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Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipsticks in En Vogue and Empreinte

April 30, 2012

Chanel Summer 2012 brings two new Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks, the sheer coral En Vogue and the beige balmy Empreinte ($32.50) It has been a while since I’ve purchased any lipsticks from the Rouge Coco Shine line, and I purchased these both without taking a look at them in person. I wear Bonheur quite frequently (lately, almost daily), so my current impression of the line has been good. It may be a while until I buy another.

 So pretty in their tubes, aren’t they? You can see why I was tempted. En Vogue seems to be the perfect coral red, precisely on trend for this summer and coordinating perfectly with the rest of this sandy beige and gold collection.

And the soft sandy gold Empreinte seems like the perfect neutral for summer. Pair this with coral nails and you’re good to go, right?

What you get in the tube is sheer, sheer, sheer. Really, there should be a new word for sheer to describe these. As Messy Wands post confirms, the Chanel Calypso Glossimer in the Summer 2012 has a healthy dollop of pigment compared to En Vogue. And Empreinte is little more than a sheer balm on my pigmented lips.

Another, but don’t get your hopes up:

Yes, these are moisturizing balms that you can toss into your summer bag and apply without a care in the world. But so there’s no confusion:

  • These are sheer. I mean, there’s sheer and then there’s these. Sheeeeeeeer.
  • These do not last very long
  • If your lips are pigmented, and you’d like a pretty coral, look at the Chanel Calypso Glossimer or elsewhere
Bottom line:  Disappointing.

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Chanel Lipstick

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Royallieu: Swatches and Review

July 19, 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Royallieu ($32 /#58) is a milky pink sheer lipstick.  We first saw this on the runway, when Peter Phillips applied Royallieu to models in the Chanel Spring 2011 Couture show (pictured, below):

Close up:


Although Chanel did not release Royallieu with the original Rouge Coco Shine set this spring in the U.S., it was later added to the line and has been online for purchase since.

Royallieu is a soft, brightening pink with multicolor shimmer.  Like the other Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks, Royallieu is sheer and light.  The formula is moisturizing and balm-like.  The lasting power is not going to rival the other Chanel formulas–it is a short-term, easy glossy look that can be applied without a mirror.

On Liz, plenty of her natural pink lip tone shows through:

Royallieu does not apply quite this pink on me, as my lips have a naturally darker mauve tone.  Instead, Royallieu subtly brightens my natural lip color, giving a softer pink impression.  Any lip color this sheer will look a bit different on everyone.

Here are swatches, next to Chanel Rouge Coco in Boy (reviewed here and here).  Note that Royallieu is similar to Boy, but that Royallieu is slightly lighter and more neutral in tone.  I’ve also added the more opaque, traditional medium pink Chanel Rouge Coco in Magnolia (reviewed here), so that you have a medium pink in the picture for comparison:

You can see that Royallieu is roughly as sheer as Boy.  By comparison, the Rouge Coco formula of Magnolia provides a more opaque and vibrant (although still sophisticated) pink color.

Now that it’s summer and I’m enjoying a lighter makeup look, I’m finding myself reaching for lighter lip colors.  Royallieu is a light, moisturizing, very pleasant color that can be applied with almost anything else one might be wearing.  The color is subtle and the shine factor is high.  It’s perfect to for an easy-to-apply color, to add a bit of light pink polish to the lips.

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Chanel Lipstick

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine- More Swatches

March 24, 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks ($32 each) are due to release in the U.S. soon.  You can see my reviews of some of the colors (Boy is here, and Bel Ami is here).  Along with my wanderings in Paris, I picked up two more shades (Monte Carlo and Bonheur), plus a sample card of the shades that are most heavily promoted here in France– in addition to Monte Carlo and Boy, Liberte and Adventure.


Based on playing with these so far, my favorite picks for my NC15/Chanel Cameo coloring are Adventure and Bonheur.  For my warm coloring with mauve undertones, Bonheur is really quite nice.  I suspect that Liz would strongly prefer Adventure.

Here are more thoughts:

  • Monte Carlo– a sheer, shiny red-coral.  It looks awesome with Chanel Tweed Duo blush in Corail, by the way.
  • Boy- A very sheer, soft blue-pink.
  • Liberte- A soft, orangey-peach
  • Adventure– A medium-toned, crowd-pleasing pink.  You can’t go wrong with this color.
  • Bel Ami- A sheer grape with a touch of brown.
  • Bonheur– A soft red with a touch of mauve.  This one packs a little more color than the others.

All from this formula are sheer and balmy.  Boy is the sheerest.  Of the ones that I’ve played with, Monte Carlo and Bonheur have more pigmentation than some of the others, with Monte Carlo coming in a close third.  This line is not intended to  give the pigmentation or have the lasting power of the other Chanel lipsticks (Rouge Allure or Rouge Coco), rather these are easy, casual colors that can be swept on for a touch of shine and moisture.

Swatches in sunshine (yes, don’t hate me but it’s sunny in Paris today):



In shade:

By the way, check out this sweet gift with purchase at a Parisian department store.  In addition to the swatching card, I got a Chanel No. 5 perfume sample and a good sized Sublimage Creme, the new formula.  Now, that’s a gift with purchase….

By the way, the fabric you see in the background is an enormous scarf I got for around 10 euros.  I swear, you can get such big, gorgeous scarfs so inexpensively here.

All images are mine, please link to this entire post. Do not copy or hotlink the images. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

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Chanel Eyeliner Eyeshadow Lipstick Mascara

Chanel Update: An American in Paris

March 9, 2011

Barely recovering from a lovely flight and jet lag, I headed out to the stores today in Paris to update you on the latest and greatest from Chanel.  As you know, Chanel releases different products, and sometimes at different times, in different regions.  Sometimes looking at releases in France can give us a picture of what’s ahead.

