Jun 082014

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For the past few weeks, I’ve been using By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Foundation ($115/ 1.0 oz.). After a short adjustment, I find that I absolutely love its look and longevity.  As you likely know, By Terry is a premier French company that creates some beautiful things. By Terry Densiliss is new this year, and so I tried a few healthy-sized samples. After the first very long day, I found that my skin had a beautiful, perfected look and I invested in the full-sized version. I chose #3 in Vanilla Beige after reviewing these swatches on The Beauty Professor and based on my experience with a few sample shades.

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The finish of this foundation is superb. My skin looks creamy with just the right amount of natural sheen. My pores (which aren’t very large) are minimized.  The coverage of By Terry Densiliss is hard to pin down because it is so buildable. In other words, one sheer layer is sheer, but the entire face (or any part) can accept multiple thin layers without any caking or problems.  In fact, I discovered (by trial and error) that layering is the very best way to apply this foundation. Rather than using a traditional pumpful or two, I deliberately under-apply a too-thin layer with just a partial-pump, then wait a minute until it sets. Afterwards, I add another layer or two depending on the coverage that I want. I’ve never needed to keep going, because this gives me medium coverage.

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I usually don’t add a powder, although lately I’ve been adding Corol from MAC’s Pedro Lourenco Collection just for fun (it’s not necessary, but it’s a nice variation).

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As with many French companies, By Terry’s Densiliss has a slight perfume scent that fades quickly with application. Ingredient list (click to enlarge):

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The texture might seem a touch thick, but using the light layering technique seems to alleviate any problems in application.

By terry foundation05I’ve been impressed with the longevity of By Terry Densiliss, even in the extreme dry heat that we’ve been experiencing in California. Despite dry weather reaching near 100 over the past few weeks, my skin has not look a bit dry. In fact, it looks moisturized and youthful. I cannot say that this is 100% due to this foundation, but it is nice that the line states that this foundation “improves skin density, diminishes lines and simultaneously treats all signs of aging” with a revolutionary patented rejuvenating active ingredient with an optimal makeup correction that immediately targets surface wrinkles and provides deep-down and lasting global result.”

By terry foundation09Overall, my first weekend convinced me to get By Terry Densiliss, but the weeks that I’ve been using it have confirmed my love for it. Although this is one of the more expensive foundations on my counter, I’ve really loved the results and feel really good about the investment. This is available online at Barneys New York in all shades.

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