Jul 292010

Edward Bess makes a beautiful deep toned highlighter called All Over Seduction in Afterglow ($38).  Although I’ve gone most of my life with a few, for some reason I’ve bought more highlighters since I started this blog than I ever imagined.  Why?  I’ve noticed what a huge (yet subtle) difference they make.  The compact is small–again, an easy throw-in-your-bag size that gives your skin a beautiful glow.  Also, some of my summer makeup mattes my skin down too much (physical sunscreens, particularly).  Adding highlighter brings it back to life.

Since I originally reviewed Edward Bess’ All Over Seduction in Sunlight, I’ve found that I love the effect on my upper cheeks.  (Yes, you can dab it on your shoulders and anywhere else too).  The slightly warm tone and texture looks so natural and pretty, catching the light in a way that makes my skin look ultra-healthy.  As we move into later summer, I wanted to try Afterglow for a deeper, near-gold color that works well with bronzers.

This picture shows the color and texture difference with some of my other cream and liquid highlighters.  RMS Beauty’s Living Luminizer glows like a soft white pearl.  Edward Bess’ Sunlight brings has creamier tones.  Afterglow is shimmery light gold.  By comparison, the Soliel Tan de Chanel liquid highlighter is gold-toned, but has a brighter shimmer than Afterglow.  At least two Chanel’s makeup artists have recommended to me that Soleil Tan de Chanel can be used under foundation (or powder) to tone the texture down.  In contrast, Afterglow has a natural looking luminosity right out of the compact.  However, you can see that Afterglow is not too dark for my pale MAC NC15/Chanel Cameo – Ivoire (Intensity 1.o) skin.

To me, high end makeup is worth the price if you use it up, it looks pretty, natural and sophisticated.  Afterglow is definitely in that category.

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Jul 282010

Edward Bess makes a lovely deep pink cream called Compact Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Island Rose ($38).

Although I’m on the paler end of the skin tone scale, I find that this color compliments beautifully without overwhelming.  The product sheers out beautifully when used on cheeks.  When I do a pale look, it adds a pretty pink when applied lightly.  When I add bronzer, I can amp up Island Rose nicely.  The texture of the product stays true and pretty.

The texture of Island Rose reminds me of Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge’s, my other favorite cream blush.  The closest that I have in my collection is Bobbi Brown’s Pale Pink–both are cool pinks.  You can see that Island Rose is a deeper tone:

Island Rose is an easier product for travel–the small compact slips pretty easily into even a small makeup bag.  Island Rose has a slight scent, which is noticeable when applied to lips.  I found that the product gives a slight tint of color on the lips (this is also how the product is described on Edward Bess’ website)  If you are looking for a full coverage lip color, I’d go with one of Edward Bess’ lipsticks instead.

This is a lovely color and I am really glad that Edward Bess is making such lovely, luxurious and practical products.  His Compact Rouge comes in one other color–After Sunset–which is reviewed by The NonBlonde at her site.

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Jul 272010

One of Edward Bess’ six gorgeous single Ultra Luminous eyeshadows is Escape ($30).

Escape is a beautiful deep caramel with a touch of bronze and a hint of red.  As with his other eyeshadows, Escape is richly pigmented and a pleasure to use.

I appreciate the small, light yet luxurious packaging.  Escape is perfect for my warm coloring and –hello!– really sets off my blue-changes-to-green eyes.  Also, this seems to pick up some golden tones in my hair, and is a color that really works for me.  The shadow has a subtle shimmer that looks sophisticated (read this as–no glitter bits, rather, the shadows has a pretty sheen the brings light to the lid).

Here is a comparison with Burberry Beauty’s Golden Trench, a color that is lighter and in the same color family.  I wore these two together over the weekend, and really liked the effect.  It worked well with a deep brown eyeliner (for example, Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in Espresso Ink or Chocolate Shimmer would work well).  I used Nars Abyssinia on my brownbone.

This is going to be staple for me, it is a neutral that has a touch of flattering color.  Definitely one that is going in my very top makeup drawer, the one that is easiest to reach for.  The small compact size makes it easy for travel, and the color means that it will look lovely with the blacks, blues, grays, greens, and even corals, yellows and greens that make up my clothing wardrobe.

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes for Escape.

If you are interested in other Edward Bess colors, Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book has this lovely comprehensive post.  I’ve reviewed Intimate and Dusk on Café Makeup here.  This is available at Edward Bess.com and also by calling Bergdorf Goodman in New York.  Of these two, I prefer calling Bergdorf because the assistance at the Edward Bess counter is wonderful.

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Jul 262010

Guerlain just released gorgeous, large heavy 6-color palettes ($85 each).  Sized 3″ by almost 3 1/2″, these palettes are some of the most beautiful products that I have seen.  I took some pictures, posted here, as a leisurely walk through these very intricate and detailed beauties.

These come in a velveteen slipcover:

The top has an elaborate latticework of metal mesh.  There is no mechanical latch–rather, the door closes quite crisply and securely using a magnet closure:

The latticework is highlighted with a little bee, which played a part in the very beginning of Guerlain’s history:

In 1853, Guerlain developed a fragrance for Empress Eugenie, the wife of Napoleon III.  The bottle was covered in bees, which were the symbols of the French Empire, each one lacquered in gold.  Today, Guerlain makes a series of perfumes with the glass embossed in a bee pattern:

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