Chanel Ombre Essentialle Soft Touch Eyeshadows: Gold, Bronze and Khaki

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Dec 142009

Here are three more Chanel Ombre Essentialle Soft Touch Eyeshadows from my collection.  All pictures are click-able if you’d like a closer view. You can see others here.

First, Gold is a warm yellow toned shimmery shade.

Gold edit

Second, the lovely shimmery Bronze.  It makes and amazing crease color, or for a soft dash of color near the lashline:

Bronze 2

Third, the amazing Khaki.  This reminds me of the very pigmented green Shu Metallic Olive or Scarab from MAC’s Thunder Eyes quad that was part of the Catherine Deneuve release. Heaven!

Khaki 2

Finally, swatches of all three together:

Khaki Gold Bronze Swatch copy

As with other Chanel single eyeshadows, these are very soft and pigmented.

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Les Tissages Lames de Chanel: Can It Make You Happy?

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Dec 122009

Chanel Suit

I demand more from beauty products than to sit on a counter looking pretty.  I want them to actually work well. And confronted with this product, I had to ask myself–could I use it?  Could I wear it to Starbucks without looking like “The Crazy Sparkling Chanel Lady”?  In other words, could it make me happy?

I rarely go anywhere draped in pearls and shimmer.  I never play with mini-birdcages.  But I did want to use the product several times a week to make the purchase price worth it. Chanel Birdcage copy

So after purchasing Les Tissages online, I went to my local Chanel counter.  As luck would have it, a Chanel representative was visiting that day, and gave me a lot of ideas. After a demonstration, I was convinced that I could actually use the item to pan.  First, she showed me that I could use this as an eyeshadow wash for an everyday look.  It leaves a sheer gold sheen that’s really pretty.

Second, she showed me that it could be used under foundation to give a subtle dewy look.  Here are the steps:

1. Apply foundation

2. Apply Les Tissages on the upper cheek, over the brows (yes, over), on the chin and even on the bridge of the nose.  If this is too shimmery for you, apply another layer of foundation over the highlighted areas.  These areas are circled on the facechart, below.  Stand back and gasp.  Yes, that’s actually your dewy skin.

Third, it can be used as a beautiful, sheeny highlighter all by itself.  This will give you the strongest look, but can work for daytime looks.  I’ve done a swatch in the shape of an “x” below, on my arm so you can see the full color and highlight effect.

As I left, I felt that although $60 is high.  However, I will use a substantial amount of the product.  And, it is a beautiful and useable product once you know how.  I especially like the “under foundation” trick.

For comparison, I would say that this has about the same amount of shimmer (tiny tiny glimmer bits) as a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, but more overall light-reflecting sheen.  The silvery sparkle that you see on the surface does come off with the first use.  This will mean that the shimmer bits will only be obvious for the first few uses, but the sheen goes through and through.

Les Tissages with Overspray

Tissage Swatch

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Chanel Ombre Essentialle Soft Touch Single Eyeshadows: Lavande, Amethyst and Magic Night

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Dec 112009

This is the first of a series from Chanel Ombre Essentialle Soft Touch Single Eyeshadows.  I own quite a number of eyeshadows from this range.  Overall, I’ve found that texture of all of these is very soft.  There is a range of about three categories of textures:  matte, shimmer and duochrome.

Overall, this features two from the permanent line, Lavande (shimmer) and Amethyst (duochrome), and one limited edition shade, Magic Night (duochrome, but subtly so). Lavande is a soft lavendar, appropriate to use as a mid-tone lid shade. (All pictures are click-able for a closer view)

The second is the duochrome Amethyst, one of my favorite.  This is absolutely stunning, with a lot of dimension.

Finally, here is a limited edition Magic Night, which is a brown infused with some purple.  It looks quite brown in the pan, but you can from the swatch below there is a deep purple cast once applied.

Here’s an effort to swatch all three, so that you can see how they look applied to the skin.  I applied these a bit unevenly, so that you can see how they look sheerly applied and some areas with more dense application:

Purple Swatches copy

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Speaking of Cake Eyeliners….

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Dec 082009

Here is a close up of Chanel’s La Ligne de Chanel Professional Eyeliner Duo in Celadon-Lame, out for the holidays 2009.  It’s a deep, dark, wonderful green. You can see how yummy it looks in the pan if you click on the picture, below. Go on, click it — it’s so pretty!


Swatches are available at Karlasugar’s blog.

