Jun 012013

Chanel Summer Nail Polish01

For me, the standouts of Chanel Summer 2013 were the nail polishes. This collection includes Lilis (soft coral creme), Azure (shimmering blue-green) and Bel-Argus (shimmering ocean blue) ($27 each).

Chanel Summer Nail Polish02

These three incredible shades have incredible formulas, gorgeous color, and each bottle has its own twist in on-trend perfection.  Just my opinion, but yes you need these.

Chanel Summer Nail Polish06a

Azure is a metallic blue green. Perfect in two coats, this gave me no streaking and looks as gorgeous as a peacock feather.

Chanel Summer Nail Polish07aI applied this directly on my nail (no base) and got no staining.  Quick dry time.  All nails swatches in this post use a topcoat (Dior Gel Coat):

Chanel Summer Nail Polish15

Bel-Argus is a beautiful rich metallic blue.

Chanel Summer Nail Polish04

As with Azure, this is perfect in two coats. No staining without a base. Quick dry time. No streaks.

Chanel Summer Nail Polish05

This color reminds me of going to the beach–it looks wonderful with corals, yellows, and khaki. I love to wear it with a crisp white shirt.

Chanel Summer Nail Polish10

Lilis has been my go-to this week. It’s a standout reddened coral creme that looks amazing with either pale or tanned skin.

Chanel Summer Nail Polish08a

Lilis isn’t quite as vibrant as some corals, there’s a polished appropriateness about it, as the color seems softened by a touch of white.  Unquestionably, it’s work appropriate and lovely for summer.

Chanel Summer Nail Polish09a

Chanel does a killer creme formula (they have for decades), and Lilis is part of that tradition. Perfect in two coats, fast-drying. 

Chanel Lilas 2

Verdict: gorgeous!  I loved every one of these. 

Available at Nordstrom.com w/free ship and all Chanel counters and online sources.

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May 292013

Chanel Moon River1

Chanel has released a collection of six shimmering cream shadow sticks for Summer 2013.  Cool to the touch, most of these are vibrant colors that include a warm gold, an electric blue, and a shimmering jade green. I understand that these look fabulous on dark skin tones. Unfortunately, these are not colors that I can wear. A sales associate at a major retailer didn’t even try to contradict me when I confessed that “these don’t look like my colors.” However, she did convince me that one of them–the shimmering champagne Chanel Moon River ($34)–was necessary.

Chanel Moon River12

Summer calls for simplicity, particularly for day. Chanel Moon River is a twist-up pencil in a chic slim cylinder. This is an easy-to-swipe-on lifesaver that, when paired with a black liner and a brown powder crease color, gives me an effortless eye that looks polished and pretty.

Chanel Moon River16

Applied by itself in very warm weather, a few swipes gives a cool silver-cream sheer wash of shimmer. It’s so glowy and pretty, adding a touch of a moonlight-toned lightness to the lid.  The formula is a little unusual–it’s tenacious, but it creases on me after several hours (no primer, warm weather).  A quick swipe in my crease will allows the creasing to dissipate, and there is still plenty of shadow left for a pretty look.  It feels cool to the touch, and very calming, which is helpful when the thermometer starts pegging.

Chanel Moon River15

You might be surprised to find me recommending Chanel Moon River anyway. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. No one does shimmer sparkle like Chanel. No one. Their imperfect, creasy crazy cream eyeshadow is glowy, elegant, magical and lovely.  It just looks so good, and adds something to my face that no other shimmering eyeshadow does. It makes my eyes and skin look better, even though it isn’t a textbook-perfect formulation.

Burberry Dark Spices

Liz and I discovered that a soft matte brown is key to making Moon River work. Here, we used the second shade from Burberry Mocha quad.  Using a powder in the crease also seems to keep Moon River from creasing.

Chanel Moon River Eye11b

Here’s a look on Liz using Chanel Moon River, Chanel Rouge Coco in Gabrielle, Burberry Light Glow Blush in Hydrangea Pink, and Laura Mercier Matt Radiance Baked Powder in Highlight (review to come soon), over Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation. Overall, this gives her skin and eyes a pretty, elegant glow.

