Dec 262012

Poudre Signee de Chanel04

The Poudre Signee de Chanel ($68) is the star of the Chanel Spring 2013 collection. The color is a soft shell with a touch of pink. The compact is a standard size, the same as the Chanel eyeshadow and blush palettes. However, the velveteen sleeve is larger than most:

Poudre Signee de Chanel01

Inside, the pouch houses a spongetip applicator.  We ignored the sponge (typically, sponges give very heavy application) in favor of a soft face brush (for these looks, we used the Burberry Face Brush No. 2):

Poudre Signee de Chanel12

This pressed powder is embossed in a Chanel makeup-lover’s dream pattern, scattered with images of Camilla blossoms, lipsticks, glossimers and other pretty Chanel symbols.

Poudre Signee de Chanel03

Close up of the powder:

Poudre Signee de Chanel09

Overall, this is a very giftable palette, ideal for Valentines or perhaps even Mother’s Day (for those thinking ahead):

Poudre Signee de Chanel02

Liz and I found that the palette gave a soft candlelight glow indoors. Here, Liz applied the Poudre Signee de Chanel on her browbone and all over her cheek. You will not get the high-shine or metallic effect of a liquid like Benefit High Beam or NARS Copacabana.  Rather, in soft light she has a luminous soft candle-lit glow as Poudre Signee provides a pretty fine finishing powder effect. In this type of soft lighting, the effect is very subtle.

Signe Poudre de Chanel41

Another (with flash). This is with Chanel Joues Constraste Frivole Blush, as well the Chanel Raffinement Eyeshadow quad, also from the Spring 2013 collection.

Signee de Chanel 2

Liz and I loved the little Chanel embossed touches on the powder compact of the Poudre Signe de Chanel, which brush away after a few uses of the compact. We thought that the Poudre Signee de Chanel would be appropriate for an indoor day event (such as a wedding), or for an evening look. We did get a bit of a sparkle effect in bright sun, so we’d prefer other finishing powders for a daytime/outdoor look.

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Nov 012011

The Holiday 2011 Holiday Sculptee de Chanel Highlighting Powder ($72/ .46 oz.) has a gorgeously textured, glazed finished.  The compact is the large Chanel version that matches the size of Chanel’s powder foundations and bronzers and comes with a well-designed, usable brush.  The compact and velveteen sleeve:

Designed as an elegant gift, the glazing on the highlighter looks beautiful and brushes off easily with a few brush swipes:

 The powder is soft and the pattern wears down quite easily.  Here is the same compact with the glazing removed and after the highlighter was used once on Liz:

This highlighter did not live up to my expectations.  I found that the texture was not as finely milled as Chanel’s Pearl Glow, and the highlighting was so subtle that the product acts more as a very slightly glowy finishing powder.  Here is the powder applied heavily on Liz’s cheek over Chanel’s Tweed Brun Rose blush (reviewed here) in sun:

Typically, this type of lighting maximizes the highlighting properties of any powder product (compare Guerlain’s Parure de Nuit here).  Neither Liz or I found that Lumiere Sculptee de Chanel had reflectivity.  Here is a comparison between Chanel’s Lumiere Sculptee, MAC Lightscapade, Chanel Pearl Glow (reviewed here) and Guerlain Parure de Nuit (which picked up some color from the peacock color shapes):

To be honest, I was disappointed (and a bit surprised) with Chanel Lumiere Sculptee. As beautiful as the product looked in the promotional pictures (really, it absolutely glowed with the pretty glazing), I found the product delivers a finishing powder-type look. Worse, I didn’t find the powder very finely milled.  I’d give this a “pass,” even for collectors.  Particularly at this price point, this did not work for me.

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Oct 172011

Chanel recently had an exhibition at Harrods London, which has been documented by British blogger Pixiwoo here. At the same time, Chanel released a mini-collection that included the Brompton Road Powder (£46/ Poudre Tissee, Brompton Road Highlighting Powder and Blush).  Miraculously, this item is still for sale on Harrods website and can be shipped to the U.S.

Like the Poudre Tissees in Beiges released with Les Aquarelles Collection late this summer, Brompton Road has a cleverly quilted top that gives the impression of Chanel tweed.  Brompton Road is topped with a sparkling glaze with silver glitter, which brushes away easily with a soft stroke.

The glazing is not as extreme as Les Aquarelles Beiges, but still you will notice a diamond effect when the compact is  first opened.  The powder is a combination of white highlighter in Chanel’s trademark “CC” shapes, and a soft medium pink that surrounds the logo.  Here is a comparison of the tones mixed (on the left), and the pink alone (on the right):

The white shade is pretty, but the band too narrow to negotiate a brush through the area for cheek application.  As you can see, the color is quite subtle.   If you use a very soft brush, it can be used as a finishing powder applied lightly all over the face.  If you use a stiff, dense brush then you will get a blush effect.  Below, Liz used this Chanel Contour brush, which is quite stiff:

There are also three Rouge Allure lipsticks released with this collection which are not on Harrods website, but are available at the store.  Above, Liz is wearing Chanel Rouge Allure in Belgravia, which was our favorite of the three.  We’ll be reviewing all three over the coming days.

