Jul 122011

Le Blanc de Chanel includes two Glossimers (Levres Scintillantes/ Brilliant Extreme Glossimers):  Liaison (#154) and Blossom (#152).  In keeping with theme of this collection, both are very lightweight and sheer.

First, Liaison is a sheer, nearly clear, soft transparent white with tiny multi-colored sparkles. There may be women waiting for a very subtle clear gloss with Chanel’s famous glossimer texture.  If so, now is your chance. Liaison adds a dab of moisture, so that your lips look like they’ve been kissed by dew.

Liaison adds no additional color to your natural lips, except for a hint of microsparkle that gives a slight glow in the tube.  Of course, Liaison makes a lovely Glossimer to add shine when worn over a lipstick.

Liaison Glossimer on Liz brings out her natural lip color, and adds a small touch of sparkle (here, Liaison is applied directly on the lip with no base, pencil or lipstick underneath):

 Second, Blossom is a cool pink in the tube that applies quite sheerly.

The shimmer factor in Blossom is in the medium range, compared to glossimers of the past.  Close up in the tube:

Liz and I found that Blossom gave a pleasant wash of cool color and sparkle to the lips.  It would look lovely over Chanel Rouge Allure Joyeuse.  Here is Blossom applied directly on Liz’s lips (no pencil, lipstick or primer):

Whether these appeal to you depends on your preference for color.  The formula is excellent, the packaging luxurious.  If you are still undecided, look at Sabrina’s reviews at The Beauty Look Book —here for Blossom and here for Liaison.

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Jul 102011

Le Blanc de Chanel was released this spring as an exclusive collection available exclusively in Asia.  As originally released, the group included foundations, skincare, and makeup.  Rouge Deluxe has a lovely overview of the entire line as originally released at this link.  This year, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale brings the collection to the U.S.  Nordstrom card holders can buy the collection now, and everyone else will have access on July 15th.

Here is an overview of the items available through the sale:

  • Poudre Lumière Perlée Pearl Glow Powder Highlighting powder $60
  • Rose Envolée Quadra Eye Shadow Palette $57
  • Joues Contraste Blush in Rose Tourbillon Blush $43
  • Rouge Allure Lipstick in Désinvolte and Joyeuse ($32 each)
  • Glossimer Lip Gloss in Blossom and Liason ($28.50 each)

I’ll be posting reviews of the items to help you put your shopping list together.

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Jul 012011

Chanel Fall 2011 features two Rouge Double Intensite Ultra Wear Lip Colour — Rose Quartz (#04) and Rose Morganite (#30) ($34 each).  Technically, Rose Quartz has been part of the Chanel line for quite some time, and Rose Morganite is newly introduced with the Illusion D’Ombre collection.

The Chanel Rouge Double Intensite glosses are dual-ended–one with an intense color, and the other with a clear gloss.  It is intended to be a long-wearing formula, and all of the shades that I’ve experienced are quite opaque.

The first layer goes on very opaque with one layer.  In about a minute, the color dries down to a matte look.  At this point, depending on your individuality and climate, your lips can look a bit dry but with full color.  Although you could wear the color as a matte opaque, I absolutely add the gloss to add life and shine.  This avoids the ‘too dry’ look.  My personal experience is that the gloss also contributes to the wear time.

There is a scent to this gloss that reminds me of a soft, luxurious vanilla-coconut.  I find it comforting.

Rose Morganite is the type of color I love-it’s an intense, deep and flattering plum-rose.  It gives a quiet emphasis.  On Liz:

Rose Quartz is the lighter one.  This has been part of my beauty stash for some time.  It’s a very flattering pink:

On Liz, you can the color is opaque and the color is a soft light-to-medium pink:

These certainly last longer than a typical gloss on me.  I’ve read reports that they last through an entire meal on some.

My experience is that these do last much longer than any gloss or a sheer lipstick–I’ll get a few hours of wear from them.  Today, I actually scrubbed Rose Morganite with Lush’s Ocean Salt and it didn’t remove the color (an oil cleanser did).  True story.  I get hours of wear even though I’m usually sipping water throughout. I didn’t expect to love these–using two products seems a little fussy–but I do.  If you want long-lasting, flattering color these are well worth a look.

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Jun 282011

Chanel Glossimer in Pampille ($28.50 #156) (Levres Scintillantes Pampille) is a sheer soft, softly glimmered pink.  The word “pampille” translates to “tassel,” which brings to mind a little flourish or extra.  If you are in need of a Glossimer, Pampille is this season’s contribution to a legendary line of nicely textured, easy to wear lip glosses that make lips look fabulous.  Liz is now the pleased owner of Pampille–she loves Glossimers and this is well inside anyone’s comfort zone of colors.  I have no doubt that she’ll use it up in a few months.  Enjoy the gloss, Liz!

You can see that Pampille fits well within the color theme of the Illusion D’Ombre collection–here, pictured with Coralline lip pencil and Rouge Coco Plumentis.  You can see that the colors and tones will work well together.

Here are some swatches of the sheer Chanel Pampille with comparable Chanel Glossimer colors–Chanel Paillettes, Chanel Seashell and Chanel Star:

As you can see, Pampille is on the sheer side of the glossimer range.  Here is Pampille on Liz (no lip liner or lipstick–applied directly on lips):

Pampille is another pleasant addition to Chanel’s glossimer family.  It’s not an earth-shattering shade, but given that there is plenty of drama elsewhere in the Illusion D’Ombre release that may be all to the good.


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Jun 282011

Chanel Glossimer in Braise ($28.50 #158) (Levres Scintillantes Braise) is a color enigma.  The word “braise” translates to “ember,” evoking a glowing orange-red tone if read literally.  In the tube, Braise appears to have a warm burgundy glow-I was expecting this color to display a deep browned burgundy tone.

I expected it to be a glossimer twin of Chanel Rouge Coco Etole, also released in this collection.  Well, Chanel’s Illusion D’Ombre collection surprised me (once again!)  Instead, I found Braise to very complicated and shifting, depending on how it is worn.

I found that Braise swatched on the gold-orange end of the ember scale.  In my mind, Braise had a strawberry jam or even plum feeling.  However, compared to Chanel Glossimer in Nakkar (reviewed here), Braise is a far warmer tone.

Chanel Braise does not have the strawberry red feel of Nakkar, nor the plum tones of Chanel Ironic Tonic.  It is far warmer than the deep Chanel Fatale (reviewed here).  Instead, Chanel Braise swatches as an ember (umber?) toned brown-red-orange.  You can see that Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book has a picture of Braise with a very warm-gold red feel.

Another surprise–on lips, Chanel Braise showed more red than I expected from my arm swatch.  On Liz, you can see it has an ember-orange-red tone with a dash of copper/brown.  Because of its sheerness, please expect that the color will vary on you depending on the underlying color tone of your lip.

Overall, I find Chanel Braise to be an enigma–like a glowing ember, the color tone is complex and varying.  The words “your mileage may vary” do not do this color justice–your mileage WILL vary! I’m a fan of deeper glosses and have warm tones in my skin that will make the most of Chanel Braise. Overall, an intriguing and unique mix of tones that I’m sure that I’ll enjoy.

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