Jul 062011

The Byzance de Chanel Collection evokes a golden time with Joues Contraste Powder Blush in Or (meaning “gold”) ($43 #144.337).  This baked powder blush provides a slight yellow-gold finish.  As a soft highlighter, Or is the warm twin sister of Joues Contaste Luna (reviewed here).  Although called blushes, these act as shimmery powders that add a slight glow and only very soft color.

In Fall 2008, Chanel released another baked gold blush, the Facettes D’Or Highlighter in Gold Fever.  I pulled my Gold Fever out to compare:

I found that the colors are similar enough that I was unable to tell any difference once swatched on the skin.


According to sources, Peter Philips paired Chanel Joues Contraste Or with Chanel Joues Contraste Mocha (reviewed here) on for the Pre-Fall Byzantine runway show.  Paired with the deeper neutral pink-brown, one can see how such a blush could be used creatively to add a subtle but unusual twist to a makeup look.

I must admit the subtle cheek on this image is beautiful. The color picks up the gold on the model’s eyes, which is the gold shade from the Chanel Topkapi Eyeshadow Quad (reviewed here).

Bottom line:  Chanel Joues Contraste Or fits well within this unusual Byzance de Chanel collection for the niche buyer.  You might check your drawer to see whether you already own Chanel Facettes D’Or / Gold Fever or a similar gold powder blush before investing.

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Jul 042011

Late last year, Chanel previewed the pre-Fall Byzance collection, which gave us some hints about the makeup used at the show.  Now that pre-Fall is here, Chanel has released the Byzance Makeup Collection.  Part of that collection was the limited edition Lumieres Byzantines de Chanel Palette Highlightersdiscussed here.

In addition, there is a boutique collection of four times–Joues Contraste Blush in Rouge, Joues Constraste Blush in Or (Gold), Rouge Allure Lipstick in Byzantin, and the Regard Signe de Chanel eyeshadow quad in Topkapi.

Let me start by saying that Chanel boutique releases are typically edgier than a full release. Some may recall the release of Noirs Obscurs three shades of black lipsticks some years back.  I think of these as “Chanel Pro,” or “for the die-ard Chanel fan.”  Some are special formulations, and some are high fashion colors that seem suited for those with a sophisticated taste.

Regard Signe de Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow in Topkapi ($65 #3901) fits into the first category.  This formulation is new and unique–according to the insert, it is based on an ‘exceptional manufacturing process that gives the powder exceptional qualities’–extremely soft, even color, and incredibly gorgeous texture.

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