Apr 292010

Chanel’s Summer 2010 collection includes Mistral ($23) (Le Vernis Nail Colour Mistral), a medium pink with silver micro-sparkles.  This is one of those “proper pinks” or work-friendly pinks like Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Plie, that can be worn under the most stressful conditions without worry that one is wearing anything too loud.

I must admit that Mistral gave me a very difficult time during application, although I have been having a somewhat stressful week in my non-blogging life.  I attempted this three times and got some minor streaks and tiny bubbles.  Also, the formula seemed to apply sheerly at the tip, so that there is a color falloff.   Unlike Riviera, which applied like a dream, it took me three attempts to get Mistral to get the picture, below, which I still consider far from perfect.

With two coats, I have some visible nail line showing.  When I attempted three coats, the formula looked very ‘thick’ on the nails so I declined to photograph that version.

Because I absolutely love Nouvelle Vague and Riviera which also came out with this collection, I cannot be very upset about my frustration with Mistral.  I’ll keep trying and perhaps you will have better luck with yours than I do with mine.

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