Here is something that I threw together the other day, which seemed fairly foolproof for a fast five minute face.  In addition to foundation, I used:

  • Yves Saint Laurent Faux Cils mascara
  • La Ligne de Chanel eyeliner duo in Brun-Lame (directions for application are here)
  • MAC Painterly Paint Pot as an eyeshadow base
  • Bobbi Brown Chrome Eyeshadow in Pewter as a simple lid wash
  • Bobbi Brown Shimmer Blush in Bahama Brown
  • Gloss Fluo de Chanel in Laser, reviewed here

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Apr 282010

Chanel’s Orient Extrême Collection includes the Jet-Gold Eyeliner-Eyeshadow Duo ($45) (reviewed here) (limited edition), which holds a highly pigmented cake eyeliner and gold shimmery eyeshadow.  As promised, I’m posting some swatches which I was able to take as the sun was setting this evening.

The black cake eyeliner is a matte, true black.  If you already own Chanel’s La Ligne de Chanel Professional Eyeliner Duo in Noir Lame, I believe it’s safe to say that this black is the same as the matte black in the Jet Gold Duo.  So, you don’t need both honestly.  In fact, I slightly prefer the prior, permanent Noir Lame, because the black sparkle that comes in that duo makes a wonderful smudge-able shade to add over the matte liner.

The gold is Jet Gold is a very light and sparkling gold.  Here, you can see it applied without any base on my pale skin–the effect is very subtle.

As an experiment, I loaded up my arm with Guerlain’s Terracotta Tinted Moisturizer in Blondes-you can see that using this tinted moisturizer (which is darker than my natural skin tone) as a base makes the gold show up much more vibrantly and more yellow/warm:

Overall, Chanel’s Jet Gold is a unique and beautiful product.  When it first arrived, it seemed too pretty to use.  However, because this eyeliner is one of the best on the market, I’ve reached the conclusion that, “Hey, I paid $45 for it, I’m going to use this baby all the way till I hit pan.”

The one awkward thing about the product is that I am likely to use up the gold eyeshadow before the eyeliner.  This is because you only need the tiniest bit to line the eye. On the other hand, the gold powder has a more typical eyeshadow consistency and is fairly light in tone.  You need more gold  to cover the lid, or even the browbone, than you will to line.

Of course, the product is beautiful, and it is Chanel, so I would have bought it no matter what (I’m a Chanel addict, what can I say?).  If I weren’t a Chanel addict, I would go with the Noir Lame eyesliner duo and look elsewhere for a pretty gold eyeshadow.

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Chanel Orient Extrême- Jet Gold Eyeliner-Eyeshadow Duo First Look

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Apr 272010

Chanel’s Orient Extrême micro-collection includes a very promising eyeliner-eyeshadow duo Jet Black ($45) (Ligne et Ombre de Chanel Eyeliner and Eyeshadow Duo Jet Black).  The black side of the duo–classically, the eyeliner, is a deep black matte that must be applied wet.  The gold side has, if one looks very closely and under the right light, tiny sparkles that in a similar theme to Chanel’s Illusion D’Or nail polish.  What a beautiful touch, truly this is a gorgeous, integrated collection.

Here are a few photo’s that I had a moment to take last evening, so that if you are considering order this very limited edition collection from Chanel.com or a Chanel Boutique before it sells out you will have a chance to see this close up.  I own all of the other eyeliner duo’s by Chanel, and those have all be excellent quality.  Applying them wet with a flat-topped brush, I’ve found them eminently controllable, allowing me to use either a thin or thick lined application as I prefer.

Here is a picture that shows some of the sparkle effect in the gold pan:

I am hoping to have time later this week (or over the weekend) to swatch this beauty:

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Apr 052010

MAC’s Blackline Pearlglide ($14.50, limited edition)  is an impressively complicated green-black-gold soft and pigmented pencil.  Of the three Pearlglides that I purchased, I consider Blackline the most classic and appropriate for year-round wear.  Like the others, Blackline is very soft and easy to apply.  In fact, I have to be a little cautious because the tip of mine seems a little prone to crumbling.  The color is a very complex green, gold and black combination.  It’s both very unusual and very pretty.  Because it’s darker in tone, the pencil is capable of adding depth and definition without calling too much attention.

Here are some swatches that are nearly identical, but sometimes more than one picture helps before making an investment:

Here are some comparisons of Blackline with other greens in my stash.  As you can see, Blackline is in the same color family as Clinique Egyptian.  Blackline leans more black and forest green, whereas Egyptian seems to have more olive.  These swatches also highlight that Chanel’s Khaki Dore is really a greened-down gold rather than a true green:

Overall, I’m very impressed by MAC’s Pearlglides.  I’d be tempted to order more, but I think these are enough to keep me busy until they release another round.

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Apr 052010

Although I had no intention of buying any MAC Pearlglides ($14.50 each) from the Art Supplies Collection, I completely caved when I played with them in person. I typically prefer gel or cake eyeliners, finding them easier to apply than almost anything in a pencil format.  Nonetheless, I stopped at a MAC store over the weekend and couldn’t resist bringing three of them home.

I found that this season’s Pearlglides are remarkably soft and pigmented, and they have great staying power.  With a pencil so buttery-soft, it can actually be faster to apply than a gel or cake, both of which require an extra brush.  In fact, one of the pencils (Blackline) is so soft that care must be taken while sharpening because it seems prone to breakage.

