Feb 142012

This week’s series of emails from Nars at New York Fashion Week (Fall 2012) brings this intriguing preview of some new items for some of Nars’ plans for his own releases in Fall 2012. These items were used on the runway this week at 3.1 Philip Lim. A new Undress Me multiple and new Carpates Stylo eyeliner are on the way. Also, it appears that Outlaw blush is returning. The application on the cheeks here look quite subtle and natural. Doesn’t Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF30/PA+++ look fabulous? I’m enjoying wearing it very much.

“This girl is part cartoon, but emotional, edgy, ethereal, and on the brink of tears” says Francelle Daly, NARS Brand Ambassador. “Think, ‘comic book super hero meets emotional Roy Lichtenstein character.’”
·         Concealer
·         Outlaw Blush (New for Fall 2012!)
·         Undress Me Multiple (New for Fall 2012!)
·         Carpates Stylo Eyeliner (New for Fall 2012!)
·         Jungle Red Lip Liner
·         Triple X Lip Gloss
 The face chart shows strong eyes with a touch of red/pink. Although Jungle Red lipliner is listed, the lips look almost nude in the shot at the top, although there is more color on the model to whom makeup is being applied. Perhaps the red liner was not used on every model.
On the runway:

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