Chanel Ombre D’eau in River #87

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Jan 262010

Chanel’s Ombre D’eau in River #87, is a beautiful shimmering light pink with a faintest hint of violet.  I honestly have no idea why the eyeshadow is called “River,” but perhaps there is some sort of beautiful inspiration somewhere for it.   It looks more like a soft cotton candy pink.

If you are cool toned, or are warm/neutral and can handle cool tones on your eyes, then this would be a beautiful one to use. As you can see from the swatch, my skin is a bit warm to handle this unless I’m going for a dramatic effect on the eyes.  It appears that River may no longer be available, unless you have an etailer source or a friendly Chanel counter willing to search some backstock.

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Jan 252010

The Pink Sith asks whether Green Spark from Lancome’s Spring 2010 Pop’n Green Palette is the same as the elusive Erika F., the grey-green eyeshadow that has been tantalizing U.S. makeup lovers for years. Well, the Pink Sith (as always) asks a very fine question.

In the interest of science, I did a very quick swatch comparison.  Here are two (very slightly) different views.  To really add to the database of results, I added Lancome’s Designer as well.  Designer is rumored to be a “U.S. dupe” for Erika F., which luckily was included in a recent gift-with-purchase palette.

Click to enlarge:

As you can see, there is a slight shade and texture difference amongst them. Green Spark is slightly “greener,” whereas Erika F has a touch more grey.  Actually, Designer shows up as a very nice shadow compared to Erika F.  Designer is warmer, so not a dead-on dupe. But, very pretty in its own right.

So, if you are type of person who thinks that 3,485 taupes are “different enough” to own them all (as I am), you will likely see a difference between these three eyeshadows.  However, if you’re simply looking for a very pretty shimmery green-grey you’ll probably think they’re all lovely.

But, just for the record, WHY won’t Lancome release Erika F. in the United States??  Whyyyyyy?

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Chanel Ombre D’eau Fluid Iridescent Eyeshadow Beach #82

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Jan 252010

In the Summer of 2006, Chanel released Beach a new addition to the line of Ombre D’eau Fluid Iridescent Eyeshadows.  I post this for completeness, because this one no longer appears on Chanel’s site.  However, this one does seem to be for sale on several online sites, and I know that sometimes department store backstock can reveal even older treasures that this one.

Beach is a warm, golden sand-champagne.  It’s absolutely gorgeous, and yet so easily wearable.  I’m including several pictures so you can see the different iridescent effects.  The eyeshadow looks quite different depending on the lighting angle and the depth of application.

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Jan 242010

This just in–my Lancome order that includeds the new Pop’n Green eyeshadow quad ($42) (or, as the official name reads, the Spring 2010 Color Design Sensational Effects Eyeshadow Quad Smooth Hold in Pop’n Green). (Who thinks of these names? Snap, Crackle and ….)

As you can probably tell by now, I have a serious weakness for pretty eyeshadow palettes and so when this became available on, and they sweetened the deal with a massive gift with purchase, I placed an order.

The quad includes:

  • A very shimmery cool white called Enlighten (top left)
  • A metallic grey-green, with small micro-sparkles called Green Spark (top right)
  • A low-shimmer mossy-olive green called Very Khaki (bottom left) and
  • An highly pigmented teal called Teal Pop (bottom right)

The colors share a cool-grey undertone that makes them harmonize nicely together.  I’ve tried a few simple eye looks with this already.  I’ve used either Green Spark or Very Khaki as the main lid color, coupled with Enlighten as an inner-corner highlighter.  Teal Pop is a gorgeous eyeliner color.  Enlighten can be touched lightly on the brow-bone as a highlighter, but don’t put too much or it could turn frosty-frosty on you.

Here are some swatches.  From left to right are Enlighten, Green Spark, Very Khaki and Teal Pop (click to enlarge):

Overall, I’m very happy with the palette.  The colors are neutral-with-a-kick, to add a little bit of interest beyond the normal browns and greys.  These are work-friendly shades, but the palette can given an amped-up evening look by using more of the deeper teal.

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Jan 242010

Chanel Ombre D’eau Fluid Iridescent Eyeshadow in Source (#40), is pictured below.  This is a beautiful pearl pink-nude eyeshadow with multi-colored sparkles that seem to melt into iridescence once applied.  This is in the same neighborhood as Stila Kitten, except its on the pinker side of the street.  Plus, the texture is quite different because it’s a water-based pigment that dries.  The shimmer factor is high in both, although I find that Source can be sheered out quite nicely if you want a soft glow on the lid (click to enlarge).

I typically use this eyeshadow alone, although one could add a powder eyeshadow over the top once it dries.

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Jan 232010

Chanel Ombre D’Eau Fluid Iridescent Eyeshadows ($32) are a pleasant addition to your beauty arsenal.  They are surprisingly easy to use.  When I first purchased one, I must confess I disliked the product very much.  After a few Chanel counter make-overs, I learned to relax and love them.

