May 162010

Featured in The New York Times Style Section here. According to the article, these are designed by Philippe Di Méo, who has an interesting eye for shape.  They are color-coded according to the region of the face they are to be used for (pink for face, blue and purple for eyes).  They can be held quite lightly at the pointed end for light application.  Also, they come with a cap that allows the brush to be stored bristles-down on a counter:

Prices are in the range of typical Sephora brushes (link is here), from about $14 to $40.  I haven’t played with these in store yet, but will update when I do.  I have a lot of respect for Sephora’s brushes, and am hoping that these maintain the quality of the rest of their line.

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May 052010

The link is here–worth the read.

For those interested in all things cyber-ish and blog related, here is an article that suggests that the rules that require bloggers to disclose affiliations and free products may violate the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment.  This is not a formal court ruling, but rather a theoretical analysis of the issue in the Harvard Law Review.  Warning–this is a bit of  dense read.

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May 022010

I try to wash my brushes every Sunday to keep them ready to use when the week begins.  Emphasis on “try”–some I do more frequently, especially if I have used the brush with a dark shadow or pigmented blush.  For some reason, I need to wash my foundation brush almost every time I use it.  Others go for weeks without attention.  And, let’s face it, sometimes the weekends can be too busy to think and sometimes I fall behind.

Bobbi Brown recommends letting brushes air dry hanging off the side of the counter to avoid contamination.  Not a bad idea-I usually place mine on a hand towel.  I’m giving Bobbi’s trick a try this week.

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Apr 292010

Thank you to Scrangie, who pointed out on Twitter yesterday that nail polish maker OPI Products Inc. appears to have filed suit against Transdesign, an online seller of nail polish, for copyright infringement.  As many beauty aficionados know, Transdesign is a nice source of supply for OPI’s large nail polishes, because it has prompt shipping, a wide selection and low prices.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that OPI’s complaint against Transdesign is available online, so it is hard to tell what the heart of this dispute really is about.

Well, I did a little research.  So the U.S. Copyright act says that the following categories of things can be protected by copyright law that are fixed in a tangible medium of expression:

  • literary works;
  • musical works, including any accompanying words;
  • dramatic works, including any accompanying music;
  • pantomimes and choreographic works;
  • pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works;
  • motion pictures and other audiovisual works;
  • sound recordings; and
  • architectural works.

But none of those categories of things seem to be “nail polish,” “makeup” or “beauty related” items.  Rather, these are expressive works, such as an artist, writer or even an architect or software programmer might create.  Can one copyright a color?  Or a paint (which is basically what nail polish is)?  I know that we own the copyright to our photographs of nail polish.  One might even be able to claim copyright protection to a particularly original application of nail art (similar to a painting by an artist).  But to the nail polish itself?

As a next step, I looked on the U.S. Copyright Office website for registrations filed by OPI Products, Inc. and found about 19 entries:

Some of the registrations concern visual displays, photographs and textual material relating to their products.  So here’s an example from the OPI Hong Kong collection:

Okay, fair enough but I’m still not sure what’s going on here.  Does anyone else know anything?

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Upcoming: Peony Makeup Collection from L’Occitane

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Apr 032010

I’m a confessed fan of L’Occitane, a French company that relies on premium ingredients.  I love several of their skincare, bath and home scent products.  Via this source, here is a picture of some upcoming makeup products from the line:

How pretty are those?  Here are some names and prices (in Euro’s, I’m not certain how these might be priced if this collection is released in the U.S.):

  • Facecolour Powder Duos, €18.50
  • Illuminating Powder, €31.50
  • Peony Lipsticks, €18.50
  • Peony Liquid Shine Lip Colour, €14.95
  • Peony Tinted Water, €13.95
  • Peony Lip Balm, €13.95.

I must admit that I’m going to be heading to L’Occitane as soon as this collection is released to see it.  I’ve always been impressed with L’Occitane’s quality and hope that these products continue their tradition.

EDIT: I spoke to a L’Occitane sales associate yesterday.  According to him, these will be sold in some (not all) U.S. stores and online.  These are limited edition.

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Shu Uemura to Leave the U.S.

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Mar 302010

Today, Shu Uemura, a premium makeup line founded by the legendary makeup artist, has announced that it is pulling out of U.S. stores.  I’m greatly saddened by the news.  I realize that we’ll be able to purchase items from Shu’s online site, nonetheless I feel that it is our loss.  Few companies seem to be encompass the scientific perfection of many products and have such an extreme attention to detail.  Shu has offered a full line of every imaginable color. Unfortunately, their online site doesn’t reflect the full breadth that their boutiques do.  I know, I know….it’s only business.  I can’t help but be a little devastated that Shu’s packing up their business and leaving us behind.

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Smashbox Online — Create Your Own Kit Promotion

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Mar 162010

Smashbox’s online site is running a nice “Create Your Own Kit” promotion–your choice of three full-sized products for $33, including a makeup bag and free shipping.  You can choose from Smashbox’s selection of eyeshadows, blushes and lipglosses. It’s good for one week only.  I wonder if this can be used in combination with their Thursday “Let’s Do Lunch” promotion?

I’m not completely familiar with all of the choices, but if you like Smashbox that’s a nice price.  

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Sweet Deal from Zoya Nails Online

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Mar 122010

Use code “BF5” to get an 8 ounce Zoya Remove+ FREE with a minimum $10 purchase on Zoya’s website.  I love this remover–it’s gentle but works extremely well.  It doesn’t strip nails, but does get everything off with just a few swipes.  My email says that this deal is good until “2/15/10”–> This must be a typo, right?  I just tried it and the Remove+ did go into my cart.  A nice way to try out this great remover!

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