Jun 282011

Chanel Glossimer in Braise ($28.50 #158) (Levres Scintillantes Braise) is a color enigma.  The word “braise” translates to “ember,” evoking a glowing orange-red tone if read literally.  In the tube, Braise appears to have a warm burgundy glow-I was expecting this color to display a deep browned burgundy tone.

I expected it to be a glossimer twin of Chanel Rouge Coco Etole, also released in this collection.  Well, Chanel’s Illusion D’Ombre collection surprised me (once again!)  Instead, I found Braise to very complicated and shifting, depending on how it is worn.

I found that Braise swatched on the gold-orange end of the ember scale.  In my mind, Braise had a strawberry jam or even plum feeling.  However, compared to Chanel Glossimer in Nakkar (reviewed here), Braise is a far warmer tone.

Chanel Braise does not have the strawberry red feel of Nakkar, nor the plum tones of Chanel Ironic Tonic.  It is far warmer than the deep Chanel Fatale (reviewed here).  Instead, Chanel Braise swatches as an ember (umber?) toned brown-red-orange.  You can see that Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book has a picture of Braise with a very warm-gold red feel.

Another surprise–on lips, Chanel Braise showed more red than I expected from my arm swatch.  On Liz, you can see it has an ember-orange-red tone with a dash of copper/brown.  Because of its sheerness, please expect that the color will vary on you depending on the underlying color tone of your lip.

Overall, I find Chanel Braise to be an enigma–like a glowing ember, the color tone is complex and varying.  The words “your mileage may vary” do not do this color justice–your mileage WILL vary! I’m a fan of deeper glosses and have warm tones in my skin that will make the most of Chanel Braise. Overall, an intriguing and unique mix of tones that I’m sure that I’ll enjoy.

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