Oct 012011

I’ve been wearing Chanel Perfection Lumiere ($55) for the past few days, and wanted to post some initial thoughts:

  • Incredible shade range.  Swatches and the ingredient list are here, with some comparison swatches here.
  • I was matched to Beige Rose 32 (bottle pictured above), although I normally consider myself to be warm and very fair.  Typically, I wear Chanel foundations in Intensity 1.0 and go for the warmer shades in the line (Cameo, Ivoire).  I was surprised to find that Beige Rose 32 is a pretty good match.  It’s more neutral than cool on me.  I’ve also purchased some colors from the Beige (warmer) line, particularly to use after my summer color fades so I’m curious to see how those will work.
  • The foundation starts out very matte, and then settled into a matte-satin after about 30 minutes once it warmed to my skin.  I like the finish, it looks natural and like “real skin.”  In my opinion, it’s appropriate for both men and women (if you’ve got an HD TV, you may have noticed more men wearing foundation than in prior years, so I thought I’d put that one out there).
  • On my combination skin, it remains stable the rest of the day.  The “glow” that I usually get mid-afternoon on my forehead is far less apparent than usual.
  • Some sales associates have told me that this is not designed for dry or aging skin.   I think they mean that, unlike Pro Lumiere, this foundation does not give a “glowy” finish.  Having said that, it does well on the dryer parts of my face without emphasizing anything. You would need to add glow (by adding a glowy finishing powder or fluid) if that is the look that you are going for.
  • This is a medium coverage foundation that can be applied lightly with a brush for sheer coverage, or layered for heavier coverage.  It layers well without caking.
  • Perfection Lumiere’s coverage is higher than Vitalumiere Aqua and the discontinued Tient Innocence fluid, and roughly the same as Pro Lumiere, Lift Lumiere and Vitalumiere (fluid).  It is not as intense (or as glowy) as the Tient Innocence creme compact.
  • Highly transfer-resistant.  I love a good white blouse and use an iPhone close to my face–no problems so far.
  • No breakouts or clogging after three days of wear.
  • The feel is very light.  I cannot feel the foundation once applied.
  • There is a scent when first applied–it’s a touch of perfume and I can detect alcohol.  It fades after several minutes, but it is detectable when first applied.
A few more notes–right now, I’m have a good skin moment.  I’ve been slowly using most of the items recommended by Colbert MD at this post, including his skin care line (reviews to follow), and its working.  So far, I’ve worn Perfection Lumiere without a primer, and with Le Blanc de Chanel primer and had good results both times.  Typically, foundations do not oxidize on me (I do not consider the color shift that happens within the first 1/2 hour of the application of Perfection Lumiere to be oxidation, because it is absolutely stable on me the rest of the day). Overall, I like the finish, texture and coverage of Perfection Lumiere.  The coverage and finish are a good everyday finish for the office or whenever I want to look polished. For me, another Chanel foundation success.

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