Oct 182010

What is that expression about “saving the best for last”? Chanel Holiday 2010 collection features a mix of warm coppers and bright pinks.  Generally, I feel as though many of the items are intended to be gift-able crowd pleasers, and there is not necessarily anything wrong with that.  I must say that the modern edge is what I loved about Chanel’s Soho Collection;  for me, Soho was about color innovation, creativity, excellent editing and wearability. By contrast, in large measure Chanel’s Holiday 2010 collection was a pleasant collection, although I was left with a vague sense that I had seen close variants of many of these pieces before.

My favorites from the collection were the Rouge Coco lipsticks in Magnolia and Patchouli, and the Chanel Ombre D’eau eyeshadow in Splash ($32/ # 757).  I’ve reviewed many of the Ombre D’eau liquid eyeshadows before, and explained the theory and application tips for these eyeshadows here.  In my opinion, Splash is a complex, beautiful taupe that is the must-have from this collection.

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