Jan 242015

Out of makeup names? This is a sardonic vid on makeup naming. Warning, some four-letter words! But if you are up for it, this is pretty amusing.


I’ve got my eyes on these two Yves Saint Laurent Tuxedo Palettes up for pre-sale on Nordstrom (swatches of the second neutral one is here).


Also, I had a chance to look at some of the new Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick yesterday at a local Neimans counter (swatched here by Natural n Chic Beauty). I was super impressed with the formula.  I’ve been told that these should be on counter in the next two weeks. The pinks and roses are particularly impressive, and all of them have some form of shimmer. Color me impressed!

We had big, white flakes (but thankfully, not too many).  Winter wonderland today! The construction in my home continues, hopefully to conclude in the next two weeks or so. How are you doing this lovely Saturday?

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Jan 122015


As you may have heard, this is Margiela Monday. Here are some images from today’s Maison Margiela Artisanal Collection, designed by John Galliano. Here are some examples from the runway.mmm 01 mmm 02 mmm 03 mmm 04 mmm 05

The theme of the show is described as follows:

A process of discovery, returning to one’s roots. Piece by piece, deconstructing and constructing a new story for Margiela. A deep commitment to the extraordinary possibilities of the Maison’s Atelier and the art of Haute Couture. Approaching tailoring, techniques, craftsmanship like a new explorer, or painter. One who sees beauty in things that are often taken for granted, giving everything a newly enriched life. A powerful and fierce yet refined mix of fabrics and materials. Stripped down, or reborn together in startling and unexpected ways. New direction given with play on proportion and sartorial rules. Languid, sweeping. Precise tailoring. A new fuller, revealing silhouette. Eyes wide open in wonderment to a veritable Cabinet de Curiosités. A jigsaw of lacquered shells reminiscent of Arcimboldo style figures. A miniature battalion charging across a black velvet shoulder. Pearls that bring teardrops of memories to the face. Looking through the glass, discovering an elusive, rare even arrestingly strange new beauty, of muses who nonchalantly arouse your senses. The Finale of Toiles. The Cabine marching in honest testimony of the process, the trials and errors, the time and emotion behind each cut, each line, each vision. A world deep in its past but with promises of the future.

The makeup is by Pat McGrath and hair by Eugene Souleiman.

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Jan 112015

Hum cleanse1
January 1st starts the beginning of regaining healthy habits for so many of us. I’ve been living without a kitchen, and it’s been very challenging to eat right without my juicer, sufficient storage for good fresh fruits and vegetables, and the ability to make healthy, comforting soups.  As it will likely be a few weeks before I have a working kitchen, I’ve been doing my best under difficult circumstances. I’ve found a good, fresh grocery store that sells organic salads, veggies, and fruits that delivers, which has been a lifesaver. I’ve done endless walkabouts through the outer edges of the grocery store to catch those satsuma oranges and amazing blueberries that are coming through. Still, no one’s perfect and so when Hum Nutrition offered to send me their Hum Cleanse to the Rescue ($42) I gratefully accepted.  They also sell a Daily Cleanse ($25), which I’m going to order for myself from Sephora.

Hum cleanse3

This product comes in 21 different envelopes that include four capsules. which is a combination of two other Hum products– Daily Cleanse™ and Flatter Me™. Generally:

  • Daily Cleanse contains a unique combination of detox herbs including red clover, milk thistle, dandelion root, and organic chlorella, which help remove toxins from the skin and body. It helps detox and cleanse your skin, as well as the liver, bowels, kidneys, lungs, and lymphatic system.
  • Flatter Me is a comprenhensive proprietary blend of 18 enzymes that supports all major phases of nutrient digestion. It is uniquely formulated to optimize protein, carbs, fiber, and fats breakdown, and to help with nutrient absorption, relief from indigestion, and bloating.

Hum cleanse5

Basically, it comes with a handy booklet that tells you to eat clean, avoid sugars, processed foods, avoid alcohol and other pointers to eliminate taking on toxins into your system.

Hum cleanse4

Additionally, the booklet explains that one is supposed to take the two big pills in the packet without food, and then the two small ones with food. So, one envelope a day which is pretty easy to remember. You have to keep track of the envelope until you eat so you can take those little ones, but that’s relatively easy to do.