Along the way, I stopped in a bakery and found a pastry called “Rouge Coco,” which is a very pretty, somewhat heavy, complicated confection.  It’s bigger than a doorknob, tastes like coconut and berry and is going to take two days to get through.

On the Chanel front, here’s what I found so far:

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks First up, you will remember that Chanel pre-released one shade (Boy) of the Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks in the U.S. (reviewed here and here).  In France, all of the colors are released.   They all appear to have that marvelous, balm-like moisturizing texture.  Second, these colors are sheer. Although a few have a bit more color than Boy, none reach the full pigmentation of the Rouge Coco lipsticks.  Many are sheerer than some of the Chanel Glossimer line. If you are interested in a full-color lipstick with a balmy, moisturizing feel, go for the re-released Dior Addict line (reviewed here and here).  Third (and most importantly), I find myself absolutely loving the Chanel Rouge Coco Shines.

Here’s my prediction–most of you will gravitate toward 2-3 colors in the line, and use them up.  For myself, my first round is going to be Bel Ami (reviewed here), Chance (a clear, slightly cool pink) and Monte Carlo (a soft red-coral).  Then I’ll re-buy a few more.  The combination of the irresistibly luxurious balm-feel, the soft well-chosen colors and the compact size will always keep me coming back for more.  Plus, the formula does not last for hours, and my sense is that each tube will go quickly.  Most importantly, they look really, really good on the lips. I just love the look of freshly-moisturized lips with a wash of color, and this formula delivers exactly that.

So, today I stopped by one of the many Parisian Sephora locations for Chanel (cause that’s how Sephora rolls over here).  From the display, I picked up Bel Ami, which looks very dark and mauve in the tube.

This looks quite dark, yes?  In fact, this is a very sheer, shiny color that looks like I’ve been drinking red wine when applied.  It virtually erases all of my lip lines and adds a soft glow.  Here is Chanel Bel Ami swatched next to another dark berry, Nars Velvet Gloss Pencil in Club Mix.  As you can see, Nars Club Mix is far darker and more pigmented than Chanel Bel Ami.

By the way, my Sephora bag included this little white Euro Beauty Insider card–how cute is this?

Second, there is a small release here that I haven’t seen in the U.S., which I didn’t purchase (at least, yet).  This one is focused on eyes, built around a new mascara called Sublime de Chanel, designed for lengthening and curling.  The wand of Sublime de Chanel has several combs:

The collection has a new mascara base (Beaute des  Cils), two liners (Marine and Expresso) and four new shades of a brow pencil (Crayon Sourcils).

There are a few additional color products for eyes.  First, two new Ombres Essential single eyeshadows:  Fauve and Twilight.  Although Fauve looks taupe in the pan, it swatches very deep purple with a touch of grey.  The pan has visible sparkles, but these seem to minimize when applied.  Twilight swatches as a cool pink with silver sparkles.  (The other colors you see in this picture, Magic Night and Ivory, are available in Chanel’s permanent line.

Finally, there is an eyeshadow quad called Lagons that features a series of blues.  One of the colors is a very unique periwinkle, and the others are quite pretty.  This is only in the European baked formula, which seems rather hard-textured compared to the U.S. line.  Lagons seemed typical of this line, although I only finger-swatched it, the pigment did not give up easily.

Third, I made a quick stop into the Collette-Chanel pop-up boutique (photos here at Stylebubble).  The shop was accessible and fun, with cupcakes and a DJ.  It’s set like a stage for anyone looking for that once-in-a-lifetime unique purchase.   Visiting artists customize your Chanel handbag purchase, Mademoiselle dolls wearing pearls are for sale (1200 euros each), and the fashion is very unique and fun.

I looked around for a unique beauty or nail polish item, but found nothing specially released for this pop-up event.

Because I’m traveling, I can’t promise reviews or swatches of everything I mention, or traditional everyday posting.  I’ve brought some photo’s that I took before I left, so you’ll see traditional reviews pop up in the meantime.

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Chanel Dior Lipstick

Dior Addict Lipstick in Backstage

February 23, 2011

Dior’s re-launch of the Addict lipstick line includes Backstage ($28 #583), another sheer, moisturizing lipstick with plenty of shine.  Like It Pink, Backstage looks intense in the tube but applies with a very sheer wash of cool rose color.

I was anticipating that Backstage would go on as an intense mauve with blue undertones.  In fact, the result is far more subtle.

Here is Backstage on Liz’s lips, which tend to run pink.  Because of the sheerness, Backstage will likely pick up a different look depending on your coloring.  Like It Pink, Backstage feels very moisturizing and balm-like.  I would not expect to get lipstick-weartime from this formula, however, as it is more fragile than a fully pigmented color.

Here is a comparison between Dior Addict Backstage, Chanel Rouge Coco Rivoli, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy and Chanel Rouge Coco Camelia.  As you can see, Dior Addict Backstage is more sheer and has has more shine/glow than the Chanel Rouge Coco formula, and more pigment than Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine Boy:

My experiment with Dior Addict led me two choices at Sephora, It Pink and Backstage–two very different colors.  They were both very moisturizing and had a lovely luxury feel.  The scent is extremely slight and subtle.  Overall, It Pink is more pigmented than Backstage, so I expect that once all of the colors are released we’ll see a wide range of textures.  I’m crossing my fingers that they all have this lovely balmy formula.  Readers should be warned that these may not give a very long wear time, however, with that very soft formula.

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