Aug 122010

Chanel’s Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss has several pinks, and includes Imaginaire (#56).  Imaginaire is a medium pink with a touch of peach.  The peach in this color is not strong enough to be coral, but is just strong enough from making Imaginaire a single-note pink.  Incidentally, the line includes #52 Genie if you are in the market for a true peach in the Extrait de Gloss line (I did not pick up Genie during my recent travels, but did swatch the shade at the store).

Here, you can see that this has a more gold/peach touch, particularly when compared with the cool pink Insolence.  Those who love Chanel’s Rouge Allure lipstick named Imagination will want to note that the color of these two Chanel lip products is decidely different:

Like the other Extrait de Glosses, Imaginaire delivers a semi-opaque color with a high-gloss shine.  I found Imaginaire to a bit sheerer than the other Extrait de Gloss shades.  You can see that the gloss showed quite a bit of Liz’s natural pink lip color.  Compare this color on Liz’s lips with the arm swatch, above, to see how the color changed when sheered out on application:

All of this series is taken without adding any primer, color or lipstick.  You should note that Chanel is releasing several new Rouge Allure lipstick shades with this collection, including a pink-peach one called Confidentielle.  It’s beautiful–I actually had it in my hand to purchase, but had to run to try to wrestle three boarding passes out of an airline that had cancelled one of our flights. I suspect that the combination of Confidentielle (as the base) and Imaginaire would give you a color of Imaginaire out of the tube on those with pigmented lips.

Although Imaginaire is one of the sheerer from this line, it still delivers more color than several of the Chanel Glossimers:

The Extrait de Gloss Imaginaire delivers on the shine and looks medium pink directly on the lips:

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Aug 112010

The French word “insolence” translates roughly to cheeky, sassy or impertinent in the English language, and Chanel’s Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Insolence #57 is fittingly a bold, cool standout pink.  Both Liz and I instantly feel in love with Insolence as a great everyday color.  Although we are both warm-toned and fair, we both love a good candy pink.  In case you are wondering, she’s now Insolence’s proud owner of the gloss–but I’ll be buying my own Insolence as soon as Chanel releases the Extrait de Gloss in the U.S.

Insolence bears a passing resemblance to Chanel’s Rouge Allure lipstick in Imaginaire–ironically, more so than Chanel’s Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Imaginaire (see the swatches, below).

Insolence is beautifully pigmented–it gives a rich color without going opaque, and has a high-gloss finish.

Here is the final look:

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