Hum cleanse6

The detox process has been interesting. The toxic elimination aspect has been–um–gentle but noticeable.  I’ve been taking these since last Wednesday and have experienced many detox symptoms–a few headache, losing a pant size, a touch of moodiness, and increased thirst. As you can imagine, one wants to push up one’s water intake during a cleanse. As I’m only a week in, I’ve been impressed by the fact that my stomach is, in fact, noticeably much flatter. I haven’t experienced any increased hunger–actually, things have been pretty normal and steady in that department.  I also amped up my workouts, because, well January. Ingredients (click to enlarge):

Hum cleanse2

I’m finding Hum Nutrition Cleanse to the Rescue to be very effective, and am thinking about purchasing it occasionally on my own in the future.  On a side note, I think my cleanse has been relatively smooth. My apologies for my random emails to the lovely Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book at one my moodier moments. Who thought that giving up toast would lead to that? Anyway, I can only hope that my liver will be singing a happy song at the end of this 21-day trial (and yours too!). This is available at Sephora.

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Jan 102015

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope that you are having a lovely weekend, and able to stay warm and comfy.  I saw a few fun things that I thought I’d share…

I still haven’t fully processed Chanel’s Metiers d’Art Salzburg show. A few years ago, I spent some time in Salzburg in the winter. Although beautiful in the summer, with its Mozart music festival and Sound of Music hills (it’s the city where the movie was filmed), I was impressed with the city in the winter. Located among the beautiful Alps, this city is populated with the most amazing, warm, and charming people. There are beautiful walks to castles on the hills. It’s so idyllic. By the way, Chanel’s clothing captured the heritage and culture of the city perfectly. And of course, this is the city where Coco got her inspiration for her famous jacket. What better place to celebrate the line?

Congratulations to Lisa Eldridge, the new creative director for Lancome.  I’m so pleased that she’ll be providing them with some of her creative talent. As she’s explained on her website, she’ll continue to maintain her video blog, twitter, and other social media accounts.


How cute is this Alice and Olivia Starbucks cup? Love this! The bow is removable, thank heavens. I’m going to have to look for this locally, it looks like it’s already sold out online. Cute!
starbucksIs white the new black? Le Bon Marche in Paris thinks so. They’ve commissioned designer goods available in store during the month of January. Love those Dior sunglasses! Perfect for winter.

white white white

By the way, I’ve noticed that there are more codes on my Sephora iPhone app than I can see on my desktop. The app codes work on the desktop (sometimes it throws an error, but it does take it). If you’ve got the app, you might take a look–nothing wrong with free samples!

sephora deals

I hope you have a lovely remainder of your weekend, gorgeous!


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Jan 092015

Regular followers: here’s an update on the makeup room project.

As background, during 2014 I moved cross-country. This has been challenging with a makeup hobby. We are building an addition in our new home. In the blueprints, I was delighted to see this concept for a makeup room.


Here is a computer-generated graphic of the concept for the room. As you can see, storage:



Last fall, I posted this picture of the structure that had been put into place:

future makeup roomWhen I arrived home after the holidays, I found that drywall was up. It’s starting to look more like an actual room now. I love the light and space.

makeup room januaryOf course, this is exciting to see. I cannot wait to get more organized. I hope that you are all doing beautifully!

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Jan 032015

Chanel le lift 5aI’ve tried Chanel skincare since the mid-1990’s, as well as trying many other excellent lines. Since the Chanel Le Lift Creme ($165.00/ 1.7 oz.) was released, I tried a generous sample of the product. And then I went back for another generous sample. Finally, I realized that I actually loved the product and so I bought the full size. Chanel Le Lift is available at all Chanel locations, including Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Macys, and Chanel.com.

Chanel Le Lift 1According to the line:

Smart skincare customized to each woman’s unique needs. This soft, creamy and comforting formula features exclusive ingredient 3.5-DA to deliver targeted anti-aging benefits — for a visibly recontoured, toned and refined complexion.

Scientific research has revealed the importance of “youth proteins”, key proteins that can significantly slow down the signs of aging, influencing the tone, suppleness and resilience of the skin.

After 12 years of research, Chanel scientists isolated a remarkably potent extract from the Edulis Morning Glory, proven to boost the production of these key youth proteins. Researchers created a patented compound 50 times more concentrated than the original molecule. The resulting ingredient, 3.5-DA, intuitively detects and targets individual factors of aging at a molecular level to restore skin to its optimal firmness.


There’s something very lightweight and very effective about this product. I typically use this after a Vitamin C serum both morning and night. During the day, I top this with sunscreen, and then any foundation. On first application, my complexion looks hydrated and fresh. After continual use, it looks younger, brighter, and more alive. I personally notice the firming effect after about two weeks of use.