I’ve previously talked about Chanel’s Spring 2010 addition to this line here, which is deep beautiful green called Torrent.  It occurred to me that I haven’t seen a comprehensive view of these eyeshadows among the beauty sites that I follow.  These products have been out for a few years, and are greatly underrated (and, I would say, probably misunderstood).

The Chanel Ombre D’eau’s come in a range of colors.  Most are easy light colors that take a few moments to swipe across the lid with the handy doe-foot applicator.  There are two that are formulated in deep jewel tones.  The doe-foot resembles the same familiar applicator used in Chanel’s Glossimers:

Inside the glass vial is a pigment and water combination, together with some small balls that help mix the two. Before opening the vial, shake it several times (shake it! shake it!).  If the vial has been sitting for several months, you may need to pump the doe foot a few times within the vial to get it started.

Then just take the doe foot and sweep it across your lid, as many times as you like until you see the effect you like.  I usually swipe it with a finger afterwards, just as you do with a creme eyeshadow, before the product dries.  It dries down to soft, iridescent finish that looks absolutely beautiful.

The formula can be worn heavily or sheer, depending on your preference. I typically wear them without any base.  Lately I’ve worn them over a MAC Paint Pot (Painterly) and they do equally well.  They last all day.  However, do not use these with a traditional eyeshadow primer, like Urban Decay Primer Potion.  The eyeshadow doesn’t need it, and the texture gets odd.

Over the next few days, I’ll post swatches of all of the Chanel Ombre D’eau in my collection.  Here are a few to get you started, so you can get a sense of how these shadows look once applied:

I especially love them now, when I have very little time in the mornings to get ready.  They add a little polish quite easily.  They’re also wonderful in the summer.

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Jan 222010

Neverland is a deep and magical mythical world.  It is appropriate, then, that Addiction’s Neverland eyeshadow ($34, including 1st class shipping from is a deep-toned and magical eyeshadow.

Part of Kose’s Addiction line, Neverland is a grey/black metallic-textured eyeshadow that has multidimensional overtones of green, silver and blue.

Lightly applied, it’s a shimmery smudge of grey with a hint of blue/green.  However, if you apply it more densely (see upcoming swatches), you can get a gorgeous wet-pavement-in-the-rain effect.  Because of these overtones, the color looks brings out the natural color of my blue-green eyes.

For more and swatches, click “Continue Reading”….

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Jan 212010

Addiction eyeshadows continue to amaze me.  As I blogged about previously, this high end line of soft, pigmented and beautifully textured eyeshadows is sold in Japan but available to U.S. purchasers from various online sites.  Recently, I received a shipment from that included Addiction’s Fudge ($34 including 1st class shipping), a striking metallic powder shadow.

From the name, I expected the color to be in the brown family.  However, when the eyeshadow arrived, I found that the brown was beautifully blended with a metallic copper that catches the light beautifully.

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Jan 202010

I have an irrational fear of blue eyeshadow.

There, I said it.  I can handle a deep navy, and possibly a silver with a touch of blue.  A medium or light blue shuts me down completely.  I don’t think the world would end, you know necessarily, if I were to try one.  But, I can’t be sure.  So I don’t risk it.  For everyone’s sake.

Imagine my shock when I received a free mini-palette from Lancome which included Color Design in Lure ($17), a medium blue that I liked so much that I bought a full-sized version.

I think of Lure as a “blue-plus“–meaning, it’s blue plus violet.  It’s almost blue.  Lancome added a  nice iridescence that catches the light, without looking over the top.  Lure looks lovely layered over a neutral brown eye. Or a soft grey one.  If you dash a bit on the center of your lid, it adds a depth and dimension that’s really pretty.

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Dior Spring 2010: Coquette Eyeshadow Palette

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Jan 192010

Dior’s Spring 2010 collection includes Dior’s 743 Coquette Eyeshadow Palette (Coquette Palettes Fards a Paupieres 5 Color Eyeshadow) ($57). Coquette is the quieter cousin with Dior’s Spring line, when compared to the more shimmery Pearl Glow.  Between the two, I’m confident I will use Coquette far more.

Well, four of the five colors will be heavily used.  Generally, the palette is a beautiful blend of neutral pinks, a quiet taupe, a medium-to-deep grey and a soft deep shimmery purple.

However, I found the center pink shade absolutely un-usable.  Swatched at the far left, below, the center pan seemed to get more glittery and less pigmented the deeper down the pan I got.  Maybe I was tired.  But a near-invisible pigment combined with glitter is a waste that center pan space in an otherwise extraordinary palette.  A nice ivory–like Dior’s Nude Luminescence from their standard line– would have been a nice touch instead.

Other than that, this is a gorgeous palette that can be used to create several everyday looks.   Those deeper tones whisper “take me out for evening too.”  The palette is the typical bulky Dior with mirror in the lid which is a bit awkward for travel, but certainly versatile enough if you choose to do so.

I’m not waiting for Spring to dig into this one.  This palette is absolutely neutral enough to wear year-round.

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