Jan 122012

I’ve sort of fallen in love with Zoya’s Fleck Effects, three polish topcoats that give a glass fleck-opal effect over any nail polish.  They give a holographic flake with mylar suspended in a very sheer jelly.  They dry beautifully–they leave a smooth finish (you’re free to add a shine topcoat over them if you like). Unlike glitters, they feel smooth to the touch and are easy to remove. I can’t stop staring at my nails when I wear them. They’re sold here on Zoya’s website, and at local stores for $8 each.

There are three colors–First Maisie is a gorgeous blue. It gives a green-blue iridescent effect:

 Second, Opal based on green:

Last, Chloe for pink tones:

Zoya Fleck Effects are true topcoats–by themselves, they are sheer with a bit of fleck.  They have little drama all alone like that, and they are almost entirely transparent:

Here are the three topcoats over Chanel Black Satin–on the far left, I’ve used two coats of Maisie, and on the rest of the fingers of single coat of Maisie, Chloe and Opal.

Here are some other combinations. First, Nars Zulu (a deep amazonian green) topped with one coat of Zoya Opal:

Zoya Opal and Nars Zulu

 Here is Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Au Chocolat (a deep red with chocolate undertones) topped with one coat of Zoya Chloe, and then Lancome’s limited edition Indigo Paris (a medium navy with shimmer) topped with one coat of Zoya Opal:

I love the transformative quality of these. They really come alive in the light. Here’s one last picture, with the same combinations as above and adding a pure white (Essie Marshmallow) topped with one coat of Zoya Chloe:

I’ve been looking for a pretty multishimmer fleck effect, and couldn’t believe my luck with these. They are very easy to use–just add over any other color and wait for the magic. Love.

Zoya sent these polishes to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration and review.

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Zoya Spring 2012: True Collection

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Jan 122012

Zoya Spring 2012 True Collection

Zoya is just set to release the True Collection for Spring 2012, a wardrobe of soft on-trend colors with enough of an edge to keep things interesting. I really like Zoya’s product and have for years.  Their polish is free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor. Zoya polishes has a reasonable price point– $8 per bottle, really good service, lovely colors and occasional deals.  As a whole, their polishes have always performed extremely well for me. They have 300 colors, and some are absolute standouts.

The True collection has two purple-violets.  Lotus is soft with shimmer, and is infused with a greyed down tone. It’s a pretty transition color to take you from the cooler winter months into Spring.

 Lotus on nails:

Tru is a more dramatic violet–the red tones and high shimmer give Tru more drama:

  Tru on nails:

One of my favorites is Skylar, a soft shimmering wedgewood blue with little glass fleck.

Skylar’s cool blue looks nice with my warm skin tone and really came alive in the light:

Another of Skylar:

Another one of my favorites is a soft, sage green called Bevin. This doesn’t have the fleck of Skylar, but there is a soft pearly sheen that is very soft and pretty.

Here’s Bevin on nails:

Zoya’s True collection includes two light nudes–one cool and one warm.  Cho is a pearly cafe au lait color that has a touch of warmth:

Cho on nails:

Zoya Cho

Farrah is very similar, but slightly cooler and a touch deeper in tone:

Here is Farrah on nails:

The formula on these were extremely good.  The first four–Lotus, Tru, Skylar and Bevin go on smoothly and beautifully in two coats. As might be expected from a light opaque, Cho and Farah took a little more care–I had to practice on one nail to make sure I could apply it evenly.  Also, colors like Cho and Farah can be invaluable. They’re light neutrals that give a gorgeous, sophisticated nude look. Sometimes, colors like this can make my skin tone look a little redder but that’s the nature of this type of color.

Ultimately, these went on without a problem with two coats. These were far easier to work with than some of the light opaques that I’ve tried (cough–Chanel Mimosa–excuse me!). All pictures are without a topcoat.

Overall, I’d recommend the colors from this collection. Zoya makes a fun, sophisticated and highly wearable collection. Lovely colors, lovely price point. I understand that these will be released very soon.

Zoya’s True collection were sent to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration for review.

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