Apr 292010

Chanel’s Summer 2010 collection includes Mistral ($23) (Le Vernis Nail Colour Mistral), a medium pink with silver micro-sparkles.  This is one of those “proper pinks” or work-friendly pinks like Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Plie, that can be worn under the most stressful conditions without worry that one is wearing anything too loud.

I must admit that Mistral gave me a very difficult time during application, although I have been having a somewhat stressful week in my non-blogging life.  I attempted this three times and got some minor streaks and tiny bubbles.  Also, the formula seemed to apply sheerly at the tip, so that there is a color falloff.   Unlike Riviera, which applied like a dream, it took me three attempts to get Mistral to get the picture, below, which I still consider far from perfect.

With two coats, I have some visible nail line showing.  When I attempted three coats, the formula looked very ‘thick’ on the nails so I declined to photograph that version.

Because I absolutely love Nouvelle Vague and Riviera which also came out with this collection, I cannot be very upset about my frustration with Mistral.  I’ll keep trying and perhaps you will have better luck with yours than I do with mine.

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Apr 292010

Thank you to Scrangie, who pointed out on Twitter yesterday that nail polish maker OPI Products Inc. appears to have filed suit against Transdesign, an online seller of nail polish, for copyright infringement.  As many beauty aficionados know, Transdesign is a nice source of supply for OPI’s large nail polishes, because it has prompt shipping, a wide selection and low prices.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that OPI’s complaint against Transdesign is available online, so it is hard to tell what the heart of this dispute really is about.

Well, I did a little research.  So the U.S. Copyright act says that the following categories of things can be protected by copyright law that are fixed in a tangible medium of expression:

  • literary works;
  • musical works, including any accompanying words;
  • dramatic works, including any accompanying music;
  • pantomimes and choreographic works;
  • pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works;
  • motion pictures and other audiovisual works;
  • sound recordings; and
  • architectural works.

But none of those categories of things seem to be “nail polish,” “makeup” or “beauty related” items.  Rather, these are expressive works, such as an artist, writer or even an architect or software programmer might create.  Can one copyright a color?  Or a paint (which is basically what nail polish is)?  I know that we own the copyright to our photographs of nail polish.  One might even be able to claim copyright protection to a particularly original application of nail art (similar to a painting by an artist).  But to the nail polish itself?

As a next step, I looked on the U.S. Copyright Office website for registrations filed by OPI Products, Inc. and found about 19 entries:

Some of the registrations concern visual displays, photographs and textual material relating to their products.  So here’s an example from the OPI Hong Kong collection:

Okay, fair enough but I’m still not sure what’s going on here.  Does anyone else know anything?

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Apr 282010

Chanel Summer 2010 has a delightful pink nail polish, Riviera ($23)(Le Vernis Nail Colour Riviera #537) which has the capability of putting me in a summer frame of mind.  Although there are many pinks on the market, I particularly enjoy Chanel’s vibrant creme nail color formula and so I knew that I had to have this one.

Two coats gives me a vibrant look that somehow looks appropriate without moving into the neon category.  Somehow, Chanel still makes the color looks special.  I have several medium-to-dark pinks, it’s a color that I love, and I’m  hard pressed to find a duplicate with precisely the same look.
Riviera will (as you can see in Chanel’s promotion picture) look fabulous with this summer’s Rouge Allure in Super–they have the same color tone.

Here is my on-the-nail swatch, taken with a flash as I had already lost the sun for the day:

I find this formula very easy to work with–it seems to spread without any problems.  The above was done over Creative Nail Design’s Stickey base coat and with a topcoat by Poshe.

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Apr 282010

Chanel’s Orient Extrême Collection includes the Jet-Gold Eyeliner-Eyeshadow Duo ($45) (reviewed here) (limited edition), which holds a highly pigmented cake eyeliner and gold shimmery eyeshadow.  As promised, I’m posting some swatches which I was able to take as the sun was setting this evening.

The black cake eyeliner is a matte, true black.  If you already own Chanel’s La Ligne de Chanel Professional Eyeliner Duo in Noir Lame, I believe it’s safe to say that this black is the same as the matte black in the Jet Gold Duo.  So, you don’t need both honestly.  In fact, I slightly prefer the prior, permanent Noir Lame, because the black sparkle that comes in that duo makes a wonderful smudge-able shade to add over the matte liner.

The gold is Jet Gold is a very light and sparkling gold.  Here, you can see it applied without any base on my pale skin–the effect is very subtle.

As an experiment, I loaded up my arm with Guerlain’s Terracotta Tinted Moisturizer in Blondes-you can see that using this tinted moisturizer (which is darker than my natural skin tone) as a base makes the gold show up much more vibrantly and more yellow/warm:

Overall, Chanel’s Jet Gold is a unique and beautiful product.  When it first arrived, it seemed too pretty to use.  However, because this eyeliner is one of the best on the market, I’ve reached the conclusion that, “Hey, I paid $45 for it, I’m going to use this baby all the way till I hit pan.”

The one awkward thing about the product is that I am likely to use up the gold eyeshadow before the eyeliner.  This is because you only need the tiniest bit to line the eye. On the other hand, the gold powder has a more typical eyeshadow consistency and is fairly light in tone.  You need more gold  to cover the lid, or even the browbone, than you will to line.

Of course, the product is beautiful, and it is Chanel, so I would have bought it no matter what (I’m a Chanel addict, what can I say?).  If I weren’t a Chanel addict, I would go with the Noir Lame eyesliner duo and look elsewhere for a pretty gold eyeshadow.

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