Oct 182010

The two Rouge Coco lipsticks from Chanel Holiday 2010 were some of the best of the collection, in my view.  Chanel Rouge Coco Patchouli ($30 / #107) is a soft, glowy bronzy-brown color that is a beautiful near-neutral color.

I must admit that as we began this century, the notion of wearing any color resembling ’90’s brown on my lips was not very appealing.  The wonderful thing about Chanel Patchouli is that the color has enough copper-gold metal glow to set it apart from the dark, heavy shades that now look so dated.  As a person with pale, warm skin, Patchouli is one of the few shades in this category that I can comfortably wear.  Here is Patchouli swatched next to Pleasing Glossimer, which would make a wonderful pairing:

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