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Revlon Carbonite– A Dupe for Chanel Graphite?

August 4, 2011

On a recent trip to a local CVS drugstore, I noticed a display of Revlon Carbonite ($4.98) with the tagline “Wear the ‘It Color’ of the Season.”  Fortunately, I’d already learned from Nouveau Cheap that Carbonite was Revlon’s effort to duplicate Chanel Graphite.  Could my beauty friends get the same look of a $25 polish for under $5? I had to investigate.

I swatched as one color Chanel Graphite, the next Revlon Carbonite and so on.  On the edges, I put Chanel Strong (a metallic gray) and Chanel Black Pearl on the other side.  Indoors under flash, you can see that the colors are both close.  Chanel Graphite has a touch more green to my eye (click to enlarge):


Outdoors in sun with flash, you can see the Chanel sparkle more clearly (click to enlarge):

One more outdoors with flash (click to enlarge):

By reader request, here are some on-finger swatches.  These are swatched differently.  Revlon Carbonite are the left two fingers.  Chanel Graphite are on the right two.  This one is indoors with flash:

 Outdoors in the late evening sun:

To my eyes, the outdoor pictures show the famous Chanel sparkle and that chameleon color-shift of Chanel Graphite.  I’ve always maintained that no one does sparkle like Chanel–no one.   It’s enchanted with fairy dust.  Having said all that, the price difference can be a significant consideration.  In other words, whether something is close enough to justify the price difference is something every beauty lover must decide for herself.  What do you think?  (please vote in the poll, below)

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By the way, here’s The Polish Police’s comparison with Chanel Graphite and OPI’s Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous.

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Chanel Fall 2011 Final Recommendations and Overview

July 4, 2011

Chanel Fall 2011 is a pivotal Chanel collection. This appears to be a time when many products were added to the permanent line, adding several needed items and exploring some new textures and formulas.  I love when established companies innovate, so if you hear someone shouting from their rooftops, c’est moi!

The sheer size and scope of the collection is notable.  Although The Nonblonde suggests that “they’re overdoing it,” to me, more Chanel is more Chanel. The critical question is this–can you ever have too much Chanel?

I think you can have too much football, or fishing.  Or tequila.  Maybe even too much MAC.  But we have a long way to go until we get to that point. For me, Chanel makes the bumps in life’s roads a little easier.  I’d fill my bathtub with it and want more.  Maybe I’ll be in Chanel rehab with Dr. Drew someday.  We’ll see.  Until then, I’m going with what works.

Let’s review the collection, before I get to my favorites:

  • Illusion d’Ombre Eyeshadows (overview here).   Application tips are here.

– Fantasme (reviewed here)

– Emerveillé (reviewed here)

– Ebloui (reviewed here)

– Epatant (reviewed here)

– Illusoire (reviewed here)

– Mirifique (reviewed here)

  • Le Crayon Yeux eye pencil in Khaki Platine (reviewed here)

  • Joues Contraste Blush in Rose Écrin (reviewed here)

  • Les 4 Ombres Eyeshadow Palette in Prélude (reviewed here)

  • Lèvres Scintillantes (Glossimers)

– Pampille (reviewed here)

– Braise (reviewed here)

  • Crayon Lèvres lip pencils in Rose Cuivré and Coralline (reviewed here)

  • Rouge Coco lipstick

– Plumetis (reviewed here)

– Étole (reviewed here)

  • Rouge Double Intensite in Rose Morganite and Rose Quartz (reviewed here).

  • Le Vernis nail polish

– Graphite (reviewed here)

Peridot (reviewed here)

Quartz (reviewed here)

  • Double Perfection Compact Foundation in Medium Beige-Contour (reviewed here)

My personal favorites:

  • Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Eyeshadows in Ebloui, Illusoire and Mirifique
  • Chanel Le Vernis nail colors in Peridot and Quartz
  • Chanel Prelude Eyeshadow Quad
  • Chanel Rouge Coco Plumentis
  • Chanel Crayon Levres in Rose Cuivre

Which of these items interest you most?  If you have tried any, which are your favorites?


