Shopping Report: Guerlain Boutique, The Palazzo Hotel & Casino (Las Vegas, Nevada)

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Jan 052010

The Palazzo Hotel & Casino is a high-rise situated between the Venetian and the Wynn on the Las Vegas Strip.  The second floor — which sits just above the casino–is jam-packed with high-end boutiques from many of the world’s major cities.  These include stores that do not have a dense population on the west coast, including Barney’s New York, Christian Louboutin and Van Cleef & Arpels.  Tucked in with these other luxury stores in a delightful Guerlain boutique.

Small in comparison to La Maison de Guerlain on Paris’ Champs Elysees, this boutique features a pleasant array of perfumes, a long stretch of makeup testers and several mirrored makeup stations.  When I walked in, it was mid-morning and therefore extremely early by Las Vegas standards.  If you want good service in Las Vegas, go before lunch.  It’s sort of unbelievable.

Have you ever met someone who truly loves their job?  They are so perfectly enthusiastic about it, you can’t help loving it too?  This describes the sales associate in the Guerlain boutique at the Palazzo.  His card reads “Beauty Advisor,” but he was more like “my friend who knows all about Guerlain and is going to be perfectly honest with me and yet does this without making me feel like I need to cake on makeup to really rock it.”  Although I’ve since flown home from Las Vegas, I would not hesitate to call for advice.  By the way, he pronounced the company’s name as “Guuurr- lan” with the second syllable using a flat “A” that rhymes with “pan.”

I was interested in Guerlain’s Parure Gold foundation ($78), so I got a “light” makeover–that is, I kept my eye makeup on but replaced most of my present foundation so that we could test colors.  This foundation is a new addition to Guerlain’s line, and it feels and looks remarkable.  It seems to add luminosity, it feels very light and moisturizing, but doesn’t give me “forehead shine” hours later.  It lasted all day without shifting or breaking down.  This was topped with some Meteorites (or Meteor-eeetes, as I now think of them) powder.  It’s packaged in a black container with a gold pump, and along one side is a slotted window so that one can tell how much foundation is left.

While at the boutique, I examined Guerlain’s Spring 2010 line, primarily the Jeu D’Ombrelles eyeshadow palette and Blush Eclat.  Both of these products are beautifully embossed and packaged.  The eyeshadow palette read very violet on me in a way that doesn’t compliment my skin tone.  Unfortunately, even a good healthy does of the Blush Eclat applied was not fully visible even on my fair skin.  The color leans peach with a hint of pink, but applies very sheerly.  Although I had wanted to get both, I have decided not to purchase either.

I left with my Beauty Advisor’s business card, Parure Gold in #2, and a few other products that I’ll review tomorrow.

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