Feb 212011

I had several requests to swatch compare the Chantecaille Sea Turtle palette (reviewed here) with Chanel Regard Perle (reviewed here).  To do this, I removed all of the gold overspray from my Chantecaille palette so that you would see the colors in their purest form.

As you can see, the palettes are in the same feeling but hardly duplicates.  Here are differences:

  • Chanel Regard Perle has about half the product amount–Chanel has .24 ounces ($56) versus Chantecaille with .42 ounces ($79).
  • Chanel’s highlight color is more of a true white;  Chantecaille’s is a beige-gold
  • Chanel’s brown has a lot of gold-peach, while Chantecaille’s is a softer gold-brown
  • Chanel’s peach has more pink.  Chantecaille’s is more gold-peach with a touch of pink, and is large enough to use as a blush.  You’d burn up a lot of product to use Chanel’s peach as a blush.
  • The greens are close.  Chanel’s deep green is slightly more intense;  Chantecaille’s is only subtly different with a slight hint of silver.

As a reminder, these swatches were taken with all of the Chantecaille’s gold overlay off.  As you can see, all the colors remain quite shimmery even without any gold mixed in.  One more, with Chantecaille on top:

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