Chanel Rouge Coco Lipsticks for Sale Online

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Feb 162010

Bergdorf Goodman has the new Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks available for sale at this link.

Neiman Marcus has them here.

The online swatches look indecipherable.

Temptalia has a review and swatches of five sent by Chanel’s Press Relations to her here.

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Feb 062010

As a follow-through on my earlier post regarding Lancome’s Chris & Tell, here is a swatch comparison with Chanel’s Rouge Allure in Libertine ($30):

As you can see, Libertine is more shimmery; Chris & Tell is more creamy with more pink.  Nonetheless, if you are unable to locate Chris & Tell, Libertine is a nice option.

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Lancome Chris & Tell

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Feb 062010

Sometimes there are products that come and go so quickly, one cannot be sure that they ever existed.  Like a unicorn.  Lancome’s L’Absolu Rouge in Chris & Tell ($29.00) is one of those products.

Developed in a collaboration with fashion designer Chris Benz, this glowing coral had been anticipated for several months before it was released.  It sold out on before anyone could blink.  I purchased one by getting on a wait list at a Lancome boutique.  The Lancome Blog reports that there are a few sources left, but they are quickly disappearing.  If you want it, I would call one of those stores immediately.

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Chanel’s New Lipstick Line: Rouge Coco

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Jan 102010

Via this source, Chanel is launching a new lipstick line, Rouge Coco.   According to the site, the formula and pigmentation of the lipstick has changed and the case is now made entirely of metal.  The site pins the release date for March 2010.

Chanel’s promo pictures seem to suggest that Rouge Coco substitute for the current Rouge Hydrabase lipsticks, which have been slowly disappearing from

Here’s a link to an article about the new line.

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Jan 062010

As promised, here are product reviews for two items purchased at Guerlain’s boutique in Las Vegas, Nevada.

First, the Terracotta Kohl in Oriental Metal ($34) (Khol Poudre Libre) is a shimmery, multi-dimensional silver-taupe.  This loose powder is packaged in a glass vial.  The ornate cap opens to reveal a long, semi-rigid stick to which the loose powder adheres.  To apply the loose powder, you simply draw the long stick along the lashline with your eye closed (called the Eastern Method).  I learned how to use this by watching this video.  Of course, you can run the stick above the lashline instead if you prefer (the Western Method).  But try the Eastern Method as least once, you’ll be surprised how well it works.  Guerlain’s directions are here (click to enlarge):

I own this product in a few other colors, including black.  Surprisingly, this eyeliner applies much faster than any other eyeliner I own (pencils, gels and cake) and lasts all day.  When I saw Oriental Metal online, it looks sort of grey and dull.  However, in real life this kohl gives a glowy sheen that looks beautiful next to the eye–it enhances the natural color rather than overwhelming.

Second, I bought a Guerlain Rouge G lipstick in a neutral shade, Garance (#6) ($45).  Although this is an outrageous price to pay for a lipstick, the price is not out of line for a piece of costume jewelry that delivers a really unparalleled lipstick formula.  As you probably know, the lipstick is sold in a beautifully-machined compact with two built-in mirrors, designed by Lorenz Bäumer, a jeweller from Paris’ Place Vendôme. Although I’ve used many high-end lipsticks, I’ve found that this formula is rich, moisturizing and looks like it has (as Guerlain advertises), crushed rubies in the forumula.  There is a sparkling glow that I haven’t found in any other product.  If you want to know more, Guerlain has a somewhat dramatic website that can walk you through the product (there’s a soundtrack, so if you’re reading this in your office with the door open….um…)

Because these lipsticks are somewhat an investment, I highly recommend trying them out before you purchase.  One’s own natural coloring can mean that a lipstick which looks one way on one person, can look quite different on another.

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