Chanel Le Lift 3Compared to other Chanel moisturizers, the Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Cream is a product that is perfectly suited to my daughter Liz (who is in her ’20’s), who does not need the lifting and anti-aging properties of this one.  Many people ask Liz about her skincare, and she uses very little except Chanel Hydra Beauty. For someone in her age range, it’s really good.

Although I’ve finished a tub of Chanel Sublimage, I find Sublimage is a bit too rich for me at this point in my life. I find that Sublimage is best reserved for spot treatments of damaged skin or during the most very drying days of winter. As an aside, there is something shockingly healing about Sublimage. For example, when my eye area was recovering from an allergic reaction, Sublimage had the area healed overnight. It’s like using some kind of magical potion. However, it feels quite heavy on my skin for everyday use. For now, Chanel Le Lift has been doing a wonderful job making my skin glow with health (despite many late days, stress, and other health disruptions). I’ve had no breakouts, this is a beautiful texture that doesn’t clog pores or give me any adverse effects.

LeLift_textures_enhancedpdpChanel Le Lift comes in three textures—Fine (oil-free) for the lightest texture. I use the Creme, which is the mid-weight version.  For those with dry skin, the heaviest is Creme Riche.  Here is the ingredient list:

Chanel Le Lift ingredientsAt present, I’ve moved to testing the Estee Lauder Enlighten series (the beauty blogger’s curiosity got the best of me, I’ll do a review of the three products soon). Still, I can’t wait to get back to using my Chanel Le Lift, as I can absolutely tell when I haven’t been using it. Indeed, I can use the Chanel Le Lift as a part of my other skincare favorites, and so I don’t think I’ll have to give up anything to integrate it back into my routine. As with all things skincare, everyone’s results will vary. Nonetheless, I feel that Chanel Le Lift is a wonderful addition to the line and is quickly becoming a go-to product for me. Definitely sample-worthy, possibly perfect for full size as well.

Chanel Le Lift 6

Chanel Le Lift is available at all Chanel locations, including Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Macys, and Chanel.com.

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Dec 092014

I’m obsessed with entrepreneurship. Of course, not everyone has access to venture capital funding, or is part of large company, and many cosmetic companies require a large (read: expensive) infrastructure to formulate cosmetics that meet all of the standards. Still, I can’t help but applaud “the little guys” who are out there swinging. It’s so easy to write  a blog that evaluates, it’s so much harder to really create something from scratch I think.

Anyway, I thought I’d write about a few “little guys” that caught my eye recently.

One Etsy company called PatentPrints that caught my eye makes artisan prints from issued patents. I asked them to make one of a Chanel handbag that could hang in my office (the price is so much more modest than an actual bag!). They did, and now they’ve put the print up for everyone to buy. This is in a chalkboard-styled print (they have other choices, like Blueprint, which I chose). How cool is this?


In the recent past, a few Kickstarter projects have caught my eye:

Bitch Beauty Box has a ways to go before meeting its goal (many Kickstarter projects don’t reach their goals, and so they are left to find funding elsewhere). Still, the idea is intriguing. They replicate on-the-runway shades, and send them out to customers within weeks of a show.

Sphynx is an on-the-go razor company is very close to their goal. Only ten more days to go! This product has a refillable water container, an all-natural organic soap that can be used like lotion, and two top-quality razors included in the case. Pledges at the $16 level get one of the razors, and at $28 get two (assuming that the product is ultimately made).

sphnx B+W sphynx- Twist.68(1)Thanks to all who have continued to check in on my little blog over the past few months. It’s been a rough transition, and I’m slowly starting to feel back to my old self again. I think we all need to guard against burnout and stress, it’s a difficult challenge. Especially if you love things to be perfect, which of course is impossible. I think doing these little posts is really getting my excitement back. I hope that you are doing well and trying to stay calm and even during this very busy (and sometimes stressful!) holiday season.

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Dec 072014

That last few months have been interesting–as the weather turns colder, my desire to walk outside in the evenings has forced me to look seriously at down and fluffy things to wear. Here are a few things from Lululemon that I’ve loved. These seem so highly functional–with little touches like sleeves that cover my hands–and stretch just where I want it.

The Define Jackets has been awesome for layering. It’s thin enough to wear under a down jacket or vest. The waist is super flattering, too. I have it in Black and Coco Pique.