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Cake Eyeliner: So Defined, Yet So Smudgy

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Dec 082009

Eyeliner is one of the trickiest makeup products to apply. One mis-step, and it can change the look of the most important area of your face. I find gel eyeliners extremely easy to use, and very long-lasting. However, one of the most classic eyeliners is a cake liner. Typically, one uses a cake liner wet. This is most easily accomplished if you wet the brush, not the liner cake.

I find cake eyeliners tremendously versatile. I use two brushes–the first to actually line the eye. A good flat-topped brush (here, Laura Mercier’s, but there are lot of companies that make them) is best for making a sharp, defined line around the lash lines.

1 copy

Second, I use a smudge brush (again, this is Laura Mercier’s but several companies make them) to smudge the liner, and to add a bit of powder over the sharp line to add a bit of smoke.  Alternatively, you could add a lighter color to soften and lighten the liner color.
2 copy

I find that it’s best to use these brushes wet. First, most cake eyeliners are hard and give off very little pigment unless you fight them for it. A wet brush is a great weapon to beat some pigment out of the cake. I find that a spritz of water isn’t enough. Also, using my tongue usually leaves a color mark so I avoid that too. It’s best to run the brushes under water, then “squeegee” the excess water out by using two fingers, or dab the brush on a towel. Here, I’m using Chanel’s black cake eyeliner duo.  I’m starting with the flat-topped brush in the matte side of the duo, to make a sharp line within the lash line.


This next picture shows how versatile a cake eyeliner can be, and why I love them.  You can use them to make the thinnest possible line, or really layer it on for a thick, dark look.  The reality is, that a cake eyeliner can give me the kind of control that I cannot get from other eyeliners. This is why I don’t mind the complication of using them.  I cannot get a line of the same thinness and pigmentation with a gel, or a pencil–the thin, flat, wet brush and the highly pigmented, light powder makes using a cake eyeliner unique.


Next, I take a wet, squeegee’d smudge brush and put it into the shimmer side of the eyeliner duo.  You can use a black eyeshadow (like MAC Carbon) for this part if you aren’t working with a duo.


I applied the smudge brush to the same three tester lines from the previous picture, so that it shows how you can “soften” the edges of the cake liner to the look that you are trying to achieve.


You can see around the edges of the largest and narrowest lines that you can sweep the smudge brush to a very soft edge if you like.  I’m constantly amazed how easy cake eyeliner is to use, even on some busy mornings.  And the layering helps the eyeliner last all day and into the evening–I had a very hard time washing this off with a tough cleanser!

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Dec 072009

Here are a few pictures from last week’s Chanel Paris-Shanghai show.  A remarkable consistency in the makeup–the 1960’s appear to have returned.  Heavy winged liner, heavy brows, and almost no color anywhere else on the face.  The nails were a combination of either a shimmery metallic or a neutral or shimmer topped with a shiny black tip.  More of the show is on  Enjoy!

Chanel ShanghaiThird

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Lancome Offers

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Dec 062009

I honestly think that Lancome has the best gifts with purchase in all of the makeup industry. For example, they are currently running a seven-day promotion with some very generous gifts with a code. If you like any of their products, register for their site. I’ve been registered for over a year, and believe that they have some type of special offer or code nearly every week.

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Dec 062009

When Bobbi Brown released her Illuminating Bronzers last spring, she also released a nice large fluffy bronzer brush. Although I’ve been wishing to buy the brush for months, I recently caved to temptation and took the plunge.Bobbi-Bronzer-Brush-3

The term “bronzer brush” is a little bit difficult to pin down. I can mean anything from a dense, long-handled kabuki, like Sephora’s , which picks up and deposits a lot of pigment on the cheek. These brushes are typically used for heavy coverage, and Sephora’s bronzer brush delivers on that score. As you can see from the link, the brush hairs on the Sephora are densely packed together. In contrast, Clinique’s is very large and fluffy. It would be ideal for bronzing large portions of skin, including the shoulders and body.

Bobbi’s falls somewhere between the two, with a large, dense and yet still somehow fluffy brush head. It’s ideal to use with her large bronzer compacts (or, for that matter,bronzers from Guerlain, Chanel or Estee Lauder, but not a small bronzer like Benefit’s Hoola). Here are some quick pictures so that you can see the size. This brush allows much more precise bronzer placement than a very large brush, but is still sufficiently fluffy to give a natural sweep.

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