Undercurrent is an intriguing blue-green with sparkle that has a duochrome effect.  It’s very difficult to capture in a single photograph, so here are two where the arm is angled slightly differently to catch the light and show the color shift:

These are all pictures of the same swatch, although it looks more blue in the top two and more gold-yellow-green in the bottom.  And yes, as one can expect from MAC, the same effect shows when applied to the eye.

Now, those of us who must attend conservative events sometimes want to add a little kick to our makeup routine just for fun.  But I was concerned that Undercurrent’s bright tones might be too much fun, if you know what I mean.  Over the weekend, I saw a member of Makeupalley suggest layering Petrol Blue over Undercurrent to get a more toned-downed effect.  Here’s my experiment with this technique (click to enlarge):

The center swatch, which shows the combination, is very unusual and complex without overwhelming.

Ultimately, I wore the layered Petrol Blue-Undercurrent liner with a very neutral eye and really liked the effect.  Here, you can see the layered combination across the bottom of the picture, together with some neutral MAC eyeshadows so that you can get a sense of itt:

These eyeshadows are, in left to right order, Shroom, Beaded, All that Glitters and Woodwinked.  Of course, one does not have to wear all four– a combination of two or three may be sufficient.  One might also try this eyeliner combination with a cooler light neutral, such as Armani’s Nude Contrastes 2 Eyeshadow Palette (reviewed here).

So, did you see anything good this weekend?  What did you think?  If you are interested in Pearlglides,you may wish to act quickly because these seem to be selling out.

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Mar 302010

Guerlain’s Terracotta 2010 collection includes two Eyeshadow and Liners (Fard Metal Fard & Paupieres Liner) ($35 each) in 01 Gold Rush and 02 Smoky Metal, designed to look beautiful on summer skin.  For the past few years, the Terracotta line has included eyeshadows in very creative formats–once an exotic looking shiny pot, another a loose powder pigment. I’ve used these unusually packaged products as staples all the way through winter.  In the past, the eyeshadows have been neutrals with a shimmery kick.

2010 continues that tradition.  These eyeshadow/ liners are a shimmery cream twist-up plastic-encased pencil and their texture is rich and beautiful.  There is a very warm yellow-gold Gold Rush, and a shimmery brown Smoky Metal.

These apply with a sort of effortless buttery-ness–the texture is really lovely.  The shimmer factor is high for a creme textured shadow and there are no obvious sparkly bits.

They are similar to MAC Shadesticks, but they work much better in my opinion.  They are softer and provide a nice even color tone effortlessly.

The brown color goes on very softly–those with medium to dark skin tones may find that the color disappears into the lid, leaving just the sheen.  If you are looking for a drama, look elsewhere or be ready to add the drama with your liner color (a liquid gold and deep chocolate brown–such as the Mystic Kohl– might be amazing).  Smoky Metal is far less striking than the gorgeous Deep Metal powder eyeshadow sold two years ago.  Likewise, it does not have the complexity of the Holy Smoke eyeshadow powder pigment released last  year.  Rather, it’s a softer shimmery, glowy brown that you can wear to a casual outing or put on easily without worrying about precision.

Gold Rush is a shimmer yellow, which will look nice on warmer medium to darker skin tones.  Gold Rush is a medium-toned color, so my guess is that it will be too dark to use as a brow bone highlighter on many.  I expect that lighter, cooler skin tones will find that Gold Rush clashes with your natural coloring so swatching before spending $35 is worth the trouble.  I found that the colors worked well together by using Gold Rush as my inner corner color and Smoky Metal as my all-over lid shade.  An ivory brownbone color finished off the look.

I wore these without a primer for a very long day, and did get some very minor creasing.  I’ll have to update this later today, after I try this with a primer.

Here are some swatches:

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Mar 292010

The Guerlain Terracotta 2010 collection includes the Mirage Kohl (Guerlain Terracotta Loose Powder Kohl/ Khol Poudre Libre #6)($35) is another in Guerlain’s loose powder eyeliners.  I find that although I love the look of most of Guerlain’s collections, their annual Terracotta offerings are the ones that I find the most impossible to resist.  Their bronzers and summer products are so beautiful, and they work quite well.

Guerlain’s loose powder kohls continue to surprise with their ease of application and durability. Essentially, the little container includes a highly pigmented powder that is applied with a straight metal rod, depositing the very fine powder at the lashline.  When I am really in a hurry, this is always the eyeliner that I reach for.  I find them much faster than pencils.  It’s a quick swipe, swipe and done. Guerlain includes a handy little product insert sheet which teaches the two most popular application techniques.

Mirage comes in the same familiar packaging with the clear container that looks like it is holding an exotic and very precious substance.  I’ve never experienced any spilling with these containers.  The color is a very deep chocolate brown:

Here is a very quick swipe.  As you can see, the color applies as a matte chocolate brown to give a very defined look.

I played with this on the back of my hand, and as I smeared it around in direct sunlight I did notice some extremely tiny microsparkle as I sheered the powder out completely.  This must be so fine that it doesn’t show when applied in a more typical swatch, but must help give some dimension to the powder.

I know that Guerlain makes another brown kohl called “Brun,” (or sometimes “Golden Brown”).  I don’t own Brun, but my sense from looking at pictures and reading reviews it that Brun is likely lighter, more shimmery and more golden than Mirage.

I know that I’ll get a lot of use out of Mirage, it’s a nice basic color for a quick and beautiful eye.  If you like this format for eyeliner, this is a very useful color to have.

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