Sep 102011

Chanel released three limited edition colors in the Jeans de Chanel Collection ($29/each), coordinating the release date with the worldwide Fashion’s Night Out.  Each color, Coco Blue, Blue Boy and Blue Rebel, are variations of blues.

First, Coco Blue is a light blue with subtle shimmer.

In sun, Coco Blue’s subtle shimmer shows even in the bottle:

 On nails, Coco Blue dries to a light, saturated blue   It’s a very striking color, and perhaps not entirely work-friendly unless you are going for some edge.  Here are two coats without any base or topcoat):

Coco Blue, close-up in sun:

Blue Boy is a somewhat sheer medium blue cream:

Blue Boy on nails in shade:

Blue Boy in sun:

My favorite is Blue Rebel, the deepest blue shade.

Like Blue Boy, Blue Rebel is a creme texture:

Blue Rebel in sun:

 Unlike the Chanel Le Vernis in the permanent range, which sell for $25, the Jeans de Chanel sell for $29 and are expected to sell out quickly (particularly the deeper toned Blue Rebel).  These are only available from Chanel boutiques, online at, Bergdorf Goodman, and select Neiman Marcus locations (Houston, Dallas NorthPark, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, Oakbrook, Michigan Ave., Tysons, Troy, Boca Raton, Austin, Natick and San Francisco).

The formula of these was workable, even the light blue Coco Blue.  I found Coco Blue easier to work with than Chanel Riva (reviewed here).  The best formula and my favorite color (by far) was the deep blue Blue Rebel.  Although not a large amount to spend as a memento for an attendee of Fashion’s Night Out as an event, those on a budget may wish to choose their favorite and leave the other two behind.  I’m glad that I picked up the collection, as the colors are well thought-out and flattering.  Coco Blue is going to look amazing with winter whites and in summer, although it’s edgy enough to warrant careful coordination with your wardrobe.

I want to love these, really I do.  They are pretty, honestly.  But I don’t believe that Jeans de Chanel has the gasp-inducing quality of some of Peter Philips recent releases–Graphite, Quartz, Black Pearl and Peridot, together with last year’s Strong and Steel, were truly brilliantly formulated.  Let’s face it, he’s set the bar pretty high for himself.  Even Particuliere and some of Chanel’s sheers (Tendresse)  are neutrals and therefore more versatile than the Jeans de Chanel colors.  Overall, I’d say it is a successful collection but not as striking as some released in the past.

Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book has done some helpful and accurate comparisons that you might wish to examine before you purchase.

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