Overall, Chanel Brompton Road is a soft pink shimmery powder with a subtle effect.  Some collectors will love the compact on its own, and those with pale skin tones will love the subtle pink color.  Those with darker skin tones may find that this color is not sufficiently strong to act as a blush, but will be more of a soft highlighting finishing powder.

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Aug 092011

In February of this year, Cafe Makeup featured a picture of a unique, pearl-textured face color product called Chanel Ombres Tisseés Iridescent Effects Eyes in Beiges ($75), featured in one of most breathtaking couture shows of the year.  The Ombres  Tissees has now released for sale on as part of a small collection called Les Aquarelles.

When first opened, Chanel Ombres Tisseés reveals a layer of transparent fairy sparkle that looks like a clear frost of diamonds.  The texture resembles the woven tweed that graces so many of Chanel’s couture designs.

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Jul 112011

Chanel Poudre Lumière Perlée Pearl Glow Powder Highlighting Powder ($60) is a soft, sheer, yellow-gold highlighting powder product that has a beautiful luminosity.  It comes packed with a large, paddle shaped sponge paddle applicator that would provide heavy coverage.

This product gives a diamond-shimmer in the pan.  Some highlighters are simply yellow powder mixed with sparkle.  I recently threw one of these away.  Chanel’s Pearl Glow is made of a more luminous formula that reflects light without adding a significant amount of opaque color to the skin.

Pearl Glow reminds me of the Ombres Perlees de Chanel (reviewed here) in texture, although they are not identical. Instead, Pearl Glow acts more a bit like a traditional powder than the Ombre Perlees, which seemed to be made of some scientifically advanced magic (it is my dream that Chanel would release a highlighter using the identical formula of the Ombres Perlees–Chanel, are you listening?).  But Pearl Glow does have a some of that sheer luminosity that makes the Ombres Perlees so unique.

Although the included sponge applicator is useful, I recommend using a brush for your first try.  A brush gives you a sheerer finish, but you can layer the product using several passes.  I use a standard powder brush, the smaller the better for more precise placement.  Liz and I have also played with Chanel Pearl Glow on the lid and browbone and liked the result.

Comparisons of Chanel Pearl Glow, swatched  next to Nars Albatross, Giorgio Armani Gold Rush Platinum Highlighter (reviewed here), and just a little corner of the peach-toned Yves Saint Laurent Metallic Colorama Highlighter (reviewed here).

It is difficult to get any of these highlighters to show on pale skin, which is a good quality in a highlighter.  Luminosity is usually transparent–one wants the glow, not just a pasty yellow or peach tone.  For these swatches, I used a darker tinted moisturizer over my natural skin so that you could see some of the color differences.  One more try:

Of these, Chanel Pearl Glow as the most transparent and natural.  It was closest to the Armani Platinum.  By comparison, Nars Albatross was much more obviously gold-yellow.  YSL Colorama is really pretty, but it leans far more pink-peach than any of the others.

I also compared Chanel Pearl Glow to the limited edition Estee Lauder Pure Color Luminious Powder (reviewed here).  I found that the Estee Lauder was more peach-pink, and that the formula of the Estee Lauder was more fragile–it tends to crumble a bit in the pan with pressure.  Chanel Pearl Glow is more of a traditional powder, and more robust in the pan.

We experimented on Liz’s upper cheek, ringing below her eye area on the upper cheek, in full sun so you could see some of the effect:

As you can see, the effect is very natural and subtle. This is a few layers, applied a bit heavily with blush brush over blush and foundation.

Bottom line:  An excellent high end highlighter. Sheer and finely textured.  Unlike drugstore products, Chanel Pearl Glow gives a natural, expensive-looking finish even at close proximity.  If you have Armani’s Gold Fever Platinum highlighter, I’d think long and hard before purchasing because these are somewhat close.   The Chanel is more sheer than the Armani (and of course, if you missed Armani’s it was limited edition and is no longer available).

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Jul 102011

Le Blanc de Chanel was released this spring as an exclusive collection available exclusively in Asia.  As originally released, the group included foundations, skincare, and makeup.  Rouge Deluxe has a lovely overview of the entire line as originally released at this link.  This year, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale brings the collection to the U.S.  Nordstrom card holders can buy the collection now, and everyone else will have access on July 15th.

Here is an overview of the items available through the sale:

  • Poudre Lumière Perlée Pearl Glow Powder Highlighting powder $60
  • Rose Envolée Quadra Eye Shadow Palette $57
  • Joues Contraste Blush in Rose Tourbillon Blush $43
  • Rouge Allure Lipstick in Désinvolte and Joyeuse ($32 each)
  • Glossimer Lip Gloss in Blossom and Liason ($28.50 each)

I’ll be posting reviews of the items to help you put your shopping list together.

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