Apr 012011

Via Planete Beaute, Chanel Creative Director of Beauty and Genius Peter Philips was recently interviewed in French Vogue about his go-to products for revitalizing skin.

Although Philips has access to Chanel’s magical and extensive skincare line, his choice was a rather interesting one–Coup D’Eclat Lifting Ampoules–which are products sold in health and beauty stores throughout France.  A translation of the article says (provided by Cafe Makeup reader Marie):

It’s a must-have to smooth skin in an instant: in ten minutes flat, lines are re-tightened and wrinkles are smoothed, like after a real facelift.  However, it is better to use this “Cinderella effect” for special occasions: such a radical retightening of the skin can be a little uncomfortable.

I was very impressed that Peter Philips chose this little drugstore-type products to use on the gorgeous young Chanel models, but I suppose everyone’s skin can use help when stress levels are running high.

Coincidentally, I had noticed a box of these at a local store the other day.  Of course, with the force of Peter Philips’ recommendation, I went to try them.  These are individual skincare pods, similar to the idea of the Guerlain Midnight Star Collect’Or, although the Coup D’Eclat are not as expensive.  Coup D’Eclat run roughly 2 euros per application, depending on the size of the box that you buy.

Each of the ampoules are a single-application pod. The serum is sold in a 1 oz. bottle as well, for about 18 euros.

Essentially, the serum tightens pores, primes and revitalize the skin.  It’s very lightweight.  After a very slight sting, the liquid sinks into the skin so that you cannot feel it is there.  There is a slight tightening effect as well and a significant softening and smoothing effect.  Yes, it does make your skin look better and is a great primer.

The ingredient list on my little trial box refers only to “plant extracts.” By the way, I noticed that Coup D’Eclat ampoules are for sale on Le Guide Sante.

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