Jan 122015


Francois Nars is on another creative streak–his capacity for innovation constantly amazes me.

At last night’s Golden Globes, NARS artists showcased some of his new products (including these very cool-looking blushes).  For example, the lovely Laura Carmichael had this gorgeous fresh glow through the talents of celebrity makeup artist Fabiola.  The key products used included the new All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation (previewed here), Lysithea Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow (swatched here), and the new Adoration Dual-Intensity Blush (all  pictured below).


The amazing Claire Danes was made up by Matin, wearing a Valentino gown, together with NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, Fervor Dual-Intensity Blush, and Giove Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow (swatched here).


You can see the new Fervor pictured here:


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Jan 122015


As you may have heard, this is Margiela Monday. Here are some images from today’s Maison Margiela Artisanal Collection, designed by John Galliano. Here are some examples from the runway.mmm 01 mmm 02 mmm 03 mmm 04 mmm 05

The theme of the show is described as follows:

A process of discovery, returning to one’s roots. Piece by piece, deconstructing and constructing a new story for Margiela. A deep commitment to the extraordinary possibilities of the Maison’s Atelier and the art of Haute Couture. Approaching tailoring, techniques, craftsmanship like a new explorer, or painter. One who sees beauty in things that are often taken for granted, giving everything a newly enriched life. A powerful and fierce yet refined mix of fabrics and materials. Stripped down, or reborn together in startling and unexpected ways. New direction given with play on proportion and sartorial rules. Languid, sweeping. Precise tailoring. A new fuller, revealing silhouette. Eyes wide open in wonderment to a veritable Cabinet de Curiosités. A jigsaw of lacquered shells reminiscent of Arcimboldo style figures. A miniature battalion charging across a black velvet shoulder. Pearls that bring teardrops of memories to the face. Looking through the glass, discovering an elusive, rare even arrestingly strange new beauty, of muses who nonchalantly arouse your senses. The Finale of Toiles. The Cabine marching in honest testimony of the process, the trials and errors, the time and emotion behind each cut, each line, each vision. A world deep in its past but with promises of the future.

The makeup is by Pat McGrath and hair by Eugene Souleiman.

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Jan 112015

Hum cleanse1
January 1st starts the beginning of regaining healthy habits for so many of us. I’ve been living without a kitchen, and it’s been very challenging to eat right without my juicer, sufficient storage for good fresh fruits and vegetables, and the ability to make healthy, comforting soups.  As it will likely be a few weeks before I have a working kitchen, I’ve been doing my best under difficult circumstances. I’ve found a good, fresh grocery store that sells organic salads, veggies, and fruits that delivers, which has been a lifesaver. I’ve done endless walkabouts through the outer edges of the grocery store to catch those satsuma oranges and amazing blueberries that are coming through. Still, no one’s perfect and so when Hum Nutrition offered to send me their Hum Cleanse to the Rescue ($42) I gratefully accepted.  They also sell a Daily Cleanse ($25), which I’m going to order for myself from Sephora.

Hum cleanse3

This product comes in 21 different envelopes that include four capsules. which is a combination of two other Hum products– Daily Cleanse™ and Flatter Me™. Generally:

  • Daily Cleanse contains a unique combination of detox herbs including red clover, milk thistle, dandelion root, and organic chlorella, which help remove toxins from the skin and body. It helps detox and cleanse your skin, as well as the liver, bowels, kidneys, lungs, and lymphatic system.
  • Flatter Me is a comprenhensive proprietary blend of 18 enzymes that supports all major phases of nutrient digestion. It is uniquely formulated to optimize protein, carbs, fiber, and fats breakdown, and to help with nutrient absorption, relief from indigestion, and bloating.

Hum cleanse5

Basically, it comes with a handy booklet that tells you to eat clean, avoid sugars, processed foods, avoid alcohol and other pointers to eliminate taking on toxins into your system.

Hum cleanse4

Additionally, the booklet explains that one is supposed to take the two big pills in the packet without food, and then the two small ones with food. So, one envelope a day which is pretty easy to remember. You have to keep track of the envelope until you eat so you can take those little ones, but that’s relatively easy to do.

Hum cleanse6

The detox process has been interesting. The toxic elimination aspect has been–um–gentle but noticeable.  I’ve been taking these since last Wednesday and have experienced many detox symptoms–a few headache, losing a pant size, a touch of moodiness, and increased thirst. As you can imagine, one wants to push up one’s water intake during a cleanse. As I’m only a week in, I’ve been impressed by the fact that my stomach is, in fact, noticeably much flatter. I haven’t experienced any increased hunger–actually, things have been pretty normal and steady in that department.  I also amped up my workouts, because, well January. Ingredients (click to enlarge):

Hum cleanse2

I’m finding Hum Nutrition Cleanse to the Rescue to be very effective, and am thinking about purchasing it occasionally on my own in the future.  On a side note, I think my cleanse has been relatively smooth. My apologies for my random emails to the lovely Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book at one my moodier moments. Who thought that giving up toast would lead to that? Anyway, I can only hope that my liver will be singing a happy song at the end of this 21-day trial (and yours too!). This is available at Sephora.