LW4F85S_9692_2The Fluffed Up Jacket has been a great addition for temperatures that run into the low ’40’s. With a Define under it, I can get down to the low 30’s and stay plenty warm.  I love the flattering fit.  I have it in Stained Glass, below.

LW4F51S_016213_1Although I’m sure it’s overkill, I picked up a Fluffed Up Jacket as well (in black). I love layering the Fluffed Up jacket with the Define underneath.

LW4E59S_0001_5Liz and I both fell in love with Lululemon’s Vestigan, and its now been reduced to $64. Liz likes the light heathered grey, and I like the heathered black.

LW4E32S_8650_1Very few people will love the Cardi All Day, but this smooth merino wool wrap feels like heaven to me (it feels like a robe). I must warn you that the extra small/small size is plenty big for nearly everyone. The medium large is so huge. I got this in Inkwell.

LW4G74S_0023_3Although I’ve spent some coin at The North Face for my under 30-degree needs, I have to say that my Lululemon items have been amazing. I like feeling comfortable as I run to and from the gym, and even running errands. For those looking for more makeup inspiration, thank you for indulging in my newest “avoiding frostbite while still looking good obsession.”

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Nov 252014

Continually updated…

NARS has a 20% off sale from November 28th through December 2nd.
Give & Take Event! Exclusive 20% Off - Give in. Take more. Shop It. Ends December 2nd.


Starlight Limited Edition

The Christian Louboutin Starlight nail polish is up for sale on Neiman Marcus priced at $675. In addition to the Scent Event Clutch (free with $100 purchase of fragrance or cosmetics), Neiman’s also has some intriguing Guerlain candles and French Kiss Eau de Parfum (” a glossy floral that celebrates the French art of kissing with a sexy rose, litchi and raspberry accord”):



Marc Jacobs will be featuring some exclusive items for #BlacquerFriday (the link is not live with product yet but will be):

Shop the Marc Jacobs Beauty #BLACQUERFRIDAY Sets! Exclusively available online for a limited time only. Don’t forget to pick up the Holiday Sky Linder Eyeliner Set–you won’t regret it!

Marc Jacobs Pencil Liner Set7
Missha, the BB Cream masters, have a 40% off sale right now.

Becca has a 20% off sale for orders over $50 with the code GOLD20. It might be time to try those shimmering skin perfectors if you haven’t already.



Also, I’m still loving the soufflé blushes that I got last summer. They had a beautiful, non-sparkling glow.

Becca Tint Shimmer Souffle6

Becca 2

Also, Laura Mercier is having a 25% and free ship discount through 11/30/14 with $100 minimum purchase (no code needed).


Lenore Greyl is giving away a free Huile de Magnolia (value $57) with any $75 purchase (use code VIP). This offer is valid until Friday November 28th at Midnight.  This hair oil is perhaps Lenore Greyl’s premium, flagship product and so this is a very generous offer.23b0cb6b-c28a-46f2-997e-af396038c8e4

Chantecaille is giving away a yummy Macaron palette with the promo code HLDYSWEETS14 with a $125 purchase from November 26 through 30th (while supplies last).


On Black Friday November 28th, Make Up For Ever Boutiques will have the following products on deep discount


MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Shadow: 2 for $10- all colors
MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Eyes Lagoon Green: 2 for $10
MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Liner, Sepia Collection: 2 for $10
MAKE UP FOR EVER Make Up Artist Picks Set: was $300, new price $150
MAKE UP FOR EVER Artisan Brush Set: was $65, new price $34
MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Shadow Kits: was $38, new price $19
MAKE UP FOR EVER Extravagant Eyes on the Go Set: was $18, new price $9

Additionally, on Black Friday MAKE UP FOR EVER will be launching the “Get Glossy” kit exclusively in Sephora stores, featuring Lab Shine Lip Gloss in shades #D14 & #D16 for $10 (the glosses retail separately for $19 each). For readers, I am waiting for the PR to send me some images–if/when they arrive I’ll post them here.


On Tom Ford’s Black Friday radar are fifty (50) new colors released under the Lips & Boys collection.  These are said to be “mini” in size and sell for $30 each. They can be previewed here.

lips and boys tom ford

Starting on Tuesday, November 25th, Kate Sommerville has a 25% off friends and family sale through December 1st with code FRIENDS2014.
Kate Somerville Friends and Family Event

I’ll update as more information comes in that I think will be interesting to you.

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