Dior Spring 2010: Coquette Eyeshadow Palette

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Jan 192010

Dior’s Spring 2010 collection includes Dior’s 743 Coquette Eyeshadow Palette (Coquette Palettes Fards a Paupieres 5 Color Eyeshadow) ($57). Coquette is the quieter cousin with Dior’s Spring line, when compared to the more shimmery Pearl Glow.  Between the two, I’m confident I will use Coquette far more.

Well, four of the five colors will be heavily used.  Generally, the palette is a beautiful blend of neutral pinks, a quiet taupe, a medium-to-deep grey and a soft deep shimmery purple.

However, I found the center pink shade absolutely un-usable.  Swatched at the far left, below, the center pan seemed to get more glittery and less pigmented the deeper down the pan I got.  Maybe I was tired.  But a near-invisible pigment combined with glitter is a waste that center pan space in an otherwise extraordinary palette.  A nice ivory–like Dior’s Nude Luminescence from their standard line– would have been a nice touch instead.

Other than that, this is a gorgeous palette that can be used to create several everyday looks.   Those deeper tones whisper “take me out for evening too.”  The palette is the typical bulky Dior with mirror in the lid which is a bit awkward for travel, but certainly versatile enough if you choose to do so.

I’m not waiting for Spring to dig into this one.  This palette is absolutely neutral enough to wear year-round.

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