Chanel Moon River look 1

Here are some swatches of Chanel Moon River, next to MAC Powerchrome in Rich Glance (the most tenacious, most crease-proof, and most pigmented), Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Rosegold (runs pink-gold and is a more standard metal cream formulation compared with Chanel’s fairy-ephemeral glowy-sparkle), and Dior Twin Set in Beige Ribbon (messier, more subtle compared to Chanel).

Chanel Moon River swatches10a


Chanel Moon River swatches12

Aside from the nail polish (review to come) and Moon River, I didn’t get anything else from Chanel Summer 2013. For the first time in my memory, Chanel did not release a bronzer, blush, highlighter or other product. I didn’t fall in love with the lip products.  As I am a tried and true Chanel fan, I feel like I’m missing something. Did you find yourself getting anything?

Chanel Moon River is available at Nordstrom.com and other sources of Chanel makeup.

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May 172013

Chanel Cinema Paparazzi Starlet14

While in New York City last weekend, I found that the Chanel Avant Premiere  collection had just arrived at Barneys New York. This includes three new Le Vernis Nail Colors–Paparazzi, Starlet and Cinema. This cinema-themed collection is also re-promoting Provocation, a deep violet that had been previously released with the 2012 Fashion’s Night Out collection. These are up for pre-order on Nordstrom.com.

Chanel Cinema Paparazzi Starlet01

The formula for all three is excellent. All are year-round appropriate and universally flattering. All dry quickly and seem to glide over, and subtly fill in, any imperfections in the nail. For Chanel nail polish aficionados, all three are must-have. I was told Starlet is limited edition, and the others are permanent.

Chanel Cinema Paparazzi Starlet07a

Starlet is a soft coral-pink with a subtle pearl. Side of the bottle:

Chanel Cinema Paparazzi Starlet11

This applied beautifully in two coats. I found no tendency toward streakiness, the forum. The pearl shows both indoors and outdoors.

Chanel Cinema Paparazzi Starlet20

Paparazzi is a softened bronze with a warm pearl that flashes a touch red in some light.

Chanel Cinema Paparazzi Starlet08

On nails:

Chanel Cinema Paparazzi Starlet21

One more:

Chanel Cinema Paparazzi Starlet24

Cinema is a true red cream with a touch of warmth, particularly outdoors and with a flash.  If you don’t already know, Chanel is a master of the red cream polish.

Chanel Cinema Paparazzi Starlet03

The formula of this one is particularly nice, comparable to the legendary Chanel Dragon.

Chanel Cinema Paparazzi Starlet25a

Here are comparisons with two coats of OPI Big Apple Red, Chanel Pirate and Chanel Dragon:

Chanel Cinema Paparazzi Starlet28

Between them, Chanel Cinema had a slightly warm appearance (perhaps because Pirate and Dragon have a touch of cool). In incandescent light, Chanel Cinema seems to take on a almost sepia cast. I love a good chameleon, don’t you?

Overall, a wonderful collection. These should be everywhere soon (the nail colors are currently up for pre-order on Nordstrom.com).  This collection includes six new Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks, reviewed here at Color Me Loud. I refrained from picking up the Rouge Coco Shines during my trip, until I had more time to play with them at my local counters. Of my very quick observation, these are quite sheer.  The red Avant seemed worthy of a good close second look when it arrives locally.

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Jan 222013

Chanel 7

Earlier today, Chanel had its Haute Couture Spring Summer 2013 show at the Grand  Palais in Paris. The show had a garden them, and much of the collection seemed inspired by a modern take on the 1930’s. The set was decorated with delicate trees, and guests were handed bottles of 1932, the latest Chanel fragrance.

Chanel 6

 Much of the clothing was formal and beautifully executed. There was a mix of tweed suits that emphasized shoulders, flowing dresses and several variations of white formalwear appropriate for wedding attire.

Chanel 31

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