Mar 102013

Chanel 19321

Chanel has just released another Exclusif fragrance, 1932 ($130/ 2.5 fl. oz./ $230/ 6.8 fl. oz.) The fragrance is available online at, Chanel boutiques which carry fragrances, and Chanel Studios within department stores. I received this small sample from Nordstrom Seattle, a designated Chanel Studio which carries the Exclusif line, when I placed my phone order for some other products.

This fragrance release commemorates Chanel’s new 1932 Fine Jewelry collection. Like Gabrielle Chanel’s original 1932 jewelry exhibition, this latest fine jewelry line is based on the beauty and purity of the diamond.

Chanel 1932 jewelry

Rather than coldness, the fragrance seeks to evoke comets, stars and ribbons–the shapes used in the original collection. According to Chanel:

1932 evokes a dazzling array of diamond stars and comets. Created petal by petal, the soft,woody fragrance expresses an enveloping heart of White Jasmine.

Chanel 1932a1

Jasmine is the strongest note that I pick up when first applied, a note that I do not typically like. In 1932, the white jasmine the note is so soft and refined that I actually do like this as it is blended. The jasmine plays with the other floral notes and woods, and lacks the unpleasantness that jasmine often has.  It’s a diamond jasmine, if you will, in the sophisticated sense of the term. I’m picking up other bright, soft notes of rose, ylang-ylang, and the slightest touch of carnation. The base is a very soft wood, perhaps with a bit of vanilla. A full list of all of the notes appears here at Basenotes.

Chanel 19325

Chanel 1932 has a floral feminine delicacy. There is something a bit formal and light about it, like dress worn in a proper French garden. It is soft as silk jersey. It does transform one back in time. Although I find the jewelry design quite modern, the fragrance does seem to derive from 1932 as appropriate for  teas, weddings, and other daytime social events of the era.

Chanel 19324

Chanel 1932 is quite gentle in its sillage and lasting power. If you shy about strong fragrances, you will love Chanel 1932. I applied several dabs and found that it was not at all strong. In truth, I had to work to find the scent after about six hours of wear. As my skin warmed during a late afternoon walk, the scent re-awakened again for a few more hours. However, those who love strong scents should note that 1932 is perhaps the most subtle fragrance that I’ve ever worn. It’s quite pleasant, it will go on my “gift list” for future occasions.

Bottom line:  This is a lovely, polished floral that will appeal to those who love a soft, feminine, traditional fragrance.

For more about Chanel’s 1932 jewelry collection, please enjoy this video:

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