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Chanel Foundation

Chanel Double Pefection Foundation Powder- Medium Beige / Contour

July 4, 2011

I’m a bit reluctant to review Chanel Double Perfection Natural Matte Powder Makeup in 80 Medium Beige ( #80).  This was a product that was included in my shipment from Chanel.  I’m assuming that this is a new color for Fall 2011.  Given that my typical color is on the 20 Soft Beige end of the scale, this is not a color with which I have a lot of familiarity.  My fear is that this review will raise more questions than I can answer, but I’m forging ahead with the hope that you’ll find it helpful nonetheless.

Generally, Chanel’s Double Perfection powder foundation is a lovely matte foundation.  I’ve used it my Soft Beige for quite some time.  I find that applying it wet with the included sponge gives heavy coverage.  I prefer to apply it with a brush for a more natural look, typically over a primer or Chanel’s UV Essentiel SPF 50, which also acts as a primer.  A dense brush (such as a kabuki), will give me heavy coverage.  A soft powder brush gives light coverage.

After application, I usually add a spritz of Caudalie Eau de Beaute to minimize the powdery look that powder foundations can give for the first hour or so of wear time.  It helps the foundation settle into my skin.

I have found that in colder weather months, bronzer can look like too much.  Some readers may be reluctant to wear bronzer ever, at all.  For those occasions, I’ve longed to get a deeper toned foundation for light contouring.  In a way, this foundation was the answer to this wish, as it is several shades deeper than my natural color, and so can be used lower on the checks to add subtle depth.  This can be used with either a lighter powder foundation, or patted over a liquid foundation in my color.

Bottom line: Win (for this limited purpose).



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Chanel Lip Pencil

Chanel Lip Definer Pencils: Coralline and Rose Cuivre Review

July 4, 2011

Chanel Fall introduces two new Le Crayon Levres/ Crayon Contour des Levres Precision/ Precision Lip Definer pencils in Coralline (#46) and Rose Cuivre (#47) ($29 each).  Both are welcome additions to the line.

To be honest, I’m not a good person to compare them to other brands because I’ve only used Chanel lip pencils (after some disappointing results with a few less expensive brands).  Also, I do not wear lip pencils very often–I lack the patience and never really got into the habit of using them.  Nonetheless, I’m sure that I’ll get good use out of both Coralline and Rose Cuivre and here’s why.

Generally, Chanel lip pencils are high quality and long lasting.  They don’t glide on, but they don’t pull very much either. With even if you aren’t very talented with lip pencils (I’m not), they apply evenly.

My lips are rather pigmented toward red-mauve.  Putting on a semi-sheer coral or peach lip color never applies true to the tube color, and often times not even close.  I need a lip pencil to wear those shades, unless the lipstick is very opaque.  There really are not a large number of good, true coral lip pencils on the market.  Coralline fills that gap beautifully. If you are looking for a pencil to coordinate with peach or coral lipsticks or glosses, get Coralline.

Like all Le Crayon Levres pencils, Coralline comes with a built-in brush for blending and a sharpener.

Coralline covers the pigmentation in my lips, and provides a soft coral base.  Only then does the red-mauve in my lips stop “fighting” the peachy-coral of the gloss or lipstick.

Rose Cuivre (which translates to “copper rose”) is a pretty warm deep red.  It can be worn under any deep red lipstick, such as Chanel Rouge Coco Etole, or any other.  It’s actually beautiful alone for a deep matte lip.

This color is so far inside my personal comfort zone that I’m not certain that I can review it objectively.  Even though I need Coralline in my beauty stash, I know that I’ll use Rose Cuivre much more.  It’s a perfect fall pencil for most–but a year-round pencil for me.

Here’s a series of swatches with Chanel Rouge Coco Etole, Chanel Rose Cuivre lipliner pencil, Chanel Coralline lipliner pencil and Chanel Rouge Coco Plumentis, all from the Fall 2011 collection.  Just for comparison, I then swatched Chanel Rouge Coco in Monte Carlo so that you can see a coral comparison (Monte Carlo is more red than Coralline, which is more peach).  Then, just for color comparison, I swatched my Chanel lip pencil in Natural, so that you can judge these swatches compared to a neutral tone.

One more, same setup:

Bottom line:  Yes for Coralline for practicality;  yes for Rose Cuivre just because it’s so very lovely.

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