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Givenchy cream shadows01

I’ve been playing with some of the colors from Givenchy’s Ombre Couture cream eyeshadows ($23 each)(available from Barneys.com and Sephora.com).

Givenchy cream shadows13

I chose six colors from the line:

  • No. 1: Blanc Satin top coat, a white sheer shimmer that can be alone or over the top of the other colors

Givenchy cream shadows14

  • No. 2: Beige Mousseline, a soft peach-beige

Givenchy cream shadows15

  • No. 3: Rose Dentelle, a greyed-down rose that looks surprisingly sophisticated

Givenchy Rose Dentelle1

  • No. 4: Bleu Soie, a blue with a healthy dose of violet (despite its blue appearance in the pot. This has a bare hint of sparkle, which is almost undetectable on skin.

Givenchy cream shadows17

  • No. 6: Kaki Brocart, a green khaki with a hint of gray

Givenchy cream shadows18

  • No. 9: Brun Cachmeire, a rich soft brown

Givenchy cream shadows19


Givenchy Ombre Couture Swatches1

Unlike some color cream shadow, these Givenchy Ombre Coutures are more of a sophisticated whisper than a shout. They sheer down in a beautiful way–even the deepest color can be applied with the softest touch to give the barest hint of color. Certainly, it is easy to apply them with full force. However, even at their most dense, the color range seems infused with a soft gray undertone which keeps the color from being too much. Here are all colors with the No. 1 Blanc Satin applied, which gives them a little twinkle that is hard to pick up under our cloudy California skies (same order as above).

Givenchy Ombre Couture Swatches3

The texture of these is very fine. As you might expect from Givenchy, they melt onto the lids and never emphasize any lines or imperfections. The pigment is in a very efficient base–there’s no caking to be found even when these are applied as strong colors. I’ve been using my fingers to apply them. They blend well, including blending with powder shadows.

Givenchy cream shadows05

Overall, recommended for those interested in a sophisticated version of a cream shadow.

Available at Barneys.com (free ship always and Sephora.com (free ship w/ VIB Rouge or $50 minimum)

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