Jul 192011

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Royallieu ($32 /#58) is a milky pink sheer lipstick.  We first saw this on the runway, when Peter Phillips applied Royallieu to models in the Chanel Spring 2011 Couture show (pictured, below):

Close up:


Although Chanel did not release Royallieu with the original Rouge Coco Shine set this spring in the U.S., it was later added to the line and has been online for purchase since.

Royallieu is a soft, brightening pink with multicolor shimmer.  Like the other Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks, Royallieu is sheer and light.  The formula is moisturizing and balm-like.  The lasting power is not going to rival the other Chanel formulas–it is a short-term, easy glossy look that can be applied without a mirror.

On Liz, plenty of her natural pink lip tone shows through:

Royallieu does not apply quite this pink on me, as my lips have a naturally darker mauve tone.  Instead, Royallieu subtly brightens my natural lip color, giving a softer pink impression.  Any lip color this sheer will look a bit different on everyone.

Here are swatches, next to Chanel Rouge Coco in Boy (reviewed here and here).  Note that Royallieu is similar to Boy, but that Royallieu is slightly lighter and more neutral in tone.  I’ve also added the more opaque, traditional medium pink Chanel Rouge Coco in Magnolia (reviewed here), so that you have a medium pink in the picture for comparison:

You can see that Royallieu is roughly as sheer as Boy.  By comparison, the Rouge Coco formula of Magnolia provides a more opaque and vibrant (although still sophisticated) pink color.

Now that it’s summer and I’m enjoying a lighter makeup look, I’m finding myself reaching for lighter lip colors.  Royallieu is a light, moisturizing, very pleasant color that can be applied with almost anything else one might be wearing.  The color is subtle and the shine factor is high.  It’s perfect to for an easy-to-apply color, to add a bit of light pink polish to the lips.

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Oct 182010

Chanel Holiday 2010 includes Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in Magnolia ($30 / #117) a limited edition, beautiful light-to-medium classic pink.  This is one of my favorite items from the collection, and apparently I am not alone.  It is already sold out on Chanel.com.  Hopefully other large department stores will maintain it in stock for another few weeks.

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