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David A. Colbert, MD is a recognized leader in skin care.  Formerly a dermatological research consultant for Chanel, he is the founder and head physician of New York Dermatology Group. He is board certified by the American Academy of Dermatology and board eligible in Internal Medicine. He has a private practice in New York City, and receives raves from his clients. He also sells a comprehensive skin care line, and has authored “The High School Reunion Diet.”

As much as I love the convenience of over-the-counter skin care, I realize that there is no substitute for getting the advice of a professional.  Recently, Café Makeup was given the chance to ask Dr. Colbert skin care questions, which I accepted in a heart beat.   A free consultation with Dr. David Colbert that I can share with Café Makeup readers?  Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

I had recently been thinking a lot about skin care, and so I asked a total of eight questions.  I’ll share four of these in this post, then the remainder in a second post.  I was so grateful that Dr. Colbert provided thorough, thoughtful answers for us:

1.  What should a woman do in her 20’s for skincare?  Is it too soon to start an anti-aging regime?  

It’s all about prevention.  Sunblock, sunblock, and sunblock. Don’t drink more than 3 alcohol drinks per week. Never smoke. Throw out all processed foods and read The High School Reunion Diet.  No soda, no fruit juices unless fresh-squeezed. When you reach 29, think about a few drops of botox and start doing light TRIADs which include microdermabrasion, laser toning and fruit acid peels to keep you looking 20 through your 30’s.

2. Many women use prescription RetinA for anti-aging.  Is this necessary?  Are there over-the-counter products that can deliver the same (or better) results without the side effects of increased sensitivity to the sun?

RetinA is one of a type of drug–a relative of Differin and Tazorac.  They do the same thing by increasing collagen in the deeper layers of skin.  The closest thing to RetinA over the counter is the Colbert MD Intensify Discs. They contain bromelaine a pineapple enzyme, lactic acid, glucosamine and a microdermabrasion sheath to magically help boost collagen production. Retinol alone isn’t enough to get that collagen boost.

I like RetinA for anyone with acne or over 30. If you dry out from it add Colbert MD Heal and Soothe Cream.  For light daywear with makeup, we recommend Nutrify & Protect with goji berry extracts.

3. Is there anything that can be use to safely remove dark spots from too much sun exposure?

Over the counter kojic acid containing products or glycolic and lactic acid products will help reduce brown spots. If you combine this with Stimulate Serum and Intensify Discs,  you can really make the skin lighter and brighter.

Lemon juice (Not lime! It only makes it worse!) on a Qtip was what my norwegian grandmother Delia Olsen used in her 1940s beauty salon on brown sunspots and it is a home remedy. Prescriptions like Epiquin gel 4% work well also and are safe.

4. Now that summer is coming, should a woman consider changing her skin care regime from the winter months?

You can go lighter on your products, and save the heavy creams for fall and winter. Pick a light sunblock. Use a light over the counter benzoyl peroxide wash a few times per week on your face and back to prevent summer acne. Also, Add a vitamin C serum or Stimulate Serum to keep skin tone even.

Pay attention to the weather. On rainy day, you can skip everything and give your skin a break.

Café Makeup will post the rest of the Q&A’s with Dr. Colbert soon….

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