Apr 302012

Chanel Summer 2012 brings us two new eyeliner pencils. First is Chanel Le Crayon Yeux Precision Eye Definer in Brun Intense ($29).

This pencil is a deep brown with subtle sparkle and a combination of both gold and red. It should coordinate beautifully with the Chanel Sable-Emvouyant Eyeshadow duo released at the same time (reviewed here), one of my favorite pieces of this collection. As with the other pencils in Le Crayon Yeux line, this comes with a smudge tip on one end, and of course a sharpener.

Chanel Le Crayon Kohl Intense Eye Pencil in Peche Cuivre ($28) is a subtle shimmery nude. Unlike Brun Intense, there is no smudger on one end, although there is a sharpener included.

The effect of using Peche Cuivre is very subtle. There is a slight sparkle, and the color nearly matches a fair skinned person. It adds the slightest touch of polish to the eye.  It’s pretty, but many of you will not notice any dramatic effect. Others will love the very soft brightness it will give to the eye area.  Because of the sparkle, those of you with sensitive eyes will want to use some caution if you are thinking about using this on your inner eye rim.

Swatches of Brun Intense and Peche Cuivre are able. I’ve also included some other eye-brighteners that Chanel has released over the past year–Khaki Platine and Rose Platine for comparison.

Bottom line:  Many eye pencil lovers will find Brun Intense a useful addition to their beauty stash. The texture is soft, and it is very easy to get an even, intense line of color. The smugger is handy to push the line into a subtle line of smoke. This is a very good addition to add a touch of depth to the bottom outer lid, as well as a good traditional eyeliner.

Peche Cuivre’s texture seems harder to me than Brun Intense. You’ve got to push it to really get some color onto the lid. Because the color is quite subtle on fair skin tones, the effect will be quite subtle. Given the price point, some caution should be exercised–that is, is the look perfectly subtle for you, or too subtle on your skin tone?  Personally, I liked the subtle effect of the pencil, it’s similar to adding a touch of a light eyeshadow (such as Burberry Porcelain or MAC Naked Lunch) under the eye as a brightener.

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Apr 302012

Chanel Summer 2012 brings two new Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks, the sheer coral En Vogue and the beige balmy Empreinte ($32.50) It has been a while since I’ve purchased any lipsticks from the Rouge Coco Shine line, and I purchased these both without taking a look at them in person. I wear Bonheur quite frequently (lately, almost daily), so my current impression of the line has been good. It may be a while until I buy another.

 So pretty in their tubes, aren’t they? You can see why I was tempted. En Vogue seems to be the perfect coral red, precisely on trend for this summer and coordinating perfectly with the rest of this sandy beige and gold collection.

And the soft sandy gold Empreinte seems like the perfect neutral for summer. Pair this with coral nails and you’re good to go, right?

What you get in the tube is sheer, sheer, sheer. Really, there should be a new word for sheer to describe these. As Messy Wands post confirms, the Chanel Calypso Glossimer in the Summer 2012 has a healthy dollop of pigment compared to En Vogue. And Empreinte is little more than a sheer balm on my pigmented lips.

Another, but don’t get your hopes up:

Yes, these are moisturizing balms that you can toss into your summer bag and apply without a care in the world. But so there’s no confusion:

  • These are sheer. I mean, there’s sheer and then there’s these. Sheeeeeeeer.
  • These do not last very long
  • If your lips are pigmented, and you’d like a pretty coral, look at the Chanel Calypso Glossimer or elsewhere
Bottom line:  Disappointing.

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Apr 302012

Chanel Sable-Émouvant Eyeshadow Duo ($42) is quite possibly my favorite item from the easy, soft, feminine Chanel Summer 2012 collection. It’s a stunning, soft, pigmented shimmery confection of a shimmery sandy creamy ivory and a warm reddish shimmery brown.

