Dec 142011

Rouge Bunny Rouge recently released Beyond the Looking Glass, a collection that is based on lightness and dimension. This collection includes two Fire Drops Loose Glitter Pigments– Embrace of Cashmere and Caress of Mink ($37.17 on, less if you catch a 20% promotional/0.064 oz.). These are very finely milled, multidimensional loose powders housed in well-constructed vials that resist spillage. Here’s the vial of Embrace of Cashmere, a light soft neutral gold:

These are made of a lightweight plastic. The vial for Caress of Mink, a soft warm taupe brown:

Inside, the vial has a stopper that can be pulled out directly without twisting:

The vial has a deeply placed, efficient opening that prevents spilling. This picture of Embrace of Cashmere shows that the end of the stopper is a sponge. The product clings to the sponge, which doubles as an applicator:

If you prefer to use your own brushes, you can dab the sponge applicator on the back of your hand to use it as a palette. You can then dip your own brush into the pigment that you’ve placed there. Another:

This system results in virtually no mess as the product is used. The texture of Rouge Bunny Rouge Fire Drops is incredibly fine. Although its a powder, it creates a shimmery sheen where ever the product is placed. According to Rouge Bunny Rouge, Fire Drops contain “a super high percentage of pearl,” that delivers high pigment and sheen with very little product. There is a beautiful complexity to these that places this a mile ahead of most pigments (MAC, for example).

Rouge Bunny Rouge has suggested using this pigments alone, or mixed with their Seas of Illumination liquid highlighters. Here are swatches of Rouge Bunny Rouge Fire Drops in Embrace of Cashmere alone, then mixed with Rouge Bunny Rouge Seas of Illumination in Sea of Tranquility (reviewed here), and also with Rouge Bunny Rouge Seas of Illumination in Sea of Showers (reviewed here):

Another, same combination but different angle:

This is Rouge Bunny Rouge Fire Drops in Caress of Mink alone, then mixed with Sea of Showers in the middle. On the right, I’ve applied Sea of Showers alone:

I find these unusually well done and very striking. Applied sheerly, the add a beautiful pearly look to the lids that is never over-the-top. Although these have a luminosity, they look expensive rather than metallic or glittery. Absolutely gorgeous.

Here’s a Rouge Bunny Rouge video using these and displaying the other items in the Beyond the Looking Glass collection:

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Oct 112011

I have a soft spot of new independent companies.  When Fresh Faces Minerals asked Cafe Makeup to try some samples, I said “yes,” although I’m not a pigment expert. In response, I was sent a boatload of small samples jars with sifters on top to prevent spilling.

I actually have a soft spot for pigment samples.  At only $1 per jar, one can get a variety of complex or candy-toned colors.  They’re a cheap thrill, but they also happen to be a really good product.  What impressed me about these is that they are so very finely milled.  There was no trace of the chunky quality that some pigments have.  The range of textures was impressive.  This little sampling includes mattes, complex shimmers and metallics.  Here are some of the neutral shades that have a soft glowing finish-from left to right, these are Patina, Icy Brown, Bliss and Bossy Mossy (all applied with MAC Mixing Medium).  The colors are soft and not too over the top.  These are smooth, lovely colored neutrals.  Not bad for $4 total:

These metallics were really pretty foiled in MAC Mixing Medium, Sun in the Sea, Antique Copper, Stone Khakis and Black Amethyst:

I enjoyed the eyes that I created with Fresh Faces Minerals.  The vibe is very fresh, clean and in colors that can be worn by the everyday woman.  These are very easy to use, just mix the pigment with a tiny droplet of Mixing Medium or water on the back of your hand and go.  The metallics (Sun in Sea and Antique Copper) were particularly impressive–they looked really good on the skin.  They held onto their shine beautifully.  Definitely a nice little treat and worth taking a look.

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Nov 092010

Holiday 2010 brings MAC’s Tartan Tale collection–a rather large and impressive array of products.  My choices from the first phase of this collection were comparatively modest–I purchased the two new pigments (Family Crest and Moonlight Night) and one palette (Rockers and Reelers).  I’ll be reviewing each of these choices.  The other pigment released with Tartan Tale is Later, previously released last summer with the Alice + Olivia Collection and reviewed here.

Family Crest ($19.50) is a deep almost-black with a bronze overtone and a purple undertone.

The pigment seems like a charcoal with deep gold sparkles in the vial.

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Jul 102010

MAC’s Alice + Olivia collection includes Later ($19.50), a multidimensional off-black.  If you swatch this in a store, you will probably not choose this. It was only after I used the product wet that I found its magic.

I have a strong love of black eyeshadows, they can really add some beautiful effects when used properly.  I also love off-blacks, those eyeshadows that have either a duochrome or other flash of color.  Later is a neutral-with-a-kick.

Later’s magic is a duochrome blue-purple that comes out most strongly used wet.  Here it is, compared with two other off-blacks in my collection, Addiction’s Neverland and Guerlain’s L’Instant D’une Emotion.

Shown in strong sunlight, you can see the multidimension color of Later used wet–primarily a purple with touches of blue.

This picture shows Later’s duochrome most strongly along with the glitter bits (Addiction’s Neverland and Guerlain’s L’Instant d’une Emotion do not have glitter).

Like Partylicious, Later was produced in very limited qualities so don’t wait long if you like it.  This is not an everyday shadow, but it can be used to create some drama on an otherwise neutral eye (or really amp up something colorful!).  As an aside, I skipped the other pigment in this collection (If It Sparkles), a pink sparkle shade, as not something that I’d likely wear.  Also, it seems close enough to MAC’s permanent Pink Opal for my purposes.

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Jul 102010

MAC teamed with Alice + Olivia to create a small line of edgy pieces, including Partylicious pigment ($19.50).  Although I sometimes find MAC a little frustrating with its continual, numerous limited edition releases, one reason that I keep an eye on the line is their ability to collaborate with new designers.  Alice + Oliva was founded by college friends Stacey Bendet and Rebecca Matchett in 2002.  Bendet is currently the line’s primary designer, incorporates element of vintage, edge, fun and culture in her line.

Because I have a strong fondness for MAC’s pigments, I picked up Partylicious on release day.   One note of caution: MAC did not produce many of these.  These evaporated online in one day, and my local MAC got very, very few pieces.  If you want it, and can find it, grab it quick!

Although Partylicious looks teal, it actually leans quite green to give it a mermaid feel.

Like many pigments, the quality of this shadow changes entirely when used wet.

  • The first swatch is dry–you can see that this is going to give a very soft green-blue look, especially if applied sheerly. It has a watercolor quality when used lightly.
  • The second swatch is wet, used with a drop of MAC’s Mixing Medium for eyes-instant drama! This is a liner-only color for my pale coloring but other makeup lovers would be able to rock this one out or incorporate into a mermaid eye.
  • This is a comparison with my best teal–the old-school Shu Uemura ME Blue 638–made before the reformulation.  Gorgeous, right? But this shows that Partylicious has a strong green quality compared to a true teal.

Partylicious is just a little outside my comfort zone, but that’s one of the main reasons that I picked it up.  Overall, it’s a beautiful color that I won’t use often but reserve for those times when I want to push my limits.

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