This was sent to Cafe Makeup without charge for consideration for review. This post contains affiliate links (for more information (see About Cafe Makeup)

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Jan 112015

Sephora marsala01Happy 2015! Sephora’s Pantone Color of the Year is Marsala, a wearable shade that is office-friendly and flattering on many skin tones. To commerate, Sephora has gathered an entire range of products from different lines that fit within this beautiful neutral. In addition, Sephora has put together its own items built around the Marsala color story. These include the Sephora +Pantone Universe Facets of Marsala Multi-Finish Eye Palette ($39) and the Sephora +Pantone Universe Pure Marsala Matte Lip Creme ($18). The eyeshadow palette is sold out online at present, but there were four or five at my local Sephora on Friday (so hopefully there will be some in yours as well).

Sephora marsala04

These items are packaged in a marsala-toned metallic-colored finish that actually very pretty. The eyeshadow palette is lightweight, slim and highly functional. Although it won’t keep the packaging designers for Marc Jacobs or Tom Ford all night, their simple design is reflected in this highly affordable price point.

Sephora marsala08

If you want my honest opinion, I think that the line put the money into the product not the packaging. At $39 and $18 respectively, that’s a good call. The quality of the product to the applied to the eye and lips is surprisingly good. The pigmentation, texture, and range of colors and textures is outstanding.

Sephora marsala07As you can see, there are different textures of Marsala-toned colors in the top center. Surrounding these are a range of beautiful colors that coordinate nicely. I found that these applied beautifully–the texture is soft, does not kick up a lot of dust, and are a breeze to apply and blend. If you are heading to the stores today, you’ll want to stop by your Sephora and try out the tester.

Sephora marsala09



Sephora marsala10


Sephora marsala11

Sephora marsala12

Sephora marsala13

The Sephora Marsala eyeshadow palette was swatched with the NARS Artistry Smudge Brush #45 #45 ($28)(reviewed here), which is a pretty awesome brush. I did an eye with the Wayne Goss #6 brush ($25) and found that the colors applied and blended very impressively. For the price, this Sephora eyeshadow palette is a steal.

Sephora marsala02

The Sephora + Pantone Universe Marsala lipstick ($18) is a nice reddish-brown neutral that is semi-matte.

Sephora marsala06Swatch of the lipstick:

Sephora marsala14I attempted a lip swatch to give you a sense of the color:

sephora marsala lipstick4The good news is that those gorgeous geniuses at Sephora have provided Cafe Makeup with a fresh never-used eyeshadow palette and lipstick for giveaway!  Fun, right? If you’d like a try, you must leave a comment here on Cafe Makeup through the Rafflecopter form for one point (only once for the entire contest, please). If you’d like additional points, you can voluntarily tweet about the giveaway for another point (you are limited to one tweet per day) through the Rafflecopter form below. The comment is mandatory to enter, the tweet is not.

Note that the tweet must be through the Rafflecopter form. 

The contest is open the U.S. readers only and ends on Friday 1/16/15 at 12:00 am Eastern time.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck to everyone!! Sephora marsala03 Sephora marsala02 These items were provided to Cafe Makeup without charge for review and give-away. This post includes affiliate links (for more information, see About Cafe Makeup)

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Jan 102015

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope that you are having a lovely weekend, and able to stay warm and comfy.  I saw a few fun things that I thought I’d share…

I still haven’t fully processed Chanel’s Metiers d’Art Salzburg show. A few years ago, I spent some time in Salzburg in the winter. Although beautiful in the summer, with its Mozart music festival and Sound of Music hills (it’s the city where the movie was filmed), I was impressed with the city in the winter. Located among the beautiful Alps, this city is populated with the most amazing, warm, and charming people. There are beautiful walks to castles on the hills. It’s so idyllic. By the way, Chanel’s clothing captured the heritage and culture of the city perfectly. And of course, this is the city where Coco got her inspiration for her famous jacket. What better place to celebrate the line?

Congratulations to Lisa Eldridge, the new creative director for Lancome.  I’m so pleased that she’ll be providing them with some of her creative talent. As she’s explained on her website, she’ll continue to maintain her video blog, twitter, and other social media accounts.


How cute is this Alice and Olivia Starbucks cup? Love this! The bow is removable, thank heavens. I’m going to have to look for this locally, it looks like it’s already sold out online. Cute!
starbucksIs white the new black? Le Bon Marche in Paris thinks so. They’ve commissioned designer goods available in store during the month of January. Love those Dior sunglasses! Perfect for winter.

white white white

By the way, I’ve noticed that there are more codes on my Sephora iPhone app than I can see on my desktop. The app codes work on the desktop (sometimes it throws an error, but it does take it). If you’ve got the app, you might take a look–nothing wrong with free samples!

sephora deals

I hope you have a lovely remainder of your weekend, gorgeous!


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