The duo in soft light:

In sunlight, so you can see the shimmery sparkles:


Comparison with Chanel Misty Soft eyeshadow duo, which is far more mauve:

Sable-Émouvant Eyeshadow Duo is highly blend able, easy to work with, really this duo is perfection. It’s going to coordinate well with this season’s corals and pinks, however this classic combination is going to be an awesome duo for almost anything that you’d want to throw at it. Just layer the lighter color on the lid, and smoke the darker color in the crease. Or use the darker color as a lid-wash, then add a touch of the cream in the inner corner.  It couldn’t be easier or more foolproof. Gorgeous perfection.

….And this is why I love Chanel. They take a classic combination and simply do it more beautifully.

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Apr 302012

Chanel Summer 2012 brings us two new limited edition bronzers– the lighter Sable Blonde (#907) and the deeper pink-bronze Sable Rose (#917) ($60 each). Both of these seem to be geared toward lighter skin tones, particularly compared to last year’s and certainly compared to Chanel’s standard bronzer line which reaches far toward deeper tones. To place this review in context, my skin tone is roughly NC15/Chanel Cameo, although sometimes it can be slightly deeper. I also find that Sable Blonde and Sable Rose. There is a warm gold sheen with these that, if your skin tone is more toward yellow/gold, you will absolutely adore.

First, Sable Blonde adds a slight touch of warmth to my skin tone, this color leans slightly yellow. Like the Joues Contraste blushes, the shimmer is evident in arm swatches but seems to melt into the skin when applied to the cheeks to give a pretty, soft glow:

Second, Sable Rose has a fair amount of rose red mixed with the bronze, and applies overall slightly more bronzier and deeper in tone compared to Sable Blonde:

Although I am pale, I can wear either one easily. Sable Beige looks very natural, a good everyday color. Sable Rose is still well within my comfort zone–it’s rosier tones mean that I don’t have to apply a blush.

Instead, I get a good warm healthy bronze with a touch of rose color.


Overall, I agree with Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book (review here, comparison swatches here) that these are both excellent bronzers. They are on the pale side, so those with lighter skin tones will find these highly wearable. If you have deeper skin tones, please try these out first (especially the lighter Sable Beige). The effect is much more subtle than last year’s stronger bronze tones.

Speaking from the sidelines, it appears as though both Chanel and Dior are releasing subtle bronzers this summer. I do love a good bronzer, so my heart was pre-set to love these. If you are more conservative, you will want to get one of these if:

  • You like a shimmery glow (not matte)
  • You want a subtle look
  • Your skin tone is light
  • You want a very finely-milled, good quality powder and don’t mind the $60 price point.

I’ll soon be reviewing a few more summer bronzers, including Guerlain’s Terracotta Sun Blondes #4, which may suit your needs better if you a looking for a deeper shimmery glow and you have a lighter skin tone.

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Mar 102012

I found a few pictures that appear to be Chanel Summer 2012:

  • Soleil Tan de Chanel Harmonie Poudre de Soleil – Luminous Bronzing Powder Bottom: 907 Sable Beige (Golden Beige), Top: 917 Sable Rose (Golden Pink):  The new bronzers, each comprised of five unique shades lend subtle hints of warmth and shimmer to every complexion. Blended altogether, the shades create a seamless bronzing effect; used on their own, the gold powders illuminate the complexion, while the darker shades sculpt the face when gently swept along its natural contours.
  • Ombres Contraste Duo – Eyeshadow Duo 37 Sable – Emouvant (Beige and Brown)
  • Le Crayon Yeux – Precision Eye Definer 47 Brun Intense (Deep Brown)
  • Le Crayon Khôl – Intense Eye Pencil 75 Pêche Cuivré (Coppery Peach)
  • Rouge Coco Shine – Hydrating Sheer Lipshine 437 Empreinte (Soft Beige) and 447 En Vogue (Bright Coral)
  • Lèvres Scintillantes – Glossimer 327 Sirocco (Beige) and 337 Calypso (Coral)
  • Le Vernis – Nail Colour 597 Island (Golden Beige), 607 Delight (Bronze) and 617 Holiday (Bright Coral).

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