May 182016

Cartier Pathern Perfume 1

Cartier La Panthère Eau de Perfume ($55 and up) is a statement scent. I love it days when I need every bit of confidence. Walking into a room full of people, where I’d like to lead a wonderful impression, takes a great lipstick. From here on out, I’m adding some a spray of La Panthère as well. It literally gives me a soft lift that, although not overpowering, adds a bit of assertiveness that’s both lovely and entirely appropriate.

There’s a floral touch, some fruit, and a bit of musk. The blend synergistically combines to create something new–it doesn’t smell like anything specific but there is something familiar about it. Introduced in 2014, I’m happy to have discovered it now. The bottle has a highly styled panther carved into the glass.


It’s a gorgeous, heavy presentation with a large, flat spray top. It’s gorgeous.

There are floral notes (gardenia, predominately) in the scent, but they do not predominate. In other words, I don’t find that this has the overall impression of a floral scent. It may be because they are mixed with fruits, as well as musk and oak moss. It’s lovely and assertive. It’s feminine but not erotic. I believe the best way to describe it is to say that it’s one of favorite scents to wear when I have to meet important people, and to come across as confident and ready to lead.

Cartier Panther 2

Cartier Panther 4

Cartler Panther 3

Cartier Panther 8

There are scents that are made for relaxing, and others for a casual day. Cartier La Panthère Eau de Perfume is custom-made for days when you are pushed outside your comfort zone. Don’t worry–you can totally do this. Which is true whether or not you’re wearing Cartier, but still. It’s nice to